Slipping into the world of Nuru Massage

Slipping into the world of Nuru Massage

I have been a huge fan of erotic massage ever since I encountered my first body to body massage a few years ago. My willingness to try new things unknowingly opened a whole new playground of sexual pleasure into my life. It’s a combination of total sensory relaxation, coupled with the up-close skin to skin sensation that induces some of the most wildly intense orgasms I have ever managed to achieve.

Slipping into the world of Nuru Massage

It’s not just me that has discovered and has subsequently become addicted to, nude sensual massage. Office executives sneak off on their lunch break to be pampered and de-stressed by beautiful masseuses around London. International visitors here on business, arrange hotel visits by professional body to body goddesses at a moment’s notice.

The Erotic Massage Menu Diversifies

With this ever growing sensual massage trend comes a wonderful variety of erotic massage types. From modern body to body massage through to authentic tantric massage the list is quite extensive. As our sexual requirements change and new trends arise, it seems there’s another adult massage type surfacing to meet the needs of men, women and couples alike.

One of the most popular and most authentic, is the Japanese art of Nuru massage. An ancient art of slippery massage that has been performed for a century, is now the hot trend for those seeking the ultimate relaxation and release. As with most nude massage types, it involves bringing you to the edge of climax, and keeping you there until the very end.

Understanding More About Nuru Massage

Considered a respectable art form in Asia, the term nuru derives from the natural seaweed based gel used during the massage session. Warm water is added to the gel concentrate in a wooden bowl which creates the wonderfully slippery nuru gel. Not only is the gel is natural and organic, but also really great for the overall health of your skin.

Now here comes the interesting part. Once the warm gel has been created to the correct consistency, the masseuse proceeds to pour the warm gel over her nude body. It is quite a sight and not one you will forget in a hurry. Now that her body is fully lubricated the fun is about to begin!

Nuru Massage is traditionally performed on an inflatable air mattress however may also be provided on a waterproof sheet on the bed. I have tried both and either one is spectacularly suitable in my opinion. It’s also usually done in candle light along with soft relaxing music to set a really ambient scene.

Reaching a Very Happy Ending

Using a multitude of different body to body massage techniques and deliciously covered in warm nuru gel, the masseuse slips and slides her body over yours, relaxing your muscles and relieving your tensions. With every wave of her body that approaches, you begin to unwind as her rhythm starts to build up your sensual energy.

Finally, as the massage comes towards an end, you start to reach the peak of your erotic boundary. The strokes of her body against yours become faster until you achieve the ultimate mind and body climax. Here is where I find my sensual peace and clarity. Laying there with my body trembling at every inch, I am totally complete and content.

My Sexy Massage Addiction Continues

There’s something about the Japanese sensual arts that I have always been intrigued and impressed by. The Japanese refreshingly accept that sensual services are a professional necessity in society much like we regard a massage at the spa. Maybe it’s also the contrast of their exacting and disciplined culture against their open sexual practices that makes it all feel so taboo for me.

Whatever it is, I find myself booking a mind blowing nuru massage from a tantric goddess at least once a month now. It’s a secret little hobby that makes me a very happy bunny indeed. As a single girl, my little massage addiction serves to satisfy my sexual needs without the need for a relationship or meaningless dating app sex disasters.

So for those who have yet to engage in erotic massage I would definitely recommend it. Whether you try tantric massage or nuru massage I know you are going to achieve many an uncontrollable explosive climax that will leave your knees trembling for hours after. Try the craze that’s taking London by storm but be warned… sensual massage is extremely addictive.

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