Sex Toys Of The Digital Age

Sex Toys Of The Digital Age

Which sex toys has the digital age helped create so far?

We are all guilty of being in a relationship with technology, with our mobile phones becoming an extension of our arms. For some at least, it seems a natural step to develop a sensual relationship with high-tech gadgets, too.

Sex Toys Of The Digital Age High-Tech Gadgets For Your Love LifeSex and hooking up have revolutionised: everything from how we meet partners, how we learn, how we flirt, and now how we have sex, can be controlled by technology.

Technology does not disapprove, instead it is often a welcome aid – helping us with apps that we never knew we needed, and catering for all of our preferences, fetishes, and orientations.

Whether you’re hoping to connect with a loved one from a long distance, experiment with total strangers, or are simply keen to experience a new palette of sensations, sex toys are catering to these whims with technology in new ways.

Erotic device manufacturers are constantly pushing the limits, with new toys constantly being invented and produced. They are getting more outrageous and more high tech than ever and there are lots to choose from.

Here are some of our bizarre favourites:

  • Launchpad – Fleshlights are becoming a common self-pleasuring tool for men, so obviously technological minds decided there was something missing there – your iPad of course. The Launchpad straps a fleshlight onto the iPad so that the user can watch something erotic on screen whilst providing first person satisfaction, or even engage in some action over webcam. You will no longer need to move your head to the side to look at a laptop, or constantly be propping up your tablet that keeps flopping as your bed rocks – this is a practical, lazy masturbator design.
  • VR Tenga – If you have a thing for anime, just pop on the VR goggles, and you could find yourself getting down and dirty with your own virtual character. It was only a matter of time before we used the avatar for our own personal gain.
  • We-vibe 4 plus – This is ideal for use during intercourse, for long distance couples or solo play, so it pretty much covers all bases. During sex both of you share the vibrations, and its special shape means both her G-spot and clitoris are stimulated, with a range of modes and intensities.
  • The Gaga – We’re not sure if this is for jealous, suspicious partners, or simply guys who get off on seeing the inside of their partner’s vagina – but this product allows just that, and can be controlled by a smartphone app.
  • Sex Toys Of The Digital Age High-Tech Gadgets For Your Love LifeThe Onyx and the Pearl – A company in Amsterdam called Kiiroo designed two toys to work together harmoniously. The Pearl (so delicate sounding) is a silicone vibrator for her, which sends signals to the Onyx when licked, inserted or stroked. The male, using his Onyx (a multi-functional fleshlight sleeve with sensors and internal rings) gets to feel and experience the sensations delivered, in real time. It was designed after co-founder and CEO Toon Timmermans said: “We need to figure out a way of bringing people closer together.”


Technology is changing everything about our sex lives, making us wonder if technology is the future of sex toys. Consumer demand is certainly there, and scientists believe that in the future, you will be able to use your brain to power sex toys!

The term ‘teledildonics’ was originally invented in 1975, and the Chicago Tribune declared in 1993 that: “Someday your sex life could be shut off for failure to pay your electric bill”, and it seems they could have been on to something.

Though the sex toy technology is improving and growing, sex toys of the digital age still have some way to go, and many are still sceptical and find it difficult to determine whether it could just be a passing fad.

Sarah, PR & Marketing Executive at sex toys and lingerie online store LoveWoo, said: “Sex toys are no longer taboo – they are a big part of sexual foreplay and are becoming an integral aid in relationships. Whether we will enter into an age where sex without technology seems futile, or we eventually see people retreating back to the simplest, free, tools we were born with, only time will tell.”


Sex Toys Of The Digital Age High-Tech Gadgets For Your Love Life

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