Noveltrove: The Free Erotic Stories Directory

Discover Noveltrove, The Free Erotic Stories Directory

Ever wish you could easily access hundreds of sexy stories for all your literary porn needs? I’ve been checking out a website which has been created especially for that purpose. Noveltrove offers you free erotica which is found easily through a few clicks. The stories on this well-designed erotica directory are thoughtfully categorised so you can read about what specifically turns you on.

Noveltrove Free Erotic Stories Directory Instant Access Literary Porn

Let’s take a look at what Noveltrove has to offer in a little more detail.

Design & User Experience

As I’ve mentioned, Noveltrove is well-designed. It’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether that’s one of the many sexy stories or erotic poems on the website, or information about Noveltrove. Unlike another erotic story directory website I used to visit, Noveltrove looks modern, feels interactive and is supremely easy to navigate. I love that you don’t have to own a Kindle or other e-reader; there’s no worries about file types and downloading. Just click and read.

Noveltrove Free Erotic Stories Directory Instant Access Literary Porn

On my desktop the Noveltrove website loads quickly, and the stories’ text is clear and easy to read with standard typefaces and black type on a white background. Checking it out on my mobile I was happy to find that the site has been optimised for mobile devices, with a similarly easy to use version of the site which is comfortable to read on my phone.

Member Profiles

Upon hearing that you can sign up for a member profile, you’ll probably think this is where you need to reach for your wallet to access the good stuff. Surprisingly, Noveltrove doesn’t ask a penny from you in order to enjoy their hundreds of sexy stories.

Noveltrove’s member log-in is simply if you’d like to create a profile on the site and get more involved with elements of it. For instance you could write and publish your own stories on Noveltrove, or write for the blog, or get involved with the chat forum. You can also upload your avatar and write a bio, including putting your own site link at the bottom of your profile page (note that this is coded to be a nofollow link).

Noveltrove Free Erotic Stories Directory Instant Access Literary Porn

Profile Suggestions

When I was filling out my profile after signing up to Noveltrove, I noticed a couple of things. First of all it would be more inclusive to have more than two gender options… not everyone falls into the ‘male’ or ‘female’ options of the gender binary.

Secondly, although I can add my website link to my profile, it took me a while to find out where to put it. At first I didn’t think there was such an option. Then, eventually, I found it at the bottom of the page. I think the website URL addition would be better off near the other informative parts of a person’s profile, such as under their avatar or next to the bio text.

Not Just Stories, There’s Also A Blog

Instead of simply offering hundreds of sexy stories at Noveltrove (which, to be honest, is fantastic enough), there’s also an informative and entertaining blog area.

Noveltrove Free Erotic Stories Directory Instant Access Literary Porn

The Noveltrove blog is easily accessed from the main menu, and at the time of writing is regularly updated. There are interviews with some of the featured authors, erotic writing and sex tips as well as a more detailed look at some story themes, such as swinging.

And A Forum, Too

I was surprised to see a forum at Noveltrove… not because it’s inappropriate for the site, but because forums are notoriously difficult to build and populate. With so many people using social media platforms to discuss topics of interest to them it can be difficult to near impossible to grow a busy and popular forum.

Noveltrove Free Erotic Stories Directory Instant Access Literary Porn

The Noveltrove forum seems to have plenty of topics and posts, with over 800 in the welcome area alone. The forum is a plug-in to the main site, powered by additional software specifically for running a forum.

Forum Issue

Unfortunately, I did have a big issue with the forum. I can’t seem to post anything on it. Perhaps this is a recent issue; I’ll be speaking with the site developers in the hopes of a prompt resolution. I would have thought my Noveltrove member account would let me post on it, but instead I get told I need to register.

Noveltrove Free Erotic Stories Directory Instant Access Literary Porn

Clicking the register link takes me to a Noveltrove 404 error page. I’ll keep you updated!



Forum issue aside, I’m really impressed with the Noveltrove erotic stories directory website. It’s clear that a lot of thought, time and hard work has gone into creating a webspace that all lovers of written erotica can enjoy. Not only can you enjoy reading the stories, comfortably on desktop or in privacy and comfort with a mobile device, you could potentially write for the website as well.

Hundreds of erotic stories are literally at your fingertips on Noveltrove, free to access and enjoy any time you like. There are no ads on the website, and you’re welcome to create a profile and make yourself at home. Whether you’re after a satisfying sexy read or want to browse interviews and tips at the blog, Noveltrove is where it’s at.

Noveltrove Free Erotic Stories Directory Instant Access Literary Porn

You can also keep up with Noveltrove news on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.


Noveltrove Free Erotic Stories Directory Instant Access Literary Porn

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