Busting The Myth: Is Sex Dating Just For Men?

Anyone who has tried sex dating will know that it is something that is enjoyed by the different genders; but yet there is still this conception that sex dating is really a man’s thing. We know this is not the case, but it does beg to question: why do people think this way? What makes us think that women will not want to enjoy sex as much as men do? After all we are equipped with the right pleasure-giving organs whatever our sex is, and who is to say that a whole gender cannot enjoy something as much as another gender? Old values? Clichéd thinking? Let’s take a look at women’s presence in the online dating scene and see if we can disprove this myth once in for all.

Old values

We have still a long way to go before we reach equality between different sexes, and as close to it as we possibly can get, there will always be those people who think that women should apply to completely different standards than men do. Now don’t get us wrong, we do have some physical differences and they should be accounted for in our daily practical lives; but this should not lead to people making blanket statements about how men should do this and women should do that. We’re individuals as part of a big group of people; and as such we should be left to decide what our place should be without people assigning it to us just because ‘that’s the way things are’.

Clichéd thinking

It is true that men have tried their best to limit women’s freedoms. The term ‘erratic’ was coined to describe a woman who didn’t behave how men expected them to; so it basically covered a wide range of things. If a woman wanted to have sex and enjoyed it; then people were happy to brand them as ‘nymphomaniac’. Sure men still enjoyed having sex with them, but they weren’t always so concerned about reciprocity. Basically there is a lot of clichéd thinking which still gets used by people even today; and those premade concepts are only too far from the truth. The reality is that some women love sex more than others, just like men do; so what’s wrong with that?

The online dating scene

Busting The Myth: Is Sex Dating Just For Men?

According to PlentyOfFish, the ratio is 55 to men / 45 to women. OKCupid record a 53/47 ratio; whilst match.com is around 49/51. Now we know that numbers can indeed be manipulated, with people creating artificial dating profiles to cheat those numbers; but even so that would be a lot of cheating! Assuming that those numbers are more or less accurate; you can clearly see that both men and women are into the dating game; and even the sex dating one (PlentyOfFish has a lot of sex dating happening). Even when you go and visit pure sex dating sites like no-strings-sex.com/us/horny-women; you can see indeed that there are ladies to speak to. So whilst we can’t always trust statistics, a good mix of experience in dating and looking at the numbers does reveal that indeed, sex dating is not just for men; so you can stop worrying!

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