Scarlett Delage: Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Scarlett Delage

This week’s author in the spotlight is the delightfully smutty Scarlett Delage. Find out more about this explicit sex writer in her spotlight feature below, then enjoy the three free (and incredibly filthy) excerpts from her books.

Over to you, Scarlett.. 🙂

Scarlett Delage Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Scarlett Delage

Scarlett Delage Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Scarlett Delage is 40 years old and lives on her own in the UK, she has just recently started writing erotica and hopes one day to be able to give up her day job and be able to write full time. At the moment she has written several stand alone books and is writing two series of books. One is called Banged by the big black gang which is fairly self explanatory. The other-Dirty, dangerous and depraved involves ‘family love’, school uniforms and all sorts of other stuff. Titles so far include An American slut in London, Milfs versus college girls and the two series just mentioned.

Books & Free Excerpts

Banged By The Big Black Gang – In Hollywood

Scarlett Delage Erotic Author Spotlight Series

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“Look lady, I’m not going to bullshit you Ok, I don’t really give a good fuck whether you can act or not”, he had now made his way to the door and was locking it. What on earth was he doing? He continued. “I am going to ask you to suck my dick anyway-regardless”. I gasped. Had I heard him right? Had Wesley Pipes just asked me to…

“Not because I really like you for the part, it’s amusing to me, to ask an actress if she’ll suck my dick and let me come in her mouth just to get the part. All you can do is suck for all your worth and pray that you’ll get the part, which, if you don’t suck my dick, you ain’t gonna get.”

I was gobsmacked. I sat there rigid. I did not know what to say or do.

Wesley Pipes started to unzip himself, I could see there was a bulge under his trousers already.

“I saw how you looked at me when you came in Megan, don’t try and tell me you don’t want to get your lips around this unique specimen of Alabama black snake.”

He hauled down his trousers and his erection came springing free. I was transfixed. I had heard black men had huge penises but had never been with a black man before, all my boyfriends had been white. I was now looking at the biggest cock I had ever seen, a huge throbbing eight inch black weapon, with a glistening purple head. It seemed like it had a life of it’s own.

Wesley walked forward, his huge cock inching close to my face.

“Open wide white girl, it’s time to suck on some big black movie star dick!”

As his cock got closer, I found myself opening my mouth without thinking. I knew it was not right, for him to demand I suck him like this, but I had suddenly become aware of something, I was wet between my legs. I wanted this cock in my mouth.

He pressed his wet hardness against my lips, seeking entry. I stuck my tongue out and began to swirl it around his bulbous cockhead, savouring the taste of his salty pre-cum.

An American Slut In London

Scarlett Delage Erotic Author Spotlight Series

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“We are all here to pray for forgiveness for our sins”, replied  Mark.

“Hmmmm”, replied Clara thoughtfully,” Is adultery a sin?”.

“Yes, absolutely” ,said John, ”The Bible is very clear it is a bad thing”.

“I see”, said Clara, ”And what about anal sex? Is that forbidden?”.

All of the men shifted uncomfortably in there seats and looked nervously at each other. ”Er…no..i think.. the Bible says it is wrong”, Luke stammered.

“So”, said Carla in response,” if I were to get down on all fours, stick my gorgeous arse in the air, spread my ass cheeks for you, and beg you all to take turns ramming your big, black married cocks into my shithole, none of you would be up for it?”.

The men sat there in stunned silence for several seconds. Then Matthew got to his feet. ”We are married men! This a place of worship! You must leave!”.

Carla simply smiled and pointed to Matthews crotch. Matthew looked down to realise he had a huge erection, straining to get out of his trousers. He immediately turned away, embarrassed.

“Oh don’t be shy”, said Carla with a smirk. She got down on all fours, lifted up her skirt and pulled her panties down to reveal her pink gaping asshole to these four black men. She looked over her shoulder to give them a dirty look, and inserted her finger into her mouth and slowly sucked on it. ”Oh yes, let me just wet my asshole for you boys, so you can get you big cocks all the way in there”, at this she inserted her finger into her ass, spreading the saliva around inside of it to get it well lubricated. She hungrily eyed the crotch area of each man, noticing that each of them now had a growing bulge.

Dirty, Dangerous And Depraved – Daddy’s Little Girl Goes To Church

Scarlett Delage Erotic Author Spotlight Series

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Suddenly Abbes Jones spoke, “Oh my Lord, have you come to help save the poor?”

“Fuck that sister”, ‘Jesus’ retorted. Sister Sarah was shocked at the profanity.

“I’m here to stick my big holy dick up into your tight fucking snatch. I’m gonna do the nasty on the nun. Now get down on your knees and suck my fucking cock!”

Sister Sarah could not believe what she was seeing or hearing. She simply could not comprehend what was taking place. She continued to watch as the Abess sank to her knees, as if she really were obeying the commands of the son of God.

Without any ceremony, the man walked forward, grabbed hold of the Abess’ hair with his hand and roughly shoved his penis between her lips, shoving it so far in she began to choke, but the man seemed not to care and began to thrust himself in and out of the kneeling woman’s mouth. As he did so he began to talk.

“Yeah you’re real fucking special sister, the son of God has chosen you to face fuck with his Godly cock. You fucking love it don’t you! Fuck yes that’s good! I hope you like the taste of my cock bitch cause I’m not here to feed the five thousand, I’m here to feed the one with my holy fucking seed!”

Sister Sarah simply looked on, open mouthed, uncomprehending. The man stopped his thrusting, Abess Jones then proceeded to grab his hips and suck the man’s penis furiously, gazing up at him as she did so with lust filled eyes.

“Yeah you suck cock so good sister, you could bring a fucking dead man back to life! All the dead would be fucking Lazarus if you sucked their cocks! Yeah, suck that cock like we’re living in Revelations bitch! Aaaaah yes! Fuck that’s good! Now get on the bed on all fours so I can pound that saintly snatch of yours. The Abess stopped her sucking, taking the opportunity to gasp for air as her saliva dripped from the end of the man’s cock. She followed his instructions and within seconds had taken her position on the bed, waiting to be entered from behind.

– Scarlett Delage

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Scarlett Delage Erotic Author Spotlight Series

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