Confessions of a Sex Toy Tester: Revealing Sex Toys Secrets

Confessions of a Sex Toy Tester: Revealing Sex Toys Secrets

By Cara Sutra

Earlier this year I was asked some questions by a national glossy about my life as a sex toy tester. Since my personal story of testing sex toys went viral a couple of years ago, it seems the press can’t learn enough about this fascinating job (as well as obsessing over how much money one could make from it). As only a small amount of what I had to say in response to the initial questions made it to the final printed piece, I’ve decided to share my other answers with you here.

Oh, and don’t believe everything you read in the press. I don’t make money from testing sex toys, in fact my reviews are free of any charge for the product contributing companies. My income is from site advertisers and copywriting, promotion and consultancy clients, as well as a small amount from affiliate commissions through referred sales. I guess ‘sex toy tester’ is a more attention-grabbing job for the press than ‘adult industry marketer and copywriter’. 😉


In your opinion, what are the five best sex toys – and why?

It’s always difficult to name ‘best’ sex toys, as everyone’s different and will like different shapes, vibration strengths, types of stimulation and so on. The top 5 best sex toys for my own personal pleasure have to be:

Doxy Massager (Magic Wand Vibrator)

Why? Because it’s the most powerful plug-in magic wand vibrator I’ve ever owned or tried. I used to have a Hitachi but the Doxy blows it out of the water (psa: don’t stick your plug-in wand vibrator in water). It’s simply amazing. So good in fact that I have three of them – two originals in Black and one super-shiny Die Cast version.

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LELO Ina Wave - cs- 800-10

Why? It’s strange because I used to absolutely hate rabbit vibrators… and I have always found G-Spot stim difficult to enjoy or orgasm from. However, the LELO INA Wave combines top vibration technology – powerful deep vibes and the ‘come hither’ wave motion – with smooth silicone, a curved shaft and comfortably rounded clit stim. It’s my go-to rabbit vibrator and I can easily attain a G-Spot orgasm with it.

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L’Amourose ROSA G-Spot Vibrator

Lamourose rosa emerald vibrator review - cara sutra review-21

Why? This is meant to be a G-Spot vibrator but the vibrations are so rumbly and powerful that I can orgasm with it clitorally. And I mean orgasm easily. The design of the ROSA is gorgeous, with a faceted base and a charging dock, and the curve of that silicone shaft feels delicious when I do use it internally.

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We Vibe Tango Bullet Vibrator

New We Vibe Tango powerful bullet vibrator review

Why? This unassuming looking vibe delivers incredibly powerful and rumbly vibrations (none of that high pitched, high frequency buzzy rubbish you can get with cheaper sex toys). The We Vibe Tango can be used by myself for quick clitoral orgasms, or to stimulate areas of my or a partner’s body during foreplay, or slipped between us for clitoral stimulation during sex. It’s waterproof and rechargeable… quite possibly the best bullet vibrator ever.

Click to read my We Vibe Tango Bullet Vibrator review.

Ann Summers Moregasm G Spot Vibrator 

Ann Summers Moregasm G-Spot Vibrator Review Cara Sutra Hella Rude 2

Why? Ann Summers say that the Moregasm G Spot Vibrator delivers “powerful, low-frequency waves of vibrations deep into your body” and that these vibrations “travel further to reach over 15,000 nerve endings – TWICE as many as any other vibe on the market”. It certainly feels that way. I don’t personally use this vibrator for G-Spot orgasms, I use it for clitoral orgasms. Sadly this original Moregasm G-Spot Vibrator is discontinued, but you can find the brand new Morgasm Move collection of sex toys here.

What is the best couples sex toy?

we vibe 3 we vibe 4 and we vibe thrill comparison pictures reviews

In my opinion (and that of millions worldwide) We Vibe is simply the best couples’ sex toy. It’s a C shaped vibrator, one end of which fits into her vagina during sex and the other end rests on her clitoris. The vibrations are felt by both him and her in M/F couples’ sex leading to a very exciting session. It feels amazing. The brand new We Vibe 4+ has both a wireless remote control AND a SmartPhone app – so now you can be on your mobile during sex for good reason…

What is the best sex toy for a g-spot orgasm?

For me it has to be the LELO INA Wave. The combination of powerful vibrations to both my G-Spot and clitoris along with the undulating and persistent ‘come hither’ wave motion tips me over every time. Several other reviewers also love LELO sex toys for G-Spot orgasms, top favourites being the LELO Mona 2 or the LELO Mona Wave.

LAmourose Prism VII Vibrator Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel Review-4

The L’Amourose ROSA and L’Amourose PRISM vibrators are also highly recommended.

What is the best sex toy for a clitoral orgasm?

The best sex toy for a clitoral orgasm for me has to be the Doxy Massager. If I’m in a place where I need to be a little more discreet (it’s pretty damn loud) then I use a bullet vibrator. Simple to operate, comfy to hold and gets me there quickly.

What is the best sex toy if you are new to sex toys?

Try a simple bullet vibrator, one with multiple functions if possible so you can experiment with different vibration speeds and settings to discover your tastes. A bullet vibe can also be used to stimulate other erogenous zones than homing straight in on the clitoris – although they shouldn’t ever be used anally as they can be drawn up into the body. You don’t want to make that trip to the emergency room.

