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How to Write Menage Erotica

More is more, right? I’m definitely not a minimalist as the state of my living room would attest to but I’m also not minimal in my writing world either. Anyone who knows me will clarify how very good I am at waffling. So in stories it just makes sense that I’m going to write about more than just a one on one love story every now and then. Welcome to the wonderful world of menage erotica; threesomes, foursomes and as- many-as-you-can-manage-somes.

How to write menage erotica by Victoria Blisse

Writing menage erotica can certainly be a daunting prospect. It can be difficult enough to keep track of everything in a sex scene featuring just two people, add in extra bits and pieces and the challenge rises. Now don’t panic, here are a few simple pieces of advice to help you manage your menage!

Pronoun Pandemonium

In writing, as in life there needs to be balance. If you’ve ever read a story where a name is never mentioned bar he or she you will know how much of a headache it can be keeping the characters straight in your mind. Also there’s something particularly annoying (and repetitive) about using a character’s name at every single reference to them. Balancing the two is the key to success.

However, that isn’t so simple when you have three or more characters. Two of them at least are going to share a pronoun and if all your sexy bods are blokes or they’re all lasses it gets even more difficult. Which one is he again? Who’s groping whose boob? I’m lost. So how do you balance out your hes and shes?

Well, of course you can use your character names but as explained already you can only do that so many times before it becomes repetitive. What I suggest is to use physical markers to differentiate between your threesome friends. You can talk about the Blonde stroking the curves of her brunette lover as she nibbles the neck of girl with the owl tattoo on her chest. Picking out these physical characteristics will give your reader more ways to identify the bodies in the writhing mass of sexual pleasure.

What if you have identical twins or several identical clones? Well, you had to be awkward didn’t you? You could have birth marks in different places, scars that one twin has but not the other, maybe one of them has dyed their hair to be different.  If physical markers aren’t going to be of any help then differentiate them in the way they move or speak. You could give one a deeper voice or they might just have a tinge of an accent that the other doesn’t.

And if all else fails make sure one is wearing an item of jewellery. A ring or a necklace that isn’t taken off in the process of getting naked will help identify that twin. Every person is unique, even in a short story this needs to be made apparent. You really need to know your characters to highlight their differences. Make sure you have decided these things in advance of your menage erotica sex scene and it will make writing it a whole lot easier.

Remembering your Members

We’re writing about sex so one thing is going to regularly come up and that can be an issue. I don’t mean literally, my guys have no problem getting their erections it’s finding enough names and euphemisms for the penis which takes all the hard work.  I am a fan of cock. Now, now, don’t titter, I mean I like the feel of it in my mouth…oh geez, I’m fighting a losing battle here aren’t I?  What I actually mean is that cock is my default word for the male member but when I’m writing a scene with two men in it and two cocks (or even more!) I need to find some other descriptors or people are going to get fed up of my cocks.

So I suck it up and use all kinds of names I don’t like as much. Dick, member, prick, penis all get a mention. I have yet to call it a sausage sword or a tallywacker, funnily enough those particular euphemisms don’t seem to fit. It’s a difficult juggling act to pick out labels that people aren’t going to find offensive.

It’s okay to have some repetition that is definitely preferable to pulling out a strained and silly euphemism. Here’s where one of my favourite tips comes in handy again. Read your scene out loud. If a word like ‘cock’ sticks out at you it’s probably because it’s used too much. Oo-er, missus.

The same issue can arise for female genitalia. It’s definitely worth thinking of a few alternatives to pussy for example and you’re likely to need to describe the clit in a few different ways too. A note of caution: some readers love cunt others find it incredibly offensive. I personally have no problem with it and use it fairly regularly in my work but it is a word I tend to use with caution. Except in The Point, where I use it in the opening sentence. Start as you mean to go on, eh?

Fair share

It can be quite difficult to keep a menage scene to just that. This isn’t always a bad thing. Morphing from a threesome to a couple being watched by a voyeuristic other can work really well for example. Also sometimes natural pairing off can work to further your story. Is it obvious two of your characters have a unique chemistry? How will their story continue, will their relationship change and become more exclusive?

Marketing a book as menage erotica can be tricky. I have a particularly scathing review of my threesome tale Vanilla with Extra Nuts because it’s not an equal relationship between the three characters. Be careful that you explain the nature of your multiple sex scene in your blurb so that those looking for truly polyamorous fiction can skip any stories that don’t quite fit that bill.

Don’t be put off writing about a sexy threesome because of this though; variety is the spice of life and also the spice of fiction. Just be careful how you label your story. If it’s a love story between two characters that just happen to enjoy the odd threesome then be sure to make that known.

