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Kate Julia White

This week it’s Kate Julia White in the erotic author spotlight, who is here to talk about her upcoming new release, Tough Love. This sexy book is a tale of true erotic adventures and is set to be a must-read for anyone who enjoys their kink. Published by the multi award-winning erotica publishers Xcite Books, you can enjoy a taste of Tough Love in the free excerpt below. You can also find out more about Kate Julia White herself – so it’s over to you, Kate!

Kate Julia White Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Thank you so much to Cara Sutra for inviting me to her erotic author spotlight, I’ve followed Cara from a distance for a while, so I’m delighted to be here.

Sex is such a source of joy, power and energy that I can’t quite believe I’m lucky enough to have had the chance to explore so much. I’ve been part of the more adventurous parties, salons and clubs for a few years now, but it’s above all the close personal connections I found which made me pick the pen up. I originally wrote for myself, to remember and extend the pleasure. But in a world of much more fun and possibilities than many people consider, why not share?

London is actually a magical place, especially if you like me enjoy sexual liaisons with exciting characters – strangers and friends. Surprisingly often strangers eventually become friends and lovers. In addition, the close relationships with new friends who share a similar view of life and enjoy the adult playground the city has to offer were more enriching than I had ever dreamt of. They all inspire me to write, about them and about what happened last night…

Free Excerpt from Tough Love

My true erotic adventures “Tough Love” is out this week from Xcite books. Here is a short excerpt for you to enjoy.

Kate Julia White Erotic Author Spotlight Series

“I was so focused on my stinging arse and the wetness coming down my upper thighs that I almost didn’t notice that he had gone to pick up yet more torture toys. I eagerly opened my buttocks when he started pressing the butt-plug against my opening. How strangely wonderful it felt as it slowly entered me, and just as I was beginning to fear it would be too big and tear me apart, it narrowed and slid into its perfect place. I sighed with pleasure – and realised I had a tail grazing the back of my thighs. Noticing it lying there in a pile on the side table, I had assumed it was a horsehair whip or similar, not realising it was literally intended as a tail, with a large butt-plug attached. I could suddenly see what I must look like, fettered to a hook in the ceiling; blindfolded, with a horse’s bit preventing me from speaking but not really muffling my noises much, and wearing a black horse’s tail. How terrible and wonderful it is to be so humiliated and at the same time so aroused. He tugged my tail slightly. It must have looked irresistible; funny and strange at the same time.

When he switched to a cane, the tail was slightly in the way, so he paddled me again until I was wailing loudly; but I am sure his poor neighbours had heard much worse. I was panting from the exertion when he freed my mouth and I asked him, ‘Please praise me a little. It makes the pain so much easier to bear.’ He had to suppress a giggle when he told me how good I was, which irritated me, but that’s the nature of these games, and he must have been rather pleased with himself. It also in all likelihood convinced him to try to push me over the edge, to see how much I could take.

David explained softly, ‘I am going to make you use your safe word. I will hurt you until you do.’ I was still blind, but I certainly felt it as soon as the clamp closed on my left nipple, quickly followed by the other one. It must have been a set of clamps with a chain or strap between them, because he pulled them out and clearly enjoyed hearing my half-hearted protests. It was good to be able to speak again.

The pull got stronger, and I realised he was hanging weights on the strap, one after the other. Cold metal balls against my skin. It didn’t take long for me to get from irritating pain to “orange”, the code word for “slow down, give me a sec” – which I thought would mean he would lift the weights immediately and let me breathe. Annoyingly, he didn’t release anything but just said in a calm voice, ‘That means to keep going, right?’ and he kept adding weights, making the chain even heavier.

A few more seconds and I was throwing my head back and forth, shouting, ‘Dark orange!’ but I knew I had lost the plot and eventually had to stop the torture by shouting, ‘Red.’ He pulled the clamps off, which hurt even more, and I screamed. I couldn’t think straight, I couldn’t see anything; I wasn’t sure what was up or down. I had hardly caught my breath when he stepped up on the table in front of me, roughly pushed my thighs apart, and entered me. The final reward, after such struggle, such pain, the shock and relief was so great I would have fallen over, had I not been chained in a standing position. I lifted my leg to draw him in closer, deeper, and came with such force, I lifted my whole body to meet him even better. The second orgasm was so strong I nearly fainted and let out a loud groan from deep inside. I clenched my fists, lifted all of myself again by my wrists in the cuffs, and the third time he came with me, digging his fingers deep into my hips.

When he pulled the blindfold off and finally released me, I collapsed into the sofa, grateful for its grimy, accepting embrace of my bruised body, sore breasts, smeared make-up and tangled horse’s tail. I couldn’t feel my hands for several minutes, and it took just over four months for the outside of my right thumb to lose its numbness and regain its full sensitivity to touch. I still occasionally draw a nail against the skin above my third knuckle on that finger, just to reassure myself it feels normal again. And to remind me of a mind-blowing experience.”

Tough Love by Kate Julia White

Kate Julia White Erotic Author Spotlight Series

“Tough Love is an erotic memoir of a married woman, a mother and business executive, who together with her husband decides to have an open marriage after many years together. The resulting adventures are both expected: exciting sex, strange characters and suspicious neighbours, and unexpected: male escorts sharing their wares for free, wedding invitations where she’s slept with both bride and groom and some remarkable friendships. The story is a declaration of love to London and its people, and all of it is true – it really happened.”

About Kate Julia White

Kate Julia White Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Kate Julia lives and loves in London. Her writing is all self-experienced and it all really happened. Already done with the standard story of good job, marriage, mortgage, kids and SUV, she and her husband decided to their open their relationship up and explore all the capital has to offer. The effects were profoundly life-changing, offering Kate an opportunity to finally act on her long-standing desire to explore the world of kink. After a few years of sexual adventures both on the swinging scene and in BDSM dungeons, she succumbed to the temptation to write it all down. This is her first book, and she’s currently busy “gathering material” for the next one.

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Kate Julia White Erotic Author Spotlight Series

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Kate Julia White Erotic Author Spotlight Series

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