Do Sex Bloggers Really Need To Be Self-Hosted?

Do Sex Bloggers Really Need To be Self-Hosted?

Why Being Self-Hosted Is Essential For Sex Bloggers (Sex Blogger School Part 3)

In the last part of Sex Blogger School, where I explained how to set up your new sex blog, I mentioned that it’s best to self-host your sex blog. What does being self-hosted mean? And why is it so important?

Do Sex Bloggers Really Need To be Self-Hosted

What Is A Self-Hosted Blog?

A self-hosted blog is one which you host at your expense, ie. you’re paying for the space it occupies on the internet. Looking at it in another way, it’s like building your own nest to house your chicklets (blog posts), instead of borrowing someone else’s (a web host) and risking being kicked out of that nest along with your chicklets (blog posts) at any time they like.

There’s a tangible security that comes with owning your own place – and a blog is no different.

Why Is Being Self-Hosted Important?

It is essential to be self-hosted as a sex blogger. You then have almost complete say over what you write and publish on your blog (allowing for legalities), because you’re paying for the space your blog occupies on the web.

This is NOT the case if you use internet hosting services such as Blogger and If you rely on their hosting services, your blog is at the mercy of their rules and regulations. If you don’t abide by their rules when it comes to content, your blog can be simply terminated by the hosting provider at any time.

Do Sex Bloggers Really Need To be Self-Hosted

Although there is no evidence to specifically state that adult content alone is not permitted by these blogging platforms, there is small print in both terms and conditions disallowing the use of their hosted blogs to make any cash. If you are planning on using affiliate links, affiliate banners or any type of on-site advertising, you need to be self-hosted. It’s best to ensure your blog’s security right from the start.

How Do You Get Self-Hosted?

Being self-hosted doesn’t mean you can’t use WordPress to build your blog, it just means you you need to download and install the WordPress package from This is used to build your blog but not to host your blog. You can buy your hosting at the same time you buy your domain name(s) and any other services you desire, which we covered last week.

To clarify: There are two different websites where you can obtain a WordPress blog. is for WordPress hosted sign-ups, while is where you download the WordPress blogging software which is then used to build your self-hosted blog.

It’s not possible to have a self-hosted Blogger or Tumblr blog, which lends weight to the argument to choose another blogging platform such as WordPress. The decision is entirely your own though, of course. These aren’t rules, simply suggestions to help you get the most out of sex blogging.

Pro Tip For Brits

If you are in the UK, download the WordPress package from Everything is then in British English rather than American English.  Hurrah and jolly hockey sticks, dear chap.

What To Look For With Hosting

WordPress requires your hosting to include a MySQL database. Most hosting packages include MySQL database, although some Windows hosting packages use MsSQL. There are some basic hosting packages out there which don’t include a database of any kind. The rule of thumb is to choose Linux/Unix hosting. WP Engine are strongly recommended, as they offer pro hosting with support and anti hacking guarantee. Or you might opt for Smart Hosting, which is simply cheap, reliable DIY hosting however doesn’t offer WordPress technical support.

What’s The Next Step?

Do Sex Bloggers Really Need To be Self-Hosted

The next part of the Sex Blogger School Series will be moving away from the building and creation of your blog (I’ll leave those specifics up to you) and focusing on actually getting the word out there. Once you have your blog designed, built and you’ve populated it with (at least) a few blog posts, you’ll no doubt be itching to publicise it to the world.

Next week I’ll be discussing Social Media For Sex Bloggers. Don’t miss it!

Do Sex Bloggers Really Need To be Self-Hosted

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Do Sex Bloggers Really Need To be Self-Hosted

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  1. What do you think about Medium as a blog? Medium accepts self-hosted accounts and there are erotic blogs. What is your opinion about it?

  2. Hinckley Web Services offer a good Fixed Price WordPress Package and they are experts in the adult arena as they do website work for a number of adult companies, including ours, and they can also offer WordPress Support, might be worth adding them to your list of good guys

  3. It’s also worth mentioning that the vast majority of web hosts, even the dirt cheap ones, have a ‘one-click install’ process for platforms like WordPress so you don’t have to download and install it manually. Mine (asmallorange) also has an installer for the NodeJS-powered Ghost blogging platform, which is what all the cool kids seem to be using these days.

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