If the threesome goes wrong and isn’t a positive in your story then I wouldn’t list menage erotica as a category for your book as people looking for threesome and moresome stories are not going to be very pleased by yours if it’s more of a tale of woe than woo hoo.

One more note on fair shares, when you’re writing your scene be certain to involve all the characters in it. It can be easy to lose track of one if there’s a lot of people in the mix. You don’t want your reader to be wondering what happened to Carl when they’re meant to be focusing on the sexy action. If Carl isn’t central to the scene, make sure he’s active in some way be it stroking an arm, kissing a neck or watching and taking care of his own needs. If you start a scene with multiple people you need to make sure they all get used throughout that scene.

Maybe Carl is all sexed out, he’s come and he’s getting his breath back. That’s fine as long as you explain that and don’t just make him disappear. Unless you’re writing something dark and poor old Carl has been whisked away as part of your story arc then let the reader wonder where he’s gone, it will build tension for you.

I’m not a natural planner when I write but I think it’s critical to have an idea of what is happening and where a scene is going when you have more than two bodies to keep track off. You need to make sure the scene adds to the flow of your menage erotica story not take away from it.

Locking Limbs

Phantom limbs are the bane of an erotica writer’s life. I’m picked up more often than I’d like to admit for independent body parts in my edits. So that’s hands that stroke seemingly of their own accord and that kind of thing and then there are disappearing legs and positions that just don’t seem to make sense.

Keeping track of body parts is difficult enough when you just have two people to deal with, it gets increasingly more difficult the more people who get involved. Make sure every hand, foot, cock, nose or boob mentioned has a person attached to it. Nothing is going to freak a reader out more than a spare limb floating about the scene. As with everything, there’s an exception to the rule. If you want a floating penis in your story then emphasise it or maybe a lone arm left on a pillow would work for an erotic horror. If it has a purpose then keep it. If it doesn’t, get rid.

I am very often caught in strange positions by my husband. I will be sat at my laptop with my arms looped together, my head tipped at a strange angle or my leg stuck out to the side. He no longer asks what I’m doing because he knows I’ll be trying out a position for a scene in a story. Sometimes physically attempting the position helps you to see how to describe it on paper. Also, when there are so many other people involved you can work out who can fit in where.  Please take care and if the position is particularly athletic, warm up first. I don’t want to be blamed for any cricked necks or slipped disks!

Be sure to think your menage sex scene through from start to finish. If one person moves will someone else have to shift position to accommodate them? Can that character fit there, can his body twist that direction, where will she put her hands or how can she balance? All these questions need answering for each character and each move within your orgy of delights.

Make notes, draw diagrams, even find some willing victims to act it out for you if needs be, just be sure to keep track of all body parts in your menage erotica and make sure that every action is achievable. That way you will have a well-rounded, believable menage erotica scene that will leave your readers wanting more.

Emotion not just action

Many of my tips today focus in on very practical points that are to do with not confusing the reader. These are extremely important of course but you could write the best, most ordered threesome scene and it could still fall flat if you don’t remember this final, crucial point.

Engage emotion. It’s incredibly easy to get so absorbed with describing the physical within your multiple partnered sex scene that you can forget to describe how it all feels and how the people are enjoying all the sexy goodness.

This is one of those occasions where showing not telling will make a difference. So here’s a sexy snippet from my naughty fun at the office novella, Temporary Insanity which hopefully illustrates what I mean.

Matt’s arm rubbed the inside of my thigh in a rhythmic movement, and Connor groaned and shifted his hips. When I realised that Matt was wanking Connor right there below me I experienced a strange combination of excitement and jealousy. I heard the crinkle of a condom packet being opened and realised that I needn’t have been jealous.

Moments later Connor reached down between us to run his fingers into my wet cleft. “Blimey,” he exclaimed, “you’re soaking fucking wet.”

“Let me see.” Matt parted my buttocks by placing a firm hand on each and pulling me apart. I gasped, feeling lewd and dirty but oh, so good. My buttocks stung, a delicious reminder of my earlier spanking. I was so ready for more, much, much more.

He watched as Connor plunged his fingers into me and slid them up to play with my clit. “She’s ready,” Matt whispered in awed tones. “You need to fuck her.”

My cheeks still spread, he pushed down on my arse and guided me onto the thick erection of his partner. I knew that Matt watched Connor fill me, and that excited me. A lot. I rocked my hips to massage the cock inside me and imagined what the view was like for Matt.

Hopefully now you feel more prepared to face that threesome, foursome or even-moresome! Enjoy getting kinky with your multiplication.




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