Preaching To The Perverted: Sequel!

Preaching To The Perverted: Sequel!

Great news for fans of the 1997 cult film Preaching to the Perverted: Writer/Director Stuart Urban has come with an idea of for a sequel – Tortured in the Orchard – and wants to explore it first in the form of a graphic novel which will help raise funds towards the making of the film.  Many of the film’s original stars are on board including  ‘Lesbian Icon’ Guinevere Turner as Tanya Cheex.

Preaching To The Perverted Sequel Film BDSM and Fetish Movie News

Preaching to the Perverted was one of the first films to explore the fetish and BDSM lifestyle and was in fact set in the heart of London’s colourful fetish scene. Originally a BBC project it was dropped by them on the pretext that it could never be shown on  mainstream British television. It was banned in Ireland and cut for ratings in the USA. The film, however, became an enduring cult hit and in 2015 The Gaurdian rated it in the Top 10 BDSM Fetish films amongst other greats like The Night Porter and Secretary.

In 2013 we ran an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign to raise money to restore the 35mm original and remaster the film.  So after our success there we thought we’d run another Kickstarter to raise the funds for the sequel: Tortured in the Orchard.

Preaching To The Perverted Sequel Film BDSM and Fetish Movie News

Stuart’s storyline will explore the following:

How do you imagine Artemis, daughter of Tanya (the dominatrix) and Peter (the devout Christian),  will turn out to be when she reaches adulthood?

What has happened in her upbringing, and what will be her interests and orientation as she steps out into the big wide world? Beautiful and intelligent, Artemis is like a hybrid of Lady Gaga and Alice in Wonderland. She is going to enter the helterskelter, hypocrite-heavy World of Westminster and the seat of UK political power…

Preaching To The Perverted Sequel Film BDSM and Fetish Movie News

We need your support to fund our campaign, there are some great rewards! To find out more and make a pledge visit our Kickstarter page here.



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