Erica Hart – Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Erica Hart

This week it’s Erica Hart in the erotic author spotlight, and I’m delighted to feature this very talented writer here at CaraSutra. Like me, Erica is fascinated and turn-on by all aspects of sexual role-play, so I’m intrigued by her new release, Role Play Scripts for the Modern Woman. You’ll be able to read an honest & unbiased review of this book here very soon – thanks to the Pleasure Panel.

For now, pop the kettle on, put your feet up and enjoy learning all about the lady behind the name. There are links to connect with Erica online, as well as a free download to help you get started with sexy role-play.

Over to you, Erica!

– Cara

Erica Hart - Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Erica Hart

Erica Hart - Erotic Author Spotlight Series

I’m so excited to be here on Cara Sutra and share my story with you!

My name is Erica Hart and I’m a married, professional woman in her early thirties. I am a fiction writer by day, but I’ve recently delved into the world of nonfiction with a role play guide that was born out of my own need to reignite my sex life. That happened, and I got so much back in return—sexually and emotionally—but let’s start at the beginning.

I’ve been with my husband for over eleven years now and until a few years ago I had—sadly—almost given up on having the kind of sex life I fantasised about. Let me set the record straight: the sex wasn’t bad, but it had become very routine. We knew how to pleasure each other, we knew the positions that worked well, and every session became a repeat performance of the one before. I missed the thrill of the throw-you-down-on-the-bed kind of sex that we had at the beginning of our relationship, and I felt powerless to change our lacklustre bedroom status.

But, never one to settle for mediocrity, that powerless feeling didn’t last long once I decided that I could change it—that I would change it. I started thinking about what makes a new relationship so exciting and thrilling, and one word continued to surface: novelty. And what comes with a role play scenario of assuming an identity and meeting someone new? Novelty.

Now, I’d forayed into role play before and it was a cringe-worthy, awkward experience. But, upon reflection, I also thought that if I’d been more prepared it could’ve been a totally different experience. So, I started researching online and was honestly mortified at some of the role play suggestions. I won’t go into detail here, but I was definitely not going to pretend to be a damsel in distress, yelling for my sexy fireman to come and save me (yes, one website seriously suggested that).

I quickly realised that I wasn’t going to find the kind of role play guides that I wanted (realistic and simple to play out), so I decided to write them myself (my day job as a fiction writer came in very helpful!). In the past few years, I’ve created almost one hundred role play scripts, and now I’ve decided to share these with the world…sorry, Mom!

Erica Hart - Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Role Play Scripts for the Modern Woman is a compilation of my role play scripts—based on the ones that most husband and I most enjoyed—and I’ve gone one step further and included details on how to build the anticipation and set up the scene. I want you, and other woman, to feel empowered, and being prepared is the best way to do that.

If the mention of role play still makes you cringe, I urge you to read the role play scenario below. This guide is from the beginner section—Warm Up—of my book. The role play is designed to eliminate any initial fear and awkwardness and give you a confidence boost. I stand behind the statement that role play can transform your sex life, and your entire relationship, so give it a go!

Download your free roleplay guide here

I claim my book is the only role play guide you’ll ever need, and I recommend you go and get it at any one of these retailers:
Barnes & Noble

Praise for Erica’s book:
“I did my first role play last night using your guide. I was so nervous beforehand, but I couldn’t believe how easily I slipped into character. I felt sexy and seductive – I loved it!! And my husband loved it too – he’s still talking about it this morning! Thank you, Erica. I’m looking forward to my next role play already.”

Additional ways to connect with Erica:

Erica Hart’s Blog

Erica Hart’s Pinterest

Erica Hart’s Facebook


Update January 2017: Author’s website, social media & book links removed due to broken links – Cara

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Erica Hart - Erotic Author Spotlight Series

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