How To Gift Lingerie She Loves For Christmas

How To Gift Lingerie She Loves For Christmas

By Mel MacFarlane of Voluptasse

As a woman, I love opening expensive new lingerie on Christmas morning (hint, hint). I love the thought of my other half lovingly choosing the delicate fabrics, admiring the cut of the soft lace and his face as he dreams of me wearing it. I picture him assertively flicking through the hangers, and the final eureka moment when he spies the perfect garment to emphasise my long legs, disguise my saggy tummy and deliver a cleavage to die for.

Yeah… and then I wake up.

The reality is much different. Sweaty palmed, he’ll flick through the hangers in a mad panic. Pick one that looks ‘alright’ and hope that it fits. It never does, and usually it’s non-returnable. After that, I’ll probably sulk because it’s the wrong size and he’ll sulk because I won’t wear it.

Sound familiar?


Buying lingerie for a partner can be very tricky, especially if you are sure what they’d like. However, with a little planning and lots of thought, it doesn’t have to be a complicated affair.

So, first things first.

Get the right size – VERY IMPORTANT!

Nothing bursts a happy Christmas Day lingerie bubble faster than badly fitting lingerie. You simply can’t grab ‘anything’ from the shelf and hope that it fits. The reasons behind your gift is to make your partner feel good. Spending a little time researching the right size is very important.

Take a look in your partner’s lingerie drawer for size and style ideas

At the risk of sounding like a knicker sniffing pervert, sneaking a peek in your partner’s lingerie drawer will help you to understand the kind of fabrics she likes to wear. Are her panties lacy or does she prefer a heavier fabric? What about the colours she wears? Is her lingerie a different size to her everyday clothes?

If buying anything that has a bra top, examine the label to get the bra size. The bra size consists of a number and letters; this is usually found on the label. For example: 38D or 40B.

Makes some notes and take them shopping with you. Knowing what you partner likes will make shopping for Christmas lingerie a lot easier.

Pay attention to the lingerie that they already have

how to gift lingerie she loves for christmasMake note of the lingerie your partner currently wears to see what style of lingerie she likes.  Things that look good with my pear shaped figure are those that create a cleavage and are slightly looser around the midriff. I never wear anything that highlights my post-baby belly or offers no bust support.

When shopping in a lingerie store, you may be asked questions by the sales staff. Because you’ve looked at the lingerie she is currently wearing, you’ll be able to describe her tastes and can ask the store staff for advice.

Ask about the returns policy

Despite your best intentions, the lingerie may not be to her taste after all. People can gain or lose weight very quickly, and this affects the way that the garment looks. Sometimes our tastes can change, and we’d prefer something different. If you establish whether you can return the (unworn!) lingerie before you buy it, she can return it and buy something that she does like. Finding out how many days you have to return the item helps to plan a trip together to find the perfect outfit. However, be mindful that sales items are usually non-returnable.

Do not make ‘helpful’ suggestions with your purchase, it will not end well

‘But darling, I thought buying a smaller size will help you in your quest to lose weight!’,

‘I bought black because it’s more slimming’

‘Hmmm… you look like a marshmallow wrapped in cheese wire, it’ll look better after the New Year’s diet’

If in doubt, buy a gift card

If you’re worried about getting the lingerie gift wrong, treat your partner to a gift card and go shopping for her gift together. By helping her choose, you’ll have some great ideas for Valentine’s Day in February….

– Mel MacFarlane

About the writer: Mel MacFarlane is an experienced adult industry copywriter, product reviewer and business consultant. You can find her at her own leading sexuality magazine, Voluptasse. You can also follow Mel’s work on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Oh I agree, buying lingerie for a loved one can be wonderful, but is a mine field.
    Getting the size right is really difficult, bras are the worst, just because a bra is size 34B or what ever and your wife’s bra is sized 34B don’t expect it to fit.
    Unless you are really sure about the size then soft lingerie is much easier to not get wrong, things like camisole are much easier to fit than more structured items like bras.
    When LadyAE and I were younger and before we had kids then lingerie was one of our shared passions. If you want to buy a lady lingerie I’d recommend you do it regularly, shop with her and find out what works and what doesn’t. As a bloke buying your lady something sexy for Christmas a big part of your aim is that your lady is going look sexy for you and be sexy with you. If you want this to work then you need to choose things which will make her feel sexy not just fulfill your private fantasy, your fantasy probably doesn’t involve her standing there looking awkward and uncomfortable.
    The best way I found was to regularly shop with her in a small local boutique. The staff there then got to know her and her body, that way they know what will fit her. I used to be able to go in and pick lingerie and sometimes the manageress would say, that’s never going to work on her, look this is a similar sort of style, would you like this, this one is going to work better. The only way you can get that sort of help is through them knowing your lady. But in meant I could confidently buy treats (if you can afford it presents on random days work even better, when they aren’t expected) and know they’d fit and know what she was going to feel good in.

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