8 Ways To Sex Up Your Christmas

8 Ways Couples Can Make Christmas Sexy

By Cara Sutra

Christmas isn’t intrinsically sexy. The focus is on the home: gathering relatives and friends for a family closeness that often only happens this time of year. Traditional scenes of baking biscuits, sipping chocolate topped with cream and marshmallows and enjoying their excited little faces all aglow doesn’t exactly scream wanton and passionate romps with your partner. Let’s not miss an opportunity for adult mischief, though. I’ve got a few ideas to help make Christmas sexy for couples and get your name so indelibly on Santa’s naughty list he’ll only visit to deliver an over the knee spanking.

How Can You Make Christmas Sexy This Year?

8 Ways Couples Can Make Christmas Sexy

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  1. Play Adult Elf On A Shelf With Hidden Saucy Notes

Hide little love notes to your partner in places where only they will find them. Include messages about what you’d like to do to them, why they turn you on, shared sexy memories and as much filth as you can muster.

If you share your home with others it’s very important that the notes are hidden where only your partner will find them (for example under their pillow, in their sock drawer, in their make-up bag) otherwise your real Elf on a Shelf won’t be the only one with a red face.

  1. Use Fairy Lights To Create A Romantic Boudoir

Twinkly little lights don’t just bring your make your Christmas tree look magical, you can use them in other places around the house too. Stringing some fairy lights either around the headboard or your bed or all the way around the room will create a romantic haven where it’s easy to reach that low light level, ambient setting at the flick of a switch.

If you fancy creating a romantic boudoir with fairy lights then I’d recommend ones which offer static lighting; there’s nothing less relaxing than a multi-coloured techno light show flashing in front of your eyes.

  1. Light Some Seasonal Scented Candles

8 Ways Couples Can Make Christmas Sexy

I’m a big fan of candles -scented candles, massage candles and both- at the best of times, and Christmas is one of the very best times there is. Take advantage of the myriad festive scented candle offers which seem to be in every single shop at this time of year to make your bedroom smell warm and cosy as well as look it.

Festive scents are both indulgent and relaxing by nature, so they’re ideal for helping to create that romantic atmosphere where you can enjoy soothing each other after another busy day of Christmas planning.

  1. Use Tinsel As An Erotic Tickler

Sensory stimulation is a fantastic part of foreplay, and tools to help such as pinwheels and feather ticklers are incredibly popular. When your skin is flushed with arousal, your nerve endings are even more receptive to stimulation which means you feel touch much more keenly.

8 Ways Couples Can Make Christmas Sexy

Tinsel is a Christmas staple and you’ve likely got a bunch of it in a box or bag somewhere. With its long length covered in lightweight fronds it’s perfect for teasing your partner’s body. Why not up the ante by putting them in some comfortable bondage restraints and heightening their sense of touch even further by removing their vision with a blindfold?

  1. Break Out The Chocolate Body Paint

It’s the perfect time to dismiss any calorie related guilt and confidently crack open that chocolate body paint. Let’s face it: a ton of chocolate gets eaten at Christmas, so where better to taste yours than from your partner’s body?

Not everyone likes chocolate, I know – and some chocolate body paint can leave a lot to be desired in the taste department – so I’ve found a few other body-based treats you might like to experiment with.

  • It’s not Terry’s, it’s yours. Chocolate Orange Body Paint. I know it’s still chocolatey, but you can see why I had to include it.
  • There’s a choice of lickable massage oils and/or lickable massage candles in Vanilla, Strawberry or Cherry flavours
  • The Shunga Strawberry Wine Body Paint comes complete with a foam tipped brush for writing saucy messages on their body before tongue-tasting
  • The Bijoux Indiscrets Poeme Wild Strawberry/Sweetheart Cherry Body Paint come complete with a teasing feather for extra sensory stimulation. Read my review of the Wild Strawberry flavour here. It’s delicious.

8 Ways Couples Can Make Christmas Sexy

Using edibles in the bedroom can get messy, and let’s face it: changing bedsheets & doing more laundry doesn’t make for a joyful festive season. Enjoy worry-free lick-up sessions and easy clean-up afterwards by using the Sheets of San Francisco fluidproof sheets.

8 Ways Couples Can Make Christmas Sexy

There’s a choice of wipe clean feel or soft fabric feel materials, and they come in a range of sizes to fit your bed. Read my Sheets of San Francisco reviews for more info.

  1. Use Festive Sex Toys For Added Naughtiness

Using seasonal sex toys will get you on the naughty list for sure – but where’s the fun in being good, anyway? Although there’s not a huge amount of choice, Christmassy sex toys are a thing and will bring festive cheer to solo or shared intimate pleasures.

8 Ways Couples Can Make Christmas Sexy

You might like to kick things off with one of the exciting sexy advent calendars at the start of December. It’s a novel way to make Christmas sexy: a new sex toy every day! The calendar costs £120 and you receive £240 of sex toys in total.

