Could I Be A Sex Blogger? What Should I Write About?

Can I Become A Sex Blogger? What Should I Write About?

Sex Blogger School Part 1

Welcome to my new Sex Blogger School series! I get asked a lot of questions about being a sex blogger, and about sex toy testing, so I’ve decided to share some of those answers with you here at the blog. I hope you enjoy the series and find the posts useful. If you have any questions you’d love to see answered here please comment below or drop me an email.

Who Is Eligible To Be A Sex Blogger?

Can I Become A Sex Blogger - What Should I Write About - Cara Sutra's Sex Blogger School

Are you over the age of consent? Do you have sex, or an interest in sex and sexuality? Then that’s all you need to get started as a sex blogger. Well, a blog helps too – but we’ll cover building one of those in a future article. Maybe you want to blog specifically about your experiences with sex toys and adult products. No special skills or qualifications are required to write a sex blog or sex toy reviews, so feel free to dive in.

Therefore, the main requirements to be a sex blogger are 1) being an adult and 2) having an interest in sex and sexuality. If you’d really like to engage with your readers then good written skills help too. I don’t want to get all grammar nazi on anyone’s ass but reading a blog post full of typos and other errors is jarring. Everyone makes mistakes – I’m constantly finding typos in my blog posts. In fact you’ll porbably find at least one in this article. That said, consistently publishing poorly written, unproofed blog posts will at best niggle a few readers and at worst see readers not wanting to return.

TL;DR: If you have sex and want to blog about it, go ahead. If you have used a sex toy and want to share your opinions with the world on your blog, feel free.

I Don’t Feel Good Enough!

This is something I hear often both from new and not-so-new sex bloggers, and it makes me feel quite sad. Good enough by whose standards? Which exam do you need to pass to be a sex blogger? I must have missed the memo.

That said, if you intend to write advice-based blog posts you should make sure the advice you give to your readers is correct. Research the subject and always cite your sources. However if you’re blogging more from a personal opinion or anecdotal point of view then you’re absolutely as good as the next sex blogger – and don’t let anyone tell you or make you feel different.

Decisions To Make

A lot of the ‘what you should do’s with regards to sex blogging comes down to what you want out of it. Is sex blogging going to be a private hobby? Then what your readers think about your writing and increasing your blog traffic might not be of any importance. Perhaps you’d love a large audience for your sex blog, but you want it to stay ‘just for fun’. Or you could have professional blogging in your sights.

Then there’s the question of whether to remain anonymous, or share who you are with the world. Whatever you decide, remember you can always reveal more of yourself at a later date – but it’s pretty much impossible to remove info from the internet once it’s up there.

Is Sex Blogging Easy?

Can I Become A Sex Blogger - What Should I Write About - Cara Sutra's Sex Blogger School

Sex blogging is as easy as you make it. If you’re blogging as a hobby, then you have no obligation or pressure to blog regularly or to blog about anything specific. Even then you might find sex blogging a challenge not only due to writing so openly about private matters, but also the myriad tech issues that can arise when you manage a website.

Sometimes I find sex blogging really difficult, and I envy people who say it all comes so easily to them. Writing about intimate matters – when they relate to me personally – is definitely a challenge, and one which is amplified by the fact that I’m not blogging in an anonymous capacity. Blogging professionally, with advertisers on the blog, means that I feel the pressure to write posts regularly and to the highest standard – I have an obligation to those advertisers as well as my readers.

What Should I Write About?

This is completely up to you. It can often feel like you’ve got nothing to write about, or at least nothing to write that people would find interesting. My advice is to find your own blogging voice. Think about issues that matter to you, remain true to yourself in your blogging and remember that you have a blog. I’ve often become very engaged in a discussion on social media or in real life and then realised I can blog the whole thing. Yay! New blog post.

My ideas for blogging come from my own sex life, fantasies, adult products I use and my opinions about sexuality issues. I also write about things that piss me off (Stampy Pants Rants), answering questions I’m asked by readers in greater detail or info/events I’d like to share. Plus any other fun topics relevant to my blog which pop into my head. It’s useful to keep a document or notebook around where you can jot down blog post ideas as they come to you, then you’ll always have blogging prompts when you need them.


Feeling more confident about becoming a sex blogger? I hope so. Although I said earlier that I sometimes find sex blogging difficult, overall it’s incredibly fun and I couldn’t be without my sex blogging outlet. It is a job for me now, as a professional blogger, but it all started as a hobby many years ago. In fact next year I’ll have been sex blogging for 10 years… no, I can’t believe it either.

After reading this article I hope you’ll be inspired to write regularly at your own sex blog. I’m planning on several upcoming posts in this new series, covering topics such as hosting, affiliation, how to get advertisers, securing products to review and social media use.

if you have specific questions you’d love to see answered, please leave your comments below.

Can I Become A Sex Blogger - What Should I Write About - Cara Sutra's Sex Blogger School

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Can I Become A Sex Blogger - What Should I Write About - Cara Sutra's Sex Blogger School

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