RIANNE-S Classique Vibrator Review 1

A smooth silicone vibrator can get you used to vaginal stimulation with a vibrator, and if you discover you don’t like vibrations then you can simply use it while switched off, as a dildo.

Silicone is the better choice for sex toy material than cheaper jelly or PVC types, as silicone is non-porous and doesn’t contain phthalates or other toxic chemicals which can be found in its cheaper counterparts.

What is the best sex toy if you are an advanced sex toy user and looking to step things up? 

For something really different and advanced it has to be the Electrastim sex toys. Electrosex can seem scary to many but it’s really not; it’s simply a different way of stimulating nerve endings for pleasure. You’ll need to invest in a main stimulator kit, then you can buy add-ons like vibrators, anal toys and cock rings which plug-in to the main stimulator box.


Electrastim sex toys can be enjoyed by yourself or with a partner and sensations can range from erotic and arousing – during foreplay for instance – up to very kinky indeed, depending on whether you want to introduce a bit of roleplay or S&M into the scenario.

What is the best sex toy if you are on a budget – say, under £20?

There are some fantastic battery-operated bullet vibrators available such as the world renowned Rocks Off RO-80 (£9.99, other colours/styles available). Vibrating cock rings start from under £4 and can even come with a removable bullet vibrator (like a rabbit cock ring) so you get two sex toys in one, perfect to include your partner in your sex toys fun.

Pocket Rocket Vibrators tend to offer quite deep vibrations for the price and can come with a choice of attachments so you can experience different sensations using it clitorally or on erogenous zones.

Are there any other sexy items that aren’t sex toys that you would very highly recommend?

I have a selection of favourite items which aren’t strictly sex toys but which are necessary parts of my ‘sexual pleasure’ collection.

The LUVVU Mirror 

mia more and cara sutra luvvu mirror photo sexpo uk 2015

A sex mirror which is lightweight, double sided (as in, one side normal the other side red tinted), looks classy and is easily put up and then stored after use. Using it feels exhilaratingly sexy and kinky.

Sheets of San Francisco 100% fluidproof sheets

Sheets of San Francisco Sample Sheet with Give Lube-2

Absolute must for sexy fun. These sheets can be spread out on the bed (or wherever you are) and absolutely no lube, liquid, sex mess etc penetrates the material. I can get as messy as I/we like and then just gather up the sheet after play and run through the washing machine.

Give Lube

general give lube products

Lubricant is so underestimated as a sexual pleasure accessory but it adds so much fun and sensation. My favourite is Give Lube Aqua Gel (water based) and Give Lube Silicone+. They’re always by my bedside ready for action.

Fantasy by Cara Sutra Beginner’s Bondage Kit


Bit of a cheeky addition I know, but… my own bondage kit is an 8 piece beginner’s selection of kinky items. If you’re looking to step up sexy play into some roleplay fun then this has everything you need to get started.  It’s available in a choice of black or red and comes with a comprehensive guide for absolute bondage beginners.

How many sex toys have you reviewed?

There are now well over 1000 sex toy reviews at my blog, 540 of which are my own and the rest by the awesomely talented Pleasure Panel (a community of guest reviewers at CaraSutra). Many years ago near the start of my sex blogging journey I reviewed over 100 products at Lovehoney, the popular online sex shop.

Lovehoney sex toys

How many sex toys do you own?

I own in excess of 2000 sex toys – I own more than I’ve reviewed because I used to work for a sex toy shopping company in the UK so was lucky enough to receive plenty of samples. I have also been sent full collections of sex toys as part of design and consultancy work in the sex toys business. Sadly I haven’t had time to review all of them just yet.

being a mother and a sex toy tester pic

How did you get started in the sex toys industry?

I had left an office job due to becoming a mother and otherwise facing horrendous childcare costs. A friend who worked hosting sex toy parties told me about an online sex toys forum she was a part of, at Lovehoney. I’d already started a personal blog but after I joined the Lovehoney forums in 2008 I became more interested in blogging about sex toys.

As my blogging became more noticed by the sex toy industry I was offered various roles. While I continued my sex blogging on the side I worked for Sex Toys UK, then Simply Pleasure in full time positions.

Eventually my own CaraSutra brand was strong enough to support me as I became a totally independent freelancer for the adult industry. I’m very privileged to be able to work in such an enjoyable industry, and honoured to have won ETO Magazine’s Best Erotic Journalist Award for the past three years.

What do you most love about working with sex toys?

What is there not to love? I work on a day to day basis with products which are designed to give pleasure. Whether it’s the obvious fun part of using the products, or then documenting my experiences here at my blog, to helping sex toy companies develop and market their new sex toys, every day is such fun and a genuine pleasure.


Sure, the fantasy of a sex toys tester getting to stay in bed 24/7 having orgasms all day might be far removed from the reality (there is actual work to be done in the office too; sorry folks), but I do appreciate how lucky I am to work in such a fascinating and positive industry.



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  1. The doxy is a huge fave of mine, too. I got it in white 🙂 the electrastim toys are awesome and something I am glad I invested in.

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