Why you need to be a part of BlogSpot at the ETO Show 2016

BlogSpot at the ETO Show 2016

new: find out what’s happening at BlogSpot 2016 here

What is BlogSpot at the ETO Show?

BlogSpot the area devoted to sex bloggers and sex toy testers at the UK’s annual premier adult industry trade show (the ETO Show in association with ETO Magazine). The first BlogSpot was at the ETO Show 2015.

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hella rude at eto blogspot 2015BlogSpot is the area at the ETO Show where:

– Sex bloggers and sex toy testers can meet each other, chat & relax with drinks and snacks, pick up an overflowing exclusive goody bag, enter the Grand Prize Draw, find out more about & chat to the businesses in the industry

– Adult industry businesses can meet sex bloggers and product testers, find out about their work, why sex blogging is a vital and valuable part of our industry and network for future mutually beneficial projects together.

Who can take advantage of the advertising opportunities at BlogSpot at the ETO Show?

Anyone who is a part of the adult industry, whether you’re physically present at the show or not. Adult industry businesses, sex toy distributors, retailers, service providers, as well as erotic authors and sex bloggers looking to further their brand and business.

Who are the people behind BlogSpot at the ETO Show?

The BlogSpot 2016 team comprises of Mel MacFarlane of Voluptasse, Cheryl Kaye from HornyGeekGirl and myself. I won’t be physically at the ETO Show myself this year but I am managing all the behind the scenes and pre-show plans for BlogSpot 2016.

Why should you get involved with BlogSpot at the ETO Show?

The cost really is minimal for your business – whether you’re a large business, an erotic author or fellow sex blogger/product reviewer who wants to advertise at BlogSpot.

As well as advertising on the pull-up banners, through the goody bags or business cards/flyers on the tables, you will benefit from heavy online promotion when you’re part of the BlogSpot project, with tweets including your handle, links on pre-show and post-show write-ups and potential for further mentions in the industry press.


How can you get involved and support BlogSpot at the ETO Show 2016?

There are three main ways the BlogSpot team are asking you to get involved, for mutual business benefits and to make BlogSpot an even bigger success for all involved than last year.

  1. Advertise on the BlogSpot pull-up banners
  2. Donate to the x50 ‘Strictly For Bloggers’ Goody Bags
  3. Donate something dazzling to the BlogSpot Grand Prize Draw

More details:

the blogspot roller bannersPull-up banner adverts

There will be two pull-up banners at the BlogSpot area for the duration of the show, seen by visitors. Prices to advertise on these banners are very reasonable, and as follows:

Small Column Ad – bottom of banners (400px x 600px) £30

Medium