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This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is Nena Reddy, who has provided some lovely excerpts from her books for Cara Sutra readers to enjoy. Learn more about Nena in her bio below, click through her links and enjoy some free steamy erotica too.

Over to you, Nena!


Nena Reddy Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Nena Reddy Biography

Nena Reddy Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Nena Reddy is a writer of colour who originally wrote novels under the name Kama Spice for a now-defunct publisher of erotic romance. She writes YA novels and teaches English courses to college and university students in her mainstream Diana Prince life, but when her Wonder Woman alter ego spins into effect, she pens erotic romance novels for the discerning, aware, conscious, over-18 set. Her stories are super sexy and fun, and you will long to stay cocooned in the cozy and very hot world of her characters as long as possible.

Books by Nena Reddy

Kessa’s Pride

Sehra’s Honor

Nena Reddy Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Tia’s War

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From Kessa’s Pride by Nena Reddy

Nena Reddy Erotic Author Spotlight SeriesShe ran to the stream. The sound of the burbling water soothed her, and that was what she needed most right now.

It wasn’t long before she heard the heavy fall of paws behind her. She changed back into her human form and turned to face her pursuers. Valren came into view first, slowing and shifting form when he saw her. The two guards who had escorted her earlier were right behind him, also shifting when they saw the king transform.

Valren stared at her, his face set with deep, hard lines. He turned his head slightly and addressed the guards. “Leave us. Go back to the grounds and tell everyone to carry on…all is well.”

They bowed and backed away, shifting and turning back.

“Do you mind telling me what that little display was about?” he rumbled.

She looked at him coldly. “I told you I didn’t want to be there.”

He took one quick stride toward her. “And I told you it was an order.”

She could see the rage in his eyes, simmering just beneath the surface. But she didn’t care. Her eyes flashed. “I’m not going back there. You’ll have to kill me.”

“I could carry you back quite easily,” he said.

“You would have a hell of a fight on your hands.”

She saw the muscle at his jaw jump.

“What is it,” he asked, “about a night of such beauty and celebration that disgusts you so? Do you believe you are so much better than your roots? Lith’hah have been celebrating the senses for millennia. It’s reverence for the sacred gifts from the stars—the capacity to feel, Kessa. To feel emotions, to feel pain, to experience sublime physical, sensual pleasure, whether it be food or sex, or…”

“I know all that,” she yelled. “I heard it all throughout my early years! How sacred the Lith’hah consider the body—how wonderful a Night of Revelry is and what a blessing Awakening is! It’s bullshit,” she spat out. “No one wants to look at the truth—that all this freedom and celebration can put the most vulnerable of our members in danger! That young females are violated on nights like these all the—” She clamped her mouth shut, realizing she’d said too much. She turned quickly to the sound of the water, taking deep breaths to calm the trembling of her bottom lip. But she had caught the shock on his face before she turned away.

For several moments there was no sound but the melodic burbling of water as the stream flowed past. Kessa looked up at the moon shining its buttery light onto the revelers in the distance.

She heard him come up behind her. Then the heat of his hands as he placed them on her shoulders. He turned her around to face him.

She didn’t fight him. All resistance had left her body and she was exhausted.

He tilted her chin up and looked into her eyes. “Those kinds of violations are crimes against all that is sacred,” he whispered, “and all Lith’hah laws—laws that align with Nature and the Great Forces. Crimes like those are punishable by death.” A kind of violent rage rippled beneath his skin. “Who hurt you?” he demanded quietly.

Kessa looked away, her voice faint. “An Independent…long gone.”

He let her go, clenching and unclenching his fists, and paced the ground.

Kessa walked to a log and sat down heavily. She pressed her fingertips to her temples, watching the play of moonlight on the water as it danced over stones and pebbles. She reached her hand into the cool stream, bringing her now-cooled palm to her forehead. It was out, she realized. The secret she had held all these years was now uttered into the night, with a witness no less, and there was no undoing it. She began to shiver uncontrollably.

Valren sat next to her, straddling the log, and pulled her into his arms. “We are not all like that,” he said gently. “I know it must have been…devastating to endure an attempt to quash such a vital and tender part of yourself…but most Lith’hah view sexuality as a divine gift.” He trailed off as if at a loss.

“There will always be those who don’t value what is precious,” he continued, “even within my own pride, I must keep a sharp eye out for violators of The Laws, but…” He paused again, as if he was searching for words.

