Growing Acceptance of Sex Toys in India

Growing Acceptance of Sex Toys in India

By Aleena M Reyes

Growing acceptance of sex toys in India: When people think of India they may think that a place where the Kamasutra originated must be a huge believer in free and open sex with any consenting adults, right? Not quite. Contrary to western belief, the ancient Hindu text was a life manual that detailed the way a person should live their life both inside and outside of the bedroom.

Although India is still majority Hindu, a lot of practices have changed in time. Different ideas about sex and how one obtains sexual pleasures have changed in the modern era. Some even cite the strict and rigid influence of other religions (i.e. Christianity and Islam) as the reason why things may have changed. However just like then, things are changing now. Sexual health and positivity are already in the thoughts of younger Indians. As more open-mindedness grows, so do the views on sex and adult toys.

Growing Acceptance of Sex Toys in India

Perceptions of Sex and Sex Toys in India

While things are changing, a lot of the older generation of Indians still believe that some aspects of sex are taboo – especially before marriage. However, a lot of this can change depending on your gender, role in society, caste, and to the individual. So, not all of this may apply to everyone. Generally, people follow the basic rules to become enlightened which usually means to leave “worldly desires” behind.  Different sects of Hinduism has different beliefs therefore what those desires are and how to deal with them differ greatly everywhere. And in some instances, sex is not seen as taboo at all if performed righteously. However practices in culture and practices in religion are not one and the same. Sex as a taboo in culture leads anything involving sex to also be taboo.

Enter, Indian adult toys and sexual health products. It is hard enough to get condoms without being looked at funny, never mind buying a Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit. As I had mentioned in a previous article about the Sex Toy Industry in India, adult toys are almost illegal. There are a lot of laws and rules regulating their sales meaning that it can be near impossible to get your hands on one. Sexual health items get a pass because they promote healthy living; such as condoms, enhancement pills, and lubricant. Dildos, Fleshlights and cock rings however need to be painted as helping agents rather than tools of sexual pleasure in order to get sold in store or online.

Openness in Younger Generations

Fear not, for there is a lot of hope as younger Indians get older and have more power in the country. While the laws still exist that can make selling sex toys difficult and the culture can still be sensitive to the subject, great strides are being made. Adult toys are receiving more tolerance, while adult toy owners are educating people on them and their benefits to both sexual health and relationship health.

2016 was a great year for sex in India as more people were bridging the gap between toys and sex. With websites like, which promise discreet and secure delivery, it is much easier to get anything one could need. No longer do people have to risk shame or embarrassment for getting the essentials of sexual health or getting fun items for the bedroom. Younger generations of modern Indians are becoming so much more casual about talking about sex and sex toys.

Helpful Videos

While researching for this article, I found the perfect set of videos which prove how young people are much more willing to ask questions about sex and openly talk about it. The YouTube channel “So Effin Cray” features segments where a man walks around and asks young people their opinions on sex and sex toys. In one video he goes around and asks women what their substitutes for sex toys are, since they are so hard to find. The answers are hilarious with women giving answers such as “electric toothbrushes” to help them get their fix. The videos give glimpses into how the perceptions are changing among college-aged men and women in India.

Here is a link to the video so you can see for yourself: So Effin Cray Video.

Where to Find Toys

The people in the videos talk in a free and open way about sex, sex education and being in normal and sexual relationships with their partners. This shows that Indian culture as a whole is moving to a much more tolerant place. As people’s attitudes change, policy and legislature will soon follow. Unfortunately for the women in the videos, a lot do not realize just how simple and discreet it is to get toys now. While it is incredibly difficult and seedy to find adult toys in shops and in markets, websites like and many more like it have amazing ways to provide for the needs of Indian people.

Despite common beliefs, one can get what they need – without any worry about others finding out what they got in the mail – in a completely legal and safe way. Exploring sexuality is once again resurfacing in the country that literally created the handbook on healthy sex and healthy relationships. The new generation of Indians are certainly much more open-minded about the adult toy industry. Not just in the way they talk but as consumers too. India’s rate of consumption of adult toy products is growing and is projected to keep growing over the next 5-10 years. I have no doubt that more people in India will be able to enjoy toys judgement-free wither with their loved one or by themselves.

– Aleena M Reyes

About the writer: Aleena M Reyes writes for Adult Products India. This is a sponsored post.


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