Why Winter is The Sexiest Season

Why Winter is The Sexiest Season

By Cara Sutra

Summer was my favourite time of year. None of that feeling frozen to the bone; just warm, sunny, dry weather over the seemingly never-ending summer holidays. As I’ve got older, my opinion has changed. That hot weather brings with it thunder bugs, wasps and a plague of other insects which seem intent on occupying the same space as me at any moment, and then there’s the continual stickiness. Hugs aren’t lovely hugs anymore, they’re a human version of wet Velcro. So, I’ve changed my mind. Winter is better. Winter is my favourite. Winter is the sexiest season of all.

Why Winter is The Sexiest Season

I love snuggles in the warm when it’s frosty and freezing cold outside. It’s my favourite way to warm up after being out in the cold winter air; get back into the house and be enveloped in hugs until we’re both properly warmed up and maybe even ready for more. The contrast between the cold winter weather and the toasty snuggles from my partner is delicious.

Why Winter is The Sexiest SeasonCuddles with him straight after coming in from the cold winter weather are fantastic enough, but the skin to skin feel of our bodies together in bed is something else. In summer the hot stickiness of everything can make cuddling up together seem like the last thing we want to be doing (“you just stay on your side of the bed and let me melt over here on my own”) but the cool winter temperatures are perfect for cosying up.  Diving under the duvet together is the perfect solution to being chilled to the bone, and when you’re in a hot naked embrace it’s easy to find ways to raise the temperature even more.

Of course, you don’t have to be naked to be naughty. Whether you’re at home or out and about you can enjoy the warming mischief of fondling under clothes. Let your fingers roam your partner’s body -making sure no passers-by can see what you’re up to- and you’ll both have a rosy glow in no time. No partner or want some solo scorchio fun? Pack a quiet vibrator, wear your jiggle balls or clip on some discreet nipple clamps under your clothes to feel the heat all day, wherever you are.

Although going out in wintertime can be sizzling fun, I find that I naturally stay in the warmth of my home environment much more over the winter. It’s a very home-centric season and I’m not off on jaunts who-knows-where quite so often. This focus on the home means that I’m more likely to be found snuggling with my man on the sofa than nipping out, here there and everywhere, and the increase in the amount of time we spend physically together has a positive effect on our sex life.

Why Winter is The Sexiest SeasonThen there’s Christmas. If you know me at all, you’ll know I adore Christmas – much to the annoyance of bah humbugs everywhere, I know. Christmas is the embodiment of warm, cosy, festive family time for me, and it’s a time when being together in our family home is encouraged and prioritised. It’s not all innocence, reindeer food and NORAD tracks Santa though; festive merriment lowers inhibitions which can easily rear their heads the rest of the year. I don’t just mean the amount of mulled wine consumed, although alcohol can give confidence a helping hand. Simply feeling relaxed, more content and at ease with myself makes sexy fun even easier to slip into.

Winter is the sexiest season. As I’ve mentioned, there’s none of that yukky stickiness from summertime. Even though it might be frosty outside, you can enjoy making your own heat in the comfort and warmth of your own home. Cuddles with a partner, naked naughtiness, a session with your favourite sex toys or a neck-deep hot bath with waterproof vibrators within reach are all fantastic ways to enjoy a hot and horny winter.


Why Winter is The Sexiest Season

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