Fifty Shades Darker Film Review

Fifty Shades Darker Film Review

By Mel MacFarlane, Voluptasse

I spent all of last week rereading excerpts from Fifty Shades Darker. For our industry this series has created lots of business and done some really great things in terms of acceptance for those who practice BDSM.  However, the series has the potential to do a lot of damage too. I saw more of Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades Darker film, and I really didn’t like what I saw. He is controlling and mentally abusive and THIS IS NOT OKAY. There were so many times during this film that I actually shook my head in despair.

Fifty Shades Darker Film Review

Dominant? Or Controlling?

I warmed to Christian Grey slightly in Fifty Shades of Grey and enjoyed the first film, but this appeared to be merely a warm up to the controlling and unnecessary dominance displayed in the next instalment. He keeps a dossier on ‘potential submissives’ and retains personal details without permission. Also, he is very overbearing and forbids important work events, with Anastasia simpering meekly in the background. At one point he buys every picture of her in a gallery because he wants no one else looking at her and he is more than happy to practically abuse every male friend in the same room as her, because apparently, she belongs to him.

It’s okay though, he is a billionaire after all so the rules don’t apply to him… (please roll your eyes on my behalf).

Fifty Shades Darker Film Review
Glamour Magazine, March 2017

Weak Plot & Lacklustre Sex

I found the plot of Fifty Shades Darker very weak. A lot seemed to happen, but at the same time it was treated as insignificant and brushed under the carpet so it felt as if very little had actually happened. It was very unfocused, and that’s coming from someone who has a very short attention span.

The sex scenes, which let’s face it are the main selling points of the film were scant and lacklustre. They cut out a lot of the sex, and they cut out a lot of the sex toys too (which is a scandal in itself).

The pinnacle of Fifty Shades Darker was the final sex scene which takes place in the Red Room. It is in this particular scene that Anastasia becomes more accepting of the Christian’s kinky desires. For me, this scene has always been a very important part of the film. However, this aspect of the film was watered down to nothing too.


Had I been a sixteen-year-old girl I might have enjoyed the Fifty Shades Darker film. However, as I am a grown woman and I know how people are supposed to respect each other’s personal boundaries, I really didn’t like it and was left feeling disappointed.

– Mel MacFarlane

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Mel MacFarlane is an experienced adult industry copywriter, product reviewer and business consultant. You can find her at her own leading sexuality magazine, Voluptasse. You can also follow Mel’s work on Twitter and Facebook.

Fifty Shades Darker Film Review

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