Hot FKK Treats For Men At Wellcum

Hot FKK Treats For Men At Wellcum

Wellcum FKK – the ultimate SPA for men hides many mysteries aside beauty secrets. First and foremost, it would be good to answer a simple question – what on earth is a FKK club?

Germany, the country where the clubs originated now counts up to 500 special resorts for men. These engaging, sexual houses of luxurious lust have also popped like mushrooms after rain all over the world lately. Aside the original classics Italy and Austria are known for some of the best FKK clubs up-to-date. Wellcum is one of these gems, or, if you will, an Austria Bordelli.

Yes,  FKK clubs resemble a brothel. But, at the same time, they are not one of them. Here are some of the most distinctive traits of an elite FKK club:

  • All of the ladies are very affable and affectionate, they can make your dreams come true;
  • Ladies never approach a man first;
  • Every area is good enough to have sex in at a prominent FKK club, so there are technically no boundaries for pleasure as well as imagination;
  • FKK clubs are usually well lit. No obnoxious red lights or dim darkness;
  • Prices are usually set in stone for every service;
  • Drinks and fun are included into the entry fee (alcohol and beverages included);

Ok, now that we are all settled, what differentiates Wellcum from hundreds of competing clubs?

The Wellcum Advantage

First and foremost it’s the atmosphere that matters. You arrive at a closed hotel resort with a lot of flavour into it. Bedrooms are nice and tidy, served dishes are superb and you practically get full access to booze of all shapes and sizes. This alone can make for a great party.

Secondly you are surrounded by beauty: chic gentle women surround you 24/7. Is there a better place to relax?

Thirdly there is the service – you will be treated like a royalty. That noted, additional offers include but are not limited to:

  • A private cinema where you can watch a naughty film in exceptionally good company;
  • Spa with a steam bath of 45 °C, an Infrared sauna with 50° C, two finish saunas with whopping 90° C each, and an impressive samarium of 66° C.
  • Massage sessions that include classical massage, hot stone massage with volcanic rocks, the craniosacral therapy and the famous Lomi Lomi Nui.
  • In addition, there is the bar filled with beverages of all tastes and flavours from sparkling champagne and to flaming B-52 shots and the restaurant with exquisite cuisine fit for a king.

Well yeah, that’s Wellcum in a nutshell but there’s really no point in describing it with words. You should book a flight and feel all of the earth’s delights in a single place on your own.

– Wellcum FKK

This is a sponsored post written by Wellcum FKK



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