Hooking Up Twice With The Same Person

Hooking Up Twice With The Same Person

Casual sex has always existed, and it is very much a regular thing these days, with many dating sites specialising exclusively in getting people hooking up together for wild nights of no-string sex. But within that scene comes a pre-made conception that once you hook up with a person that is it, you won’t see them again. But what about those of us who are looking to find a sex buddy? Are we doomed to only have sex once with that person?

Hooking Up Twice With The Same Person

Finding sex hook-ups

The first thing to understand is that the nature in which you meet that person will determine whether it is acceptable for you to meet again. Let’s say you meet a lady in a nightclub and you go back to her house just for sex. The chances are very high that after you’ve done you will be asked to leave. Sure some people might cook you breakfast but they still make it clear that it was a one-off thing. Most of us don’t mind that too much, as it covers the very definition of ‘no-strings’.

On the other side if you meet your partner on a meet and fuck site, then things might be different. When it comes to sex dating, people are happy to stick to a good thing, meaning that if they enjoyed a night with you then they might not mind more fun times in the future. This is the difference between nightclubs and sex dating: most people have sex on a night out as the one-off thing, whilst sex daters have a much bigger appetite and they enjoy the convenience of finding a good shag.

Sex buddy anyone?

Hooking Up Twice With The Same PersonIt is an actual fact that sex daters enjoy regular sex, and there are a lot of people who want to have that special friend they can call when the need strikes them. So right here is your best way to find a regular sex partner that you can hook-up with more than once. Now it doesn’t always happen that easily, a person might decide they don’t want to have sex with you not because you were bad at it, but simply because of other more personal reasons. So don’t take for granted that a good time will lead to another. In fact, the reason someone might want to have sex with you again is because you’re easy going and convenient to them rather than being amazing in bed; it all varies considerably.

Feelings to consider

Another reason why some people might not hook up with you again is simply this: they had that much of a good time with you that they’re falling for you, and that could happen to you too. Nothing wrong if the two of you fall in love, but what if one side is in love and the other just wants sex? This will lead to a very unbalanced relationship, and someone’s feelings will get hurt eventually. Your best course of action is always to honest about how you feel. If you’re just there for say then say it, but also tell them if you’re having feelings. Your partner will either agree or break it off, which is no big deal when you’re only there for sex. Worst case scenario you just look for a new partner, and then another one etc.

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