Submitting to a Mistress

Submitting to a Mistress

By slave christina

This is my story of submitting to a Mistress. Sometimes you meet someone and there is an instant attraction. Other times you may take some time to find a level of happiness. Other times it is the situation you are both in that brings you together and sometimes it is the situation that keeps you together or forces you apart.

It was certainly a combination of a number of things that took place to completely give myself to Mistress Cara.

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I first had contact with Mistress Cara in August 2009. We lived close to each other and I was looking for a way I could enjoy submitting to a Mistress, on a regular basis. We chatted and exchanged ideas, and got to know each other a little bit, and the first thing that came across very strongly was that Mistress Cara was unlike anyone I had ever met before. Of course she was dominant, and of course had all the usual traits of a Mistress. But more than this Mistress Cara was very different. Mistress Cara was extremely intelligent. There was a depth to her conversation, an understanding of that was way beyond the world of BDSM and for the first time ever I truly fell in love with a personality before ever meeting Mistress Cara.

My first meeting with Mistress Cara is still forever clear in my memory. I can remember the date 15th September 2009. In itself this shows the length of my worship for Mistress Cara is now in its 7th year. The build up to the first meeting was very ordinary. Mistress Cara was having a very busy time at home and needed some shopping. I offered to do the shopping and drop it round to her.  The memory of this is also clear as it was the day that Mistress Cara named  me, and the first time she called me Christina. I do remember all the details of that first shopping trip. Having to do the shopping wearing no underwear at all. Arriving 5 minutes early and waiting in my car and then approaching the house as the clock ticked towards 11am. Carrying the bags of shopping when Mistress Cara opened the door and I was simply blown away. Nothing prepared me at all for how beautiful Mistress Cara is, and I say this after I had studied the countless pictures of Mistress Cara on Collarme and FetLife. The pictures really did Mistress no justice and I stood transfixed by her beauty. I remember the first thing that Mistress asked me to do was to prove that I was naked underneath my clothes and I had to drop my pants and stand in her hallway while she laughed at me.

So this is how it all began. A contact in August 2009, a first meeting going shopping. And the more it continued the better it got. I remember the tasks I was given and how they made me feel. “Describe giving the perfect blowjob”. It sounds so easy, but actually proved so difficult. The complexity of Mistress Cara is that you never know if it is simply a task to amuse, or if the task will become a reality. And you never ask questions in case it does become a reality. As a slave you feel very open and exposed serving Mistress Cara, but at the same time completely secure and safe.

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I remember shopping trips and members of the public laughing at me as they notice the red bra straps under my white shirt, I remember kissing Mistress feet, licking her red boots, Mistress Cara pinging my bra straps to amuse herself and even the humiliation of edging in front of her, and then licking my own pre cum from her riding crop.

I remember slaps to the face, kicks to my penis (or clit) as I should refer to it, and cracks of her hands and riding crop across my backside.

But more than this I remember the long chats by text, by Yahoo Messenger, by telephone. I remember sitting having coffee and talking about work, family, hopes and dreams. Putting the world to rights and general discussions on the future.

Mistress Cara is a perfect Mistress. But Mistress Cara is also an intelligent person who exists outside of BDSM though the two worlds inter link and promote one another.

Submitting to a Mistress like Mistress Cara requires few rules but they are often the hardest. Mistress Cara requires complete honesty. Don’t lie, don’t create excuses, don’t try to absolve yourself. If you are asked to do something then you have a choice. You do it and please Mistress, or you don’t and you face the consequences. But don’t make matters worse by lying about it. Mistress Cara will see straight through that.

I did not always treat Mistress Cara with the respect she deserved. I complained a lot, and also whined a lot. I was selfish in my needs and not observant enough of Mistress Cara needs and desires. I was not always truthful and the result of this was fateful. There was no shouting, no long discussion, just a simple dismissal. It was over.

That in itself was the hardest thing to take. It was bad enough thinking that I was now unowned. That I could not serve. That I could not see Mistress Cara, nor talk to her. But the worst part of everything that has haunted me day to day was the fact that I abused the trust and honesty shown in me, and hurt a lady that did not deserve it, and one that had simply asked me to be honest. The betrayal I felt cut far deeper than any crop or cane could do.

I have carried those feelings around for  many years. And some 7 years later after constantly following Mistress Cara on FetLife, and trying to keep updated on her life I made contact. I will not bore you with the details, but will say I have a second chance.

I have had conversations with Mistress Cara. I have started to serve again and will see how it goes. But most of all I have a second chance to fulfil what I have always wanted to do. To serve Mistress Cara and to enhance her life and make her happy.

Lots of people say they can serve, but I truly know what it is like to fulfil pure service. To meet a Mistress who is beautiful, intelligent, has a fabulous personality and a Mistress who I can’t stop thinking about and who I would do anything to please.

I will always be honest Mistress Cara and always do what I can to make your life better and you happy.

I have learnt from my mistakes and know what it is to truly give of myself and serve. Submitting to a Mistress like Mistress Cara is all that I want.

Roll on the future.

– slave christina


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