The Best Christmas Gift Of All: Festive Fiction

The Best Christmas Gift Of All

The Best Christmas Gift Of All: Seasonal Erotica by Belle Bisous

I knelt on the floor giggling and listened intently to the soft rustle of paper as he moved swiftly around the room. His normally heavy footsteps surprisingly light as he navigated his way around me, hoping that I wouldn’t hear. Over my eyes the blindfold pressed firmly against my skin, allowing only a small chink of light to highlight his large black boots.

The Best Christmas Gift Of All - Festive Fiction

‘What are you wearing?’ I asked in confusion. Through the tiny gap, I saw him turn around. The boots pointing in my direction as he surveyed his handiwork. With his parents away for Christmas Eve, Karl suggested that we make the most of the night alone with some kinky roleplay. Locking the front door as they left, we turned and raced upstairs, the last minute wrapping forgotten in our haste.

Karl instructed me to strip naked and kneel on the floor. Binding my hands behind my back and covering my eyes with a blindfold, he told me to wait and left the room. Impatiently, I waited to see what he had in store. However, after a long time of waiting I began to get impatient.

As he stood before me, I began to shiver with anticipation. Goosebumps danced upon my naked flesh, but the long wait and his silence had unnerved me. Impatiently, I began to crawl towards him, my hands encumbered by the cuffs but the throbbing between my legs pushing me further towards him. Kneeling at his feet, I nuzzled the soft velvety trousers and began to tug at the soft fabric with my teeth. Again, I wondered what on earth he was wearing but continued until the delicate red fabric slipped to the floor.

Karl grunted, his excitement apparent by his firm erection. Taking him in my mouth, I began to gently lick and suck at his warm, throbbing shaft. Greedily, he gripped hold of my head and used his hands to gently guide until he cried out in pleasure. Pulling my head away from his body, he grabbed his cock and moaned loudly as the hot juices decorated my face. Sticking out my tongue, I tasted the salty sweetness and sighed with contentment.

As my cunt throbbed with heat, I felt my head being pushed deeply towards the floor. The cool air met my clitoris, as he bent me firmly over his knees. Karl caressed my exposed bottom before giving it a short, sharp slap. I gasped in surprised pleasure, before another loud slap caused a delicious sting to resonate around my buttocks. I cried out with a mixture of pain and pleasure, whilst my clitoris tingled painfully, desperate for his caress.

Leading me to the bed, Karl removed the cuffs and affixed them around my ankles. Spotting the spreader bar, he placed it between my ankles and clicked it into place. With the bar leaving me further exposed and unable to close my legs, he pushed me face down onto the mattress. Burying his face between my legs, his soft lips and firm tongue lapped and teased my throbbing clit. With my legs already trembling, he held me firmly in place as he probed deeper into my sex.

Sensing my impending climax, Karl moved position and thrust his cock deeply into my soft wetness. Unable to contain myself, I climaxed immediately. The hot pleasures caused my body to tremble in ecstasy whilst Karl thrust and gyrated his way to a shuddering finale.

Still face down on the bed a few minutes later, I finally removed the blindfold and turned to face Karl. ‘Where did you learn to do that?’ I asked, but the room was empty.

Puzzled, I called his name and quickly dressed. I met him on the stairs, fully clothed and panting. ‘I am so sorry!’ he cried. ‘Mabel from down the street broke down and asked for help. I couldn’t leave her, not at her age.’

‘You were just here?’ I argued.

‘I wasn’t?’ Karl looked puzzled. ‘But whoever was here left you a little present.’

Under the tree, a gift caught my eye. On the label, the words ‘Thank you for the best Christmas ever’ were written in bold, dark writing.

‘This wasn’t here before?’ I quizzed, confused.

‘Perhaps you had a visit from Santa?’ laughed Karl, before pulling me back into the bedroom.


The Best Christmas Gift Of All was written by Belle Bisous

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