Should Bloggers Charge Money For Sex Toy Reviews?

A question often asked in the sex blogging community is, “Should bloggers charge money for sex toy reviews?” This question has been the centre of some controversy, and it would appear that many sex bloggers feel divided over the issue.

The Pros

Er, let me think. Money?

Should Bloggers Charge Money For Sex Toy ReviewsYou might not become a millionaire writing sex toy reviews (but if you do, let me know how you did it, yeah?). However, the fee you demand for reviewing will help you pay your blog costs and maintenance.

Plus, you get to pay some of your household bills. You know, those pesky life expenses we all have. I still haven’t managed to persuade my utility providers to accept a box of dildos each month instead of cash.

It’s almost like daring to ask for a wage for the work you do. And, as we learned a couple of weeks ago, sex toy testing and reviewing is work. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


You face accusations of being biased. 

Some may say that your sex toy reviews are biased when you charge a fee, because you’re receiving money in exchange for writing them. This is an understandable point of view, however it’s one that these days I dismiss outright.

I deserve to get paid for the work I put into sex toy reviews; it is not inevitable that those reviews will then be biased. I am perfectly capable of writing an unbiased sex toy review that I have received a fee to write.

Yeah, I Backtracked

In the past, I did think that charging a fee to write sex toy reviews was unethical, and always led to a biased review. Over the past couple of years I’ve come to realise this was another mistaken view. This is largely due to the fact that I am forced to charge money (yes, real money, not services in exchange for ‘exposure’) for 99% of the work I do.

This is a job to me, it’s work. Yes, it’s fun work – but if a person enjoys their job, don’t they still deserve to get paid for doing it? Enjoyment doesn’t negate the need to get paid. Enjoying reviewing sex toys doesn’t help me pay the bills. And no matter how much I enjoy testing and reviewing sex toys, without payment for that work I may as well spend the time doing something that I will get paid for.

Or you know, spend time with my family.

It’s Your Choice

Whether you charge money for sex toy reviews is ultimately your choice – as I keep saying in this Sex Blogger School series regarding everything in your blogging journey. But sometimes I know it helps to read assurance that you’re fine to make that decision. Especially if you feel under pressure one way or another.

Should Bloggers Charge Money For Sex Toy ReviewsIs sex blogging a professional avenue for you, or simply a hobby? Are you happy to receive sex toys then test and review them just in exchange for the product, or will you charge a fee for that review?

If you’re fine not charging money for your sex toy reviews, will you always be happy to continue in that fashion? If you reach a point where, like me, you’re pretty much forced to charge a fee for sex toy reviews or else decline the offer, it can be difficult to change your terms from unpaid reviews to paid ones.

It’s important that you make the right decision for your blog, for your situation.


When you publish a sex toy review which you have received money to write, you have a legal obligation to include a disclaimer saying so. You have the freedom to word this as you wish (at least here in the UK) as long as it’s clear you have received payment to write and publish the review. It could be along the lines of,

Should Bloggers Charge Money For Sex Toy Reviews“I have been remunerated by X sex toy store for writing and publishing this review.”

Or perhaps a more to the point,

“This is a sponsored review”

…would suit you better.

Remember that if you’re also using affiliate links in your sex toy review, you need to add that to your disclaimer too. Maybe,

“This sponsored review contains affiliate links.”

In Conclusion

Should you charge money for sex toy reviews? It’s completely up to you – do you want to? Do you need to? Would sex toy shops and adult businesses pay you to write and publish sex toy reviews with links to their store?

You would undoubtedly be in a better position to charge money for sex toy reviews when you’re a more established sex blogger. You’ll have hopefully built a good readership and gained blog authority in this field. Despite that fact: it’s well worth considering if you will ever charge money for sex toy reviews, right from the start. And how you will go about building your readership and blog authority to be in a better position to do so.

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