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Best Erotic Journalist 2016

ETO Awards 2016

So I just found out this morning that I’ve been short-listed for the Best Erotic Journalist Award in the ETO Awards 2016 and I am so very grateful and excited! Thanks to everyone who has voted for me so far – I would be ecstatic if you would consider just pushing my button one more time and voting me as your Best Erotic Journalist 2016.

eto awards nominee 2016 has grown from being a small sex blog back in the day to a fully rounded, widely read and respected outlet for the latest adult industry news, product reviews, opinion pieces and sexuality articles. I’m swiftly approaching 2 million views at the site. I work long hours every single day on high quality content which is relevant to my readers and the adult industry, with open-minded, sex-positive and completely inclusive articles designed to challenge stereotypical attitudes and bust apart common myths. I also write for other websites and publications in the adult industry. In addition to my own articles and opinion pieces, I have enrolled some regular guest columnists at the site in order to present to my readers some other perspectives than just my own all the time. These highly respected writers and educators from the adult sphere include Jon Pressick, Hella Rude, Cameryn Moore, Zak Jane Keir, Cheryl Kaye and Mel MacFarlane. There are also regular offerings from various other guest contributors.

Another way in which CaraSutra has grown as a sexuality magazine over the past year is the hugely successful Pleasure Panel project. It became physically impossible for me to meet the product reviewing needs of the industry on my own, so the logical next step was to turn to the community I have built over the years. This is the community who chat at the CaraSutra forum – another project I manage on the website. The Pleasure Panel is an impressive reviewing force; this ever-growing community comprises not only of reviewers who already have their own established review blogs but also of people who might not get the chance to review products otherwise. People who would love to review adult toys but don’t have their own blog. Men and women who can give their unique perspectives and opinions on any product sold in adult retail – from a packet of condoms or a small bottle of lube all the way up to the latest and greatest luxury massagers and pleasure products.

To give some indication of the impressive reviewing work by the Pleasure Panel team: The Pleasure Panel project began last August. To date, there are now as many Pleasure Panel reviews live on site here at as there are reviews I myself have written and published. I’ve written over 500 product reviews myself. That means over 500 reviews by the Pleasure Panel team – in less than a year.

There are 1,027 adult product reviews at CaraSutra in total.

Vote in the ETO Awards 2014

I realise that the category for Best Erotic Journalist is a tough one, with absolutely outstanding writers alongside me in the running (huge congrats to bestie Mel MacFarlane of Voluptasse!).

I would be absolutely honoured if you’d consider voting for me again this year.

You do need to be signed up with the ETO website in order to vote, it’s for the adult industry. You can sign up if you’re a blogger, reviewer, erotic writer or other form of adult trade.

Thanks so much once again,



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