ETO Show 2017 Cancelled

ETO Show 2017 Cancelled

There had been various rumours in the weeks beforehand, but yesterday the ETO Magazine team officially announced that their annual UK trade exhibition has been cancelled. This has obviously led to much dismay and disappointment within the adult industry. Why was the ETO Show 2017 cancelled?

ETO Show 2017 Cancelled


A lot of blame has been left at the door of Brexit, the public-to-parliament vote last year leading ultimately to the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union.

According to Jonathan Kirk, chief organiser of the yearly event, the uncertainty surrounding financial markets “has resulted in some key exhibitors being reluctant to commit to any form of UK show this year.” He continued, “without their support it would be impossible to stage an event of which the industry could be proud.”


2017 would have been the 13th year of the UK-based adult industry trade show; appropriately unlucky. Particularly, it would seem, for those who have already invested cash in a show which is no longer taking place – this year, at least. Not with regards to exhibition fees (at least, no issues reported so far) but rather with other ETO Show expenses.

The NEC adjoining Crowne Plaza hotel has been the place to stay for the ETO Show each year, with discounts offered to visitors of the show. However I have seen comments online from two would-be attendees of the now-cancelled ETO Show 2017 that their early bookings will not be refunded by Crowne Plaza.

ETO Awards

In related news, campaigning and marketing has already begun by impressively organised adult industry teams who are hoping to win one of the highly coveted ETO Awards this year. Although the ETO Awards Twitter account promises that the ETO Awards 2017 will still be given to winners, it’s unlikely that there will be a special awards night event as there has been in recent years as part of the ETO Show. It remains to be seen what impact this will have on the campaigning and excitement surrounding the ETO Awards.

The ETO Magazine team have assured the adult industry that it will return in 2018, and it’s going to be interesting seeing what form it will then take, where it will be held and if it will indeed be a show or more of a B2B event.

Sex Bloggers

In more pertinent news for bloggers, it had already been decided that the previously popular BlogSpot area wasn’t going ahead at the ETO Show 2017. There were various reasons for this, the top ones being a lack of time on my part to source the sponsors required to make it a financially viable project, as well as sourcing items for the goody bags, the prize draw, and maintaining the social media buzz and background admin required before even getting to the show itself. Similarly my BlogSpot partner Mel MacFarlane of Voluptasse wasn’t able to commit to assisting the BlogSpot project in 2017, as she has so ably done over the past two years.

The loss of the BlogSpot area at the ETO Show 2017 was understandably disappointing to the many sex bloggers and sex toy testers who had either enjoyed visiting in the past or hoped to attend for the first time this year. Then with the news that the ETO Show 2017 had been cancelled completely, it seemed all hope of a blogger hook-up was gone.

BlogSpot On Tour?

However, good news is on the horizon in this regard – Mel MacFarlane and I hope to arrange a get-together in late August, with the date and location to be arranged. Make sure you sign up to my newsletter to keep up with all the news. All sex bloggers and sex toy testers (regardless of whether the reviewer has their own blog or not) will be welcome to join us for cheer and chat. It would be great if you could show your interest in meeting up by leaving a comment below.

Many commiserations to the ETO Magazine team on the sad news of this year’s show cancellation. Hopefully this hiatus will result in an even bigger and better show happening in 2018. Keep calm and carry on!


ETO Show 2017 Cancelled



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