Nothing says seasonal sex like a glass Candy Cane Dildo (£29.99), and I have one of these myself. They’re very fun (especially when using as part of festive roleplay – see my next point). The curved top makes a practical handle so you can keep control all the way through self-stimulation, or enjoy handing over control to your partner.

8 Ways Couples Can Make Christmas Sexy

There’s an entire range of Rub My Duckie vibrating sex toys, and this travel sized Rub My Duckie in Gold (£19) is appropriately festive. There’s also the Christmas Bauble Edition if you’re in the US (sadly I can’t find it in the UK any more).

For tinsel-tastic twists on holiday favourites, why not sex up your Christmas crackers and stocking? These Kinky Crackers (£19.99 for 2) are an ingenious invention, and you’ll want to hang a Horny Holiday Stocking (£24.99) on the end of your bedpost so it’s in easy reach through the season.

This Santa’s Little Helper Vibrator (USA; $14.95) is hilarious and cute all at the same time… but if you’re looking for seasonal AND sacrilegious (I mean, who isn’t) then the Baby Jesus Butt Plug (USA; $35) might hit the spot.

  1. Customise Some Sexy Santa Roleplay

We’ve all had some filthy thoughts about what we’d do on Santa’s lap, right? No? Just me?

Well, anyway. If you want to experiment with a new type of bedroom roleplay, it’s the perfect time to bring Santa into bed. There’s a lot of potential for variety on this one depending on what you’re comfortable with (and what gets you off).

8 Ways Couples Can Make Christmas Sexy

You could be Mr & Mrs Claus celebrating sexy-style after another successful Christmas. You might be the femme fatale who is able to seduce Santa away from his good-guy image, or the Santa who can’t resist revealing his filthy true nature when he gets the opportunity.

If you like a generous helping of taboo with your sexual fantasies, then you might like to roleplay a younger partner to Santa. Again, it depends on your personal limits and desires, obviously, but there’s scope to enjoy anything from the dirty old man and naughty young wench scenario to a full blown (#sorrynotsorry) Daddy Dom/little girl fetish session. There’s plenty of wriggle room, as it were.

  1. Sex Up Your Christmas Morning Gift Plans

8 Ways Couples Can Make Christmas SexyAfter all this festive foreplay before the big day itself, you’ll be more than ready for a spectacular climax.  Christmas morning won’t just dawn merry and bright for the littluns of the world – make sure you’ve got something sexy up your sleeve to spice up Christmas Day.

Depending on the specific nature of your household, you might be able to wrap sexy presents for each other in advance to open and enjoy straight away on Christmas morning. Yes, in bed. If you have a family then depending how teasing you’re feeling you might like to either open those presents in the morning then look forward to using them when the kids are in bed, Christmas night, or put them aside until you’ve got the privacy to enjoy them.

A word of advice: Make sure you know where these sexy presents are, what paper they’re wrapped in, and label them along the lines of OPEN IN PRIVATE. You really don’t want that awkward moment on Christmas Day in front of the children – or embarrass Auntie Mabel and Uncle Bert.

Sexy gifts which could be your pièce de résistance:

8 Ways Couples Can Make Christmas Sexy

The We Vibe Sync to enjoy together during PiV sex (my review)

8 Ways Couples Can Make Christmas Sexy

The Doxy Wand Vibrator (your choice between original or die-cast; from £89.99)

8 Ways Couples Can Make Christmas Sexy

The new Womanizer Pro40 (£84.99) has received incredibly popular reviews and the method of clitoral stimulation is surprisingly fast and effective

8 Ways Couples Can Make Christmas Sexy

The Loving Joy Power Bullet Vibrator (£38.95) does what it says on the cylindrical pack: this small sized vibe packs a surprising punch -and that’s from a Doxy fan girl. It got me off in under 30 seconds the very first time I used it. Bullet vibes are so versatile too… include in an erotic massage for spine-tingling thrills. This particular bullet has 20 settings so you can find what works for you (my personal favourite is the highest constant speed but you might prefer the pulses and patterns).

Any excuse for making life that little bit more fun and sexy should be grabbed with both hands, and what more pleasurable, heart-warming excuse than the festive season? With the 8 ideas above you can make Christmas sexy and relieve some of the tension and stress the holiday season can often bring.

Do you have any other ideas on how to make Christmas sexy? I’d love to read them in the comments below.

Wishing you all a magical Christmas filled with teasing anticipation and spicy sexual pleasure.


8 Ways Couples Can Make Christmas Sexy

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  1. when we met 23 years ago, we started a “tradition”, per say, our 1st xmas together, on Xmas eve, he fucked me relentlessly under the tree in my apartment. we continued on with it for many years until a few years ago when we started hosting xmas eve dinner with a house full of guests. this year we decided not to have dinner and anyone over for the holidays. i’d say we both got what we asked santa for…. i was tired and sore when i got up xmas morning….

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