“It’s Nights like these,” Kessa said. Her voice was heavy with remembered pain. “It was on a Night that I, that he…” she stopped to gather her words. “The Nights create this environment that allows wild abandon and no accountability. That and the views the Lith’hah hold.”

“No,” he said emphatically. “Nights of Revelry celebrate and honor the senses. Some may try to mar this truth, sully it, perhaps even destroy it. But that does not alter the simple fact the body is a hallowed treasure…to be cherished and revered, Kessa Lyah.” He tightened his arms around her. “It makes me want to go back to my pride—to join the members in exalting this thing of great beauty that we’ve been entrusted with.” He cupped her face with his hands and turned her toward him. “Join me. I will stay by your side every minute of tonight.”

She started to shake her head, but he bent his head and gingerly kissed her lips. “You will not be made to do anything you do not want,” he said against her lips. “And if it becomes entirely unbearable, you are free to return to the den.”

He lifted her onto his thighs.

Kessa wrapped her legs around him, her heart rate speeding up a notch.

“Do you feel this?” he asked, holding her close. “This is not wrong. It is not shameful, nor a violation. I am a Lith’hah, like you, Kessa, and I honor this deeply. I want to honor it with you. The young ones are safe—we made sure of that this morning, you remember. Come with me.”

Kessa felt his erection against her, setting her pulse racing. “Okay,” she said after a moment. She chewed her bottom lip. “But I leave when I want to.”

He stood, still holding her in his arms and kissed her deeply before pulling back and leaning his forehead against hers. “You are free to leave when you want,” he said quietly, setting her down.

He took her hand and they walked toward the stations Nyongah had been setting up earlier that day.

There were small fires around this part of the grounds. Most revelers were lost in what they were doing, but some looked up to watch their Leader King circle the grounds, hand firmly wrapped around Kessa’s. She saw a few raised eyebrows and some members leaning into one another’s ears to whisper.

The stars were bright above and the moon continued to shine down on the Night’s activities. Kessa’s belly felt like a clenched fist, but she forced herself to breathe and take it all in. One couple was making good use of the spanking station. Kessa felt her skin heat involuntarily as she watched them. But then she caught the whiff of bark brew and tensed.

As if sensing her struggle, Valren pulled her close, massaging her back. “Stay here,” he said quietly. “Don’t flit away.”

Kessa pulled herself up tall and set her jaw. He was right. The young ones were safe. Everyone around her was engaging in what they wanted to be involved in. She was a grown Lith’han who could defend not only herself but others if need be.

She gripped his hand and gave a nod. “I’ll be fine,” she said. “Let’s go.”

He smiled. “You lead the way.”

They walked around, watching couples and groups in a variety of positions, engaged in blissful unions and in various states of ecstasy. Kessa felt her body open as heat spread throughout her limbs.

She paused at a spanking station, watching the couple with interest. The male’s face was flushed with pleasure as his partner struck him then lovingly caressed his bottom. She looked up at Valren.

He walked to the station, picked up a length of vine and raised his eyebrows.

Kessa was a jumble of emotions, but one thing was clear—she was becoming deeply aroused. She walked toward Valren.

He pulled her against him and brought his mouth down on hers while expertly and efficiently raising her arms and tying her wrists together. Never moving his mouth from hers, he secured the vine to the hook above.

Kessa pulled back. “Wait—”

He paused immediately, searching her face. “Do you want to stop?”

Kessa closed her eyes, breathing in his scent, and shook her head. “No,” she whispered.

She saw him gesture to someone behind her, but before she could turn to look, Kessa felt a light smack on her ass. It caught her by surprise and she thrust her hips forward, pressing them into Valren’s cock. He held her gaze, his eyes questioning, and she nodded to let him know it was okay.

– Nena Reddy

From Tia’s War by Nena Reddy

Nena Reddy Erotic Author Spotlight SeriesTia struggled with the conflicting urges to stay put and step away. Part of her was drawn to this woman—her boldness and her unapologetic delight in her body and sensuality…her beauty. But did Tia really want this? Did she want… And then Ima was against her.

“Your eyes…” the other woman said. There was confusion in her voice.

Tia took a breath before looking directly at Ima. This was not Zul’s realm. No one would lock her up for examination here. No one would give her tests for having strange eyes. “They’re different,” Tia finished.

Ima cupped Tia’s chin and tilted her face up so she could get a better look. “They’re more than different,” she said. Then, almost to herself, she muttered, “It can’t be…”

With the puzzled expression still etched into her face, Ima trailed foamy lather along Tia’s jawline to the back of her neck. With strong, deft fingers, she massaged the muscles at Tia’s nape.

Tia felt herself relax into the small, circular movements of the other woman’s hands. She felt the cool flow of water around her waist, and her ears tuned in to the sounds of the stream, the birds, the whisper of leaves. And she allowed herself to dissolve into the gentle, but firm caresses of Ima’s fingers. Tia wanted to forget everything—the events of the past twenty-four to forty-eight hours, her long life of loneliness and secrecy, being held captive in strange territory. In this moment right now, she wanted everything to be okay. She felt no fear and no judgment in the stream with this woman.

Tia opened her eyes as Ima’s hands moved lower, caressing the sides of her breasts and moving to the tightened nubs at their peaks. Tia intuitively sensed that this—whatever it was—was some sort of olive branch. It almost felt as if Ima was extending some sort of peace offering. Was that possible? If it was, Tia was not going to refuse it.

She moved closer to Ima until their nipples grazed against one another.

Ima slid her hands up to massage Tia’s scalp for a moment then slowly slid them down again, this time to Tia’s butt, tugging Tia closer until she was against the length of Ima’s soapy body.

Even though Tia had taken women lovers in the past, the slick feeling of Ima’s body against hers aroused her in a way she’d never before experienced. Ima was not only unapologetic about her sensuality, she was unequivocally sure about her identity. This was a quality Tia had always found attractive in lovers. It was something Tia had never had—the ease of feeling comfortable in one’s own body. It was somewhat intimidating and incredibly exciting at the same time.

Tia allowed herself to flow with whatever was moving through her. It seemed at once foreign and familiar. She felt the weight of the woman’s breasts—smaller but firmer than her own—and began to rinse the soapy foam from them. She cupped her hand, lowered it into the water until it filled then poured the water over Ima’s breasts until they were free of lather. Then she lowered her mouth and pulled one of the nipples into her mouth.

Ima moaned, slipping her thigh between Tia’s legs.

Without thinking, Tia pressed her mound against Ima’s thigh. She slid her other hand down over the woman’s belly and slipped her fingers into the velvety folds between Ima’s legs.

Ima’s hands traveled up to knead Tia’s breasts, pulling and tweaking the nipples until Tia’s breath became came out as shallow puffs.

Tia rubbed her fingers gently against the hardened nub near the top of Ima’s slit before slipping her finger inside. She felt Ima shudder as she slid another finger in then began a rising rhythm with her palm flat against Ima’s clit.

When Ima gently pulled her breast away from Tia’s mouth and brought her own lips around Tia’s nipple, Tia ground herself desperately against the other woman’s thigh. She rode her leg with mounting urgency as she moved her hand faster against Ima’s mound.

With a cry, Ima dug her fingers into Tia’s hips and shuddered with the waves of her climax. She pulled Tia against her thigh and moved with her until Tia felt the force of her own orgasm course through her.

She didn’t want to think about the fact that she, a Stealth Blade who deeply mistrusted these beasts—was sent in to kill them, in fact—could be so intimately entwined with one of their women. But as far as she knew, the women had never mauled anyone.

As Ima poured water over her and helped rinse the herbal wash off her body, Tia noticed a slight movement in the trees.

She froze. “There’s someone out there.”

Ima smiled. “Of course—it’s the general.” She looked over her shoulder before her eyes slid back to Tia. “But he’s gone now.”

Tia’s eyes widened. “He was watching us the entire time?”

Ima raised an eyebrow. “Of course. He likely came to make sure everything was all right.”

Tia felt her face grow hot at the thought that the general had witnessed the intimate contact between the two women.

“It’s all right,” Ima said softly. “Lith’hah ways are very different from the ways of humans. We bond out of affection, out of friendship, out of simply wanting to show goodwill. It is not about ownership or entitlement, even when one is mated.”

“I’m not worried about that,” Tia said quickly.

Ima looked puzzled. “Then what are you worried about?”

Tia looked back at the trees where the general had been, and wondered what exactly she was worried about.

– Nena Reddy

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