New LoveArc Harnesses For Doxy Wands & Flared Base Dildos

New LoveArc Harnesses For Doxy Wands & Flared Base Dildos

The LoveArc is such an ingenious bedroom accessory. You can find more info and loads of photos in my 2015 review, but as an overview it’s a beautiful, smooth, brushed aluminium arch to which you can attach suction base dildos to ride them easily, comfortably and hands-free. And now there’s even more ways to enjoy your LoveArc, with the new LoveArc harnesses for Doxy Wands and flared base dildos available from

New LoveArc Harnesses For Doxy Wands and Flared Base Dildos

As you can imagine, the new LoveArc harnesses are exciting news for not only those who already own a LoveArc but anyone who wants to crank up their masturbation or shared pleasure in the bedroom. The LoveArc is simplicity itself, but a sophisticated simplicity. It’s one of those genius ideas you wish you’d thought of yourself.

Oh, and it’s in a new colour too

As well as the new LoveArc harnesses, the LoveArc comes in a gloriously vivid new colour too. It’s my favourite colour (I refuse to believe that’s a coincidence 😉 ) but there’s also seasonal tie-ins to consider.

The subtly elegant red tone of the LoveArc makes it an ideal Christmas present to yourself or to your partner – but once Christmas has come and gone, why not purchase it for Valentine’s Day? Red is the colour of love, after all.

Whatever time of the year you treat yourself or a lucky partner, the new red LoveArc sex accessory is sure to induce a rosy glow. And I don’t just mean as bedroom decor.

New LoveArc Harnesses For Doxy Wands and Flared Base Dildos

The LoveArc is still available in the original purple or black colours too, if they’re more up your street.

Who doesn’t crave hands-free Doxy fun?

You should all know by now that the Doxy Wand is my all-time favourite sex toy. I’d thought it was my all-time, hands-down favourite sex toy when I reviewed the Forced Orgasm Harness which the Doxy Wand fits into. But now there’s a new way for me to enjoy hands-free Doxy orgasms, with the Doxy Wand Harness which fits on to the LoveArc.

The clever design of the LoveArc Doxy Harness means that your Doxy Wand will be secured safely to the LoveArc, anywhere on the arc you choose. It fastens to the LoveArc with Velcro, and it’s easy to figure out the straps which go over the top of your Doxy Wand and secure to the underside of the harness, again with Velcro. The design of the harness means that both the Doxy Wand controls and the head are free for you to access and enjoy.

New LoveArc Harnesses For Doxy Wands and Flared Base Dildos

This is where it’s most comfortable for me

Because the harness fits anywhere on the length of the LoveArc, you can place the Doxy Wand wherever it’s most comfortable for you personally. Then all you have to do is sit astride and ride. The Doxy Wand does its thing and brings me to orgasm without any effort from me whatsoever. No more moans that the Doxy Wand is too heavy and my wrist hurts from holding it in place; the LoveArc harness sorts all that out for me.

New LoveArc Harnesses For Doxy Wands and Flared Base Dildos

At the suggestion of the LoveArc team, I also tried the LoveArc on its end, with the Doxy Wand strapped to the arc by way of the harness. That means I can stand up and position the Doxy Wand head over my clitoris and vulva area, ride to climax and I also get to lean on the LoveArc for support after a knee-buckling orgasm. Sweet.

This harness might also fit other brands of magic wand vibrator, but why would you want to?*


“…and all of a sudden, she was coming like a train”

Where we’re going, we don’t need suction

The LoveArc by itself was sensational enough, offering sex toy fans like me the chance to enjoy suction base sex toys in the comfort of my bedroom. No more waiting to use the bathroom undisturbed, sneaking my toys in and then out, and no more perching precariously on the side of the bath, straddling the loo seat (mmm, sexy) or squatting over the floor tiles. I could use my suction base dildos with the LoveArc, in comfort, wherever in my bedroom (or rest of the house, if everyone else was out) I desired.

A fantastic sex accessory, I’m sure you’ll agree. But LoveArc weren’t convinced they’d unlocked the full potential of their ingenious tool. What about using other sex toys with the LoveArc?

The flared based dildo harness for the LoveArc does what it says on the tin. Now, I’m not restricted to only using suction base dildos with the LoveArc. The flared base dildo harness is meant to be used with your choice of 3 differently sized stainless steel O rings which are available to purchase separately. They look as if they’ll fit just about any size of flared base dildo you might happen to own or buy. Obviously I’ve not checked with every single flared base dildo in the world, but here’s the internal diameter sizes of the O rings for you:

Small: 50mm

Medium: 60mm

Large: 80mm

The stainless steel O rings cost £5, £7 or £12 respectively as add-ons to the main leather harness strap.

The flared base harness is easy to figure: just like the Doxy Wand harness it attaches with Velcro to the LoveArc. Place the flared base dildo of your choice in the centre of the harness, the O ring over the top (hoopla!) and feed the two side leather pieces through the O ring. These fasten securely to the underside of the harness on each side, again with Velcro.

New LoveArc Harnesses For Doxy Wands and Flared Base Dildos

For more information & to buy

Need the red LoveArc and new LoveArc harnesses in your love life? I don’t blame you at all. I love mine so much. The new LoveArc harnesses come in attractive packaging which is minimal and easy to flatten/recycle. You can visit to purchase your LoveArc and available accessories.

  • LoveArc in original black, purple or the glorious new red colour £229
  • Magic Wand Vibrator Harness £79
  • Flared Base Dildo Harness £59 (the compatible metal O rings cost £5, £7 or £12 respectively as add-on purchases)

Restraint attachments and a spreader bar are also available. Postage & packaging for the new LoveArc harnesses and the other LoveArc products within the UK costs £9.99.

Follow LoveArc on Twitter to keep up with all their exciting news.


New LoveArc Harnesses For Doxy Wands and Flared Base Dildos

*personal opinion klaxon

I have not been remunerated for this article by LoveArc or any other business. This post does contain affiliate links.
All opinions contained herein are my own and should be regarded as such. 


  1. I can only imagine the mindfuck this type of toy would add to a D/s relationship. The domme could have the sub go “fuck itself” literally whenever she demands.

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