Persian Palm Ceramic Sex Toys: Hand-Painted, Personalised Pleasure Sculptures

Introducing: Persian Palm Ceramic Sex Toys

I can’t adequately describe how excited I am to introduce the Persian Palm ceramic sex toys, and to own some of these beautifully designed pleasure creations myself. Persian Palm are different to the many manufacturers who mass-produce the same old TPR or silicone designs. Persian Palm design, produce and hand-paint their stunning sex toy creations at their HQ in Tuscany, Italy.

Persian Palm Ceramic Sex Toys Hand Painted Personalised Pleasure Sculptures

It was at Erofame 2015 where I had the pleasure of meeting the genuinely passionate couple behind Persian Palm. Unlike this year’s Erofame they didn’t have an exhibition stand, but we enjoyed an in-depth chat about their designs and business. I was extremely interested in seeing their plans come to fruition and not just because the couple were so sincere and friendly (it was a fun night’s dancing at Oktoberfest). My experience with ceramic sex toys was limited mainly to mass-produced designs from Pipedream. It’s taken a year but that’s all changed.

Persian Palm Ceramic Sex Toys Hand Painted Personalised Pleasure Sculptures

Every Persian Palm sex toy I received came in its own ingenious box packaging. The three Persian Palm toy boxes themselves arrived safely packed in a discreet outer box. The toy packaging reminds me of a book, intentional no doubt. You know those money-safe book designs, or in a film where a character hides cash or a weapon in a cut-out section from a Bible or other thick tome? Yep, like that. The layering of corrugated cardboard protects the ceramic sculptures, which sit in their custom-shaped cut-out area. There’s even thoughtful finger gaps so you can remove your sex toy with minimal hassle and without damage to the box.

Persian Palm Ceramic Sex Toys Hand Painted Personalised Pleasure Sculptures

The boxes are black with silver script logo and writing, which suits me as I’m a semi-secret goth in any case. Really don’t do pink and sparkly. Each box has its own card slip-sleeve which helps keep the main box closed and even more protected.

So, what are the Persian Palm sex toys really like? Well… gorgeous. They’ve got my name on (how cool), they’re in my favourite colours and they each come with a lovely velvet drawstring pouch for safe and discreet storage. I own the Pia which is smooth, tapered and ideal for use as an anal plug, the Eva which is contoured and angled for use as a G-spot dildo, and the Lulu which is a contoured non-angled dildo.

And they’re big! I didn’t realise how big they were when I saw the designs on the Persian Palm website and through their emails. You can read the full details of their specs and how they felt during use in my Persian Palm Ceramic Sex Toys review which you can find here.

On the base of each Persian Palm sex toy there’s a metal stud which is embellished with a small version of their logo. It’s like a stamp of quality (and handily seals the ceramic moulding hole as well, of course).

Persian Palm Ceramic Sex Toys Hand Painted Personalised Pleasure Sculptures

The finish is glazed which is non-porous and protects the hand painted surface – and which I assume makes the sex toy waterproof, or at least water resistant. The paints and glazes used are non-toxic, and “free from lead, nickel or cadmium. They also comply with all food and medical safety regulations”. The toys are also resistance tested: “subjected to specific resistance testing, using typical methods used for aerospace engineering”. Persian Palm also “strengthen [their] products filling them with a special resin, which makes them even safer”. The sex toys are easy to wipe clean after use and spritz with some anti bac sex toy cleaner.

Persian Palm Ceramic Sex Toys Hand Painted Personalised Pleasure Sculptures

Customised sex toys haven’t made it to the biggest sex toy retailers yet, probably due to the costs involved. It’s all about the profit margin, right? Well… yes, and no. Granted, the margins on mass-produced own brand sex toys from China (white-labelled) are the biggest out there, so selling thousands of watch battery love rings and TPR rabbit vibes is going to do wonders for your I&E sheets. As people get more educated about sex toy materials and just what sort of pleasure tools can be crafted, though, they get a little choosier about what to add to their sex toy collections. If you’re looking for something more than a cheap (& let’s face it, soon-to-be disposed of) jelly cock ring or plastic vibrator then investing in a ceramic sex toy might be incredibly appealing. With such an investment – because so often higher quality means higher prices – can be offered the chance of personalising your sex toy.

This is pretty awesome, I think you’ll agree.

Persian Palm Ceramic Sex Toys Hand Painted Personalised Pleasure Sculptures

With Persian Palm ceramic sex toys you’re not only given the chance to experience and enjoy a sex toy material you might not have tried before, but you can own a pleasure sculpture unique to you and labelled as such. Or, with thoughts of Christmas and then Valentine’s Day looming, how about splashing out on a memorable and exciting gift for your partner? Just make sure they open these sexy Christmas gifts in private, away from family & visitors!

There are lots of shapes and styles to choose from at the Persian Palm ceramic sex toys website. There are so many colour combinations and options too. It’s almost like you can design and order the ceramic sex toy you always wanted, but couldn’t find elsewhere.

Persian Palm Ceramic Sex Toys Hand Painted Personalised Pleasure Sculptures

Shop for a beautiful, unique, customised ceramic sex toy which is built to thrill and last here at the Persian Palm sex toys website. Prices start at €120, which at today’s rates equates to approximately £109.

At the time of writing there’s no payment gateway/checkout on the Persian Palm website, but the company have informed me you can order and purchase via email to

Thank you Persian Palm for sending me three sex toys from your catalogue in return for this news article here at the CaraSutra sex blog.


Persian Palm Ceramic Sex Toys Hand Painted Personalised Pleasure Sculptures

Disclaimer: I have not been remunerated for this news article, nor does it contain any affiliate links.

I did however did receive the three products described within the article free of charge, in return for writing about them here at my blog.


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