Do You Need To Use A Condom For Oral Sex?

Do You Need To Use A Condom For Oral Sex?

get condoms from Freedoms Shop UK - condom for oral sexCondoms are just for penis in vagina sex, or anal sex between guys, right? You don’t need to use a condom for oral sex and blow jobs, right?

Wrong. Myths like these abound in the world of sexuality, showing a lack of awareness that the voices advocating adult sex education hope to rectify.

If you’re in the dark about the sexual health of your chosen sex partner – whether for vaginal or anal intercourse, or oral sex and blow jobs – then you need to ensure safe sex with a barrier method of protection: condoms.

What if you’re on the contraceptive Pill or have a contraceptive implant? While it’s great that you’re taking responsibility in this way, the Pill and the contraceptive implant only prevent unwanted pregnancy – not sexually transmitted infections.

Gonorrhoea, chlamydia and herpes are just three STIs which can be passed on during oral sex and blow jobs if you don’t use a condom. When giving oral sex pleasure to someone with a vulva/vagina, use dental dams instead of condoms – yes, there’s a barrier method of sexual protection for any gender/anatomy.

While the ideal situation would be for everyone indulging in sexual activity together to have an up to date sexual check history and communicate this openly and honestly, it’s probably not realistic to expect this in every case.

Hey: quickies happen, and most people’s idea of foreplay doesn’t involve a quick survey about the last time they were checked for STIs at the local sex clinic. Condoms and dental dams are essential parts of your ‘quickie nookie’ toolkit. Even more essential than a cheese-free chat up line.

When considering taking a relationship with another person to a sexually active level – and yes, that means oral sex and anal sex as well as penis in vagina sex –  then it’s the responsibility of both partners to have been STI checked recently and to reassure your partner of your clear status (or otherwise). If you find it difficult to get to a clinic – or you’re shy – there are home sexual health testing kits available to purchase discreetly online.

Don’t fall prey to sex myths – you definitely DO need to use a condom for oral sex and blow jobs, or dental dams for oral sex with someone with a vulva/vagina. STIs can be transmitted in more ways than unwanted pregnancy can, so make sure you’re always completely protected while you’re enjoying sexy times.

Sexual Health Charities and Services

If you’d like to find out more about STIs, sexual health or locate services near you, then Brook is a sexual health charity especially for the under 25s. There’s an Ask Brook 24/7 tool as well as plenty of information on services throughout the UK.  The NHS also has a wealth of information about sexual health, including what to do in a crisis and lists of the common symptoms of STIs, as does the FPA (a sexual health charity & service provider).





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