Good Behaviour Tips For A Good Sex Chat

Good Behaviour Tips For A Good Sex Chat

Have you ever been tempted to go online and start having some sex chat with other naughty people? You’ve seen it before on porn sites; where a woman is just getting herself off in front of a webcam whilst a guy on the other end is doing the same. Now we’re not talking about people who pay for cam girls; that’s still cool but it’s not as real. We’re talking about people actually getting each other off live from each other’s computers. Sounds like something you would want to do? Well here’s a few tips for you.

Good Behaviour Tips For A Good Sex Chat

Tip#1 – Choose the right dating site. You’re looking for sex so don’t go and bother people on ordinary dating sites, those guys are just looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend and they generally don’t take it too kindly when you contact them for sex. Just use sex dating sites like and you will face way less rejection; after all people who go there want sex so it is the right place to go!

Tip#2 – Be nice when you approach people. They want sex too, but it doesn’t mean that they like being treated badly or even rushed around. Forget what you’ve seen in porno, people like to be treated well. You can be nice whilst also being naughty and good fun, that’s the ideal way to approach anyone on a sex dating site.

Tip#3 – Don’t get your kit off straight away. You don’t know the person you’re chatting with so take your time first. Just chat via messages for a while, take the time to know the person a bit so that you may see any inconsistencies between what their profile says and what they say. That will help you to establish if they are lying or simply not the person you see on their profile.

Tip#4 – When you’re using your webcam, don’t let anything lie in the background which could give people some of your private information. Webcams aren’t so blurry these days, and people could see the numbers on your bank card or the text on any paperwork you’ve got lying around. Anonymity is important during sex chat, the other person doesn’t need to know your address or any of your private details or they could use those to scam you.

Tip#5 – Use your common sense over your lust. Okay this might be a big one to do, but to basically put it: when you’re horny you’re not the best judge of anything, period. If you take your time and keep your head together, you might spot things that just feel wrong. Ask yourself questions: does that person look a bit too young? Why are they asking personal questions? The sex scene is one that you should take caution when stepping into; it’s not all prearranged like in porno.

Tip#6 – Who are you, what is your job? If you’re single and you’re a shop clerk, then what’s the worst that can result from a leaked sex tape with you on it? What if you’re a teacher and you’re married? The consequences will not be the same, and you need to make sure that you are the right sort of person who can take such risks. No point throwing your life away because of some indiscretion. Now this does seem a little dramatic but you need to know how much you’ve got to lose?

Like most things in life, online sex chat isn’t for everybody. However a lot of people will be fine, you just need to use your head before you focus on the other parts of your body. Ultimately most of it comes to logic and common sense, which is sometimes easier said than done when you’re feeling a bit hot and horny. Just make sure you keep your head together somehow and you will be fine, you’ve got plenty of good sex chat to look forwards to!

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