How To Be Romantic Without Spending Any Money

How To Be Romantic Without Spending Any Money

By Cara Sutra

It’s so easy to be swept along into the great commercialisation of love and romance. To cave under the weight of the ads and believe that romance is measured in expensive bouquets, hotel stays, sparkling jewellery and weekends abroad. Don’t me wrong – I love all that stuff. But it’s definitely not required in order for me to know that my partner loves me. Whatever your bank balance, there are ways to be incredibly romantic without spending any money. Or at least, very little… using items you probably already have around your home.

How To Be Romantic Without Spending Any Money

Thoughtful (and free) ways to show your partner you care

Leave notes for them

Leave little love notes in places where you know your partner (and only your partner!) will find them. In their makeup bag. Under their pillow. As a bookmark in that book they’re reading. In their bag, or wallet. Or seal in an envelope marked for their eyes only. They can be as romantic or as filthy as you feel, the important thing is that they contain genuine feelings in your own words.

How To Be Romantic Without Spending Any MoneyWrite them love letters

There was something so romantic about the snail mail days of yore. Writing a letter by hand then posting it and anticipating the recipient receiving it. Perhaps a drop of scent and a note on the back of the envelope that it’s SWALK. Then there’s all the excitement from the recipient’s point of view; receiving a letter in the post would be an event, something to get excited about. Who is it from? What do they have to say? And what will you write in your reply?

This excitement can still be recaptured today, even though we live in the digital age. There’s the Royal Mail in the UK, and of course the mail delivery service in whichever country you live in. Why not splash out on a book of stamps, then arrange to write each other proper, old-fashioned love letters through the post? You’ll be surprised how exciting, romantic and sincerely touching this form of communication is. The letters can then be kept in special boxes and treasured through the years.

Make breakfast in bed

Surprise them one morning with a tray of breakfast in bed. You should know what breakfast they prefer now, and if they’ve been hankering after a full English for a while then why not go all out to make it for them?

This one obviously only applies if your partner actually likes eating breakfast in bed, but there’s nothing to stop you simply cooking them a lovely breakfast -or other meal- any time, any day.

Do their chores

There are household jobs that we all do that we hate doing. You might have heard your partner complaining about a particular chore, or noticed that they always do a certain list of jobs to help make your shared home a nicer place to live.

Get in the romantic frame of mind and think about how you can make things easier on them. Do you share the household chores list fairly, or are they always doing the bulk of the work? Perhaps you could give them a week’s holiday from chores like cooking meals or the laundry. It will certainly put them in a better mood, you get brownie points – and although doing their chores doesn’t seem romantic when you first think about it, making their life easier in some way is romance itself.

Wash them in the bath

How To Be Romantic Without Spending Any MoneyNow we’re getting to the hands-on romance. Perhaps another hark back to the supposedly ‘golden’ days of yore, washing someone in the bath these days isn’t due to the lack of space in a tin bath or only having a jug to pour over the person you’re bathing. Nope. It can be an incredibly intimate and romantic shared experience. The fact that your partner doesn’t need you to help them wash themselves in the bath is what makes it so romantic.

Pour them a warm bath with their favourite oil or bubbles. Have minimal lighting if possible, then light tealights and/or incense or whatever your partner would love to have around while they’re enjoying bathing. Set the towels to warm up on the radiator. Have everything to hand before you invite them to the bathroom. Body wash, shampoo, conditioner, whatever your partner uses. Something to wash them with; a sponge or washcloth. A large jug to rinse them will be useful too.

Share a bath or shower

If your partner is amenable to it, why not share a bath or shower? It doesn’t have to be all about the sex – in fact the shower might not be the most comfortable place to get jiggy with it – but about spending that private time together for an intimate, relaxing experience.

The great thing about the bathroom is that it’s one of the only places in the house where you can lock the door against the outside world without worry of being hassled or called away. You can both take the time to properly relax, talk, explore each other and reconnect in a calm environment.

Take a duvet day together

This one sounds a bit idyllic, I know. Particularly if you’ve got work, and kids, and, well… life. Let’s face it, it’s probably going to be a Saturday.

If your children are old enough to be safe unsupervised in the house, then you can direct them ‘from bed’ one day. Make it a rule for yourselves that you’ll watch soppy movies and talk to each other and only get out of bed to make each other fresh cups of tea and snacks. Again, it’s not about the sex, it’s about setting aside special, private time to reconnect as a couple.

If you can get children looked after for the day – or you don’t have any children – then this one will be a whole lot easier for you (and yes, might include some lovemaking depending on how amorous all the romance makes you feel).

Stay fresh to get fresh

Keep on top of your personal hygiene. Seriously. There’s nothing less romantic than not making sure you’re squeaky clean as much of the time as possible – as much for yourself as for your partner! I’m not talking about natural body musk – which can definitely be arousing in its own right – I’m talking about letting yourself go a little bit because they’ll ‘love you anyway’. Well yes, that’s true, but isn’t it much more caring to take care of yourself for your partner?

How To Be Romantic Without Spending Any MoneyOur sense of smell is one of our strongest senses. It’s definitely the strongest memory sense, and we can recall an entire occasion just by smelling a certain scent our brains have associated with it. If you know your partner absolutely loves a certain scent on you, or you share memories connected with a certain aftershave, perfume, body wash, scented candle – make the most of it.

Cuddling my partner when he’s not only freshly showered but wearing my favourite scent on him has to be one of my favourite things in the whole world.

Spoil them with a massage

The closeness of physical touch will make you and your partner feel closer than ever. Massage emphasises those feelings of love, trust and the warmth you get from being in your relationship.

Whether you decide to give your partner a full body massage to ease their weary muscles, or offer an erotic massage to stir their other senses, this bonding session will be the epitome of romance.

And remember not to insist on getting a massage back…

Arrange an extra special night

How To Be Romantic Without Spending Any MoneyStaying on an erotic note, you don’t have to go out and spend cash to have an exciting date night together. Perhaps you have a box or drawer of bedroom goodies you’ve collected – but you don’t get a lot of chance to use them? Make it a date, and gather your favourite pleasure accessories together for a wild & exciting night in.

Make sure you dress up for the occasion too. Sexy lingerie and your best lucky pants are all well and good, but it’s also very sexy to undress each other from being done up to the nines. Doll up as if you were going out for the evening – suits, sparkly dress, jewellery, scent – and then settle in the bedroom for your cosy and sexy date night in. You could even introduce a bit of roleplay to get the ball rolling.

Watch a racy movie together

Whether it’s on the TV or on an adult channel, watching a sexy film together can help stir up those feelings of passion and arousal which you might have thought were restricted to the honeymoon period.

Make sure you’re not going to be disturbed – or put it on (with low volume) late at night when other members of the house are in bed – and enjoy.

How To Be Romantic Without Spending Any MoneySay “I love you” more often

It’s easy to think, “well they should know that already” – but saying the actual words is so important. Tell your partner you love them every single day, and watch their face light up with surprise, happiness and reciprocal love.

Make the time to kiss and cuddle

In our fast-paced, busy lives, it’s easy to become like ships that pass in the night in a long-term relationship. Work, family and other commitments can mean that you only end up connecting to speak about the dull but necessary stuff. It’s important to take the time to cuddle your partner. It might just be 5 minutes in the kitchen but it’s better than no cuddle at all.

Kissing is an activity that too many consign to teen romances or those newly in lust. Raise the romance levels and the temperature in your relationship by making the time to kiss and cuddle with your partner whenever possible. If they’re in the mood, of course.

In terms of romance between you and your partner, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in the money or strapped for cash. In fact, forget about your purse or wallet altogether. By focusing on the depth of your feelings for your partner, and doing the little things to show them how sincerely you care, you will immeasurably strengthen your relationship bond. Plus, it doesn’t seem like it when you’re low on pennies but buying a romantic gesture can be the easy option, which negates the sentiment that should be behind it. Giving of yourself – sharing your thoughts, putting yourself out to do things you wouldn’t normally do, sacrificing the time you’d usually spend elsewhere – will show just how much you really love them and is sure to be accepted well.

The ideas I’ve mentioned in this article are perfect to surprise your partner with any time of year, but it’s fun to do something a little extra special for occasions like birthdays, Valentines Day and Christmas. Why not print out as many of the gift vouchers below as you like, then complete with your partners name and details of whatever loving or saucy treat you’re offering them? You could get your inspiration from the list in this article, or let your imagination run wild. Maybe you could each print off a few and enjoy working your way through them, one each per week, on a pre-arranged “romantic evening”.

How To Be Romantic Without Spending Any Money

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Being romantic doesn’t rely on having a disposable income and a big bank balance. Enjoy the newfound romance in your relationship with these simple, free ideas and make the most of any private time you have with your partner.


How To Be Romantic Without Spending Any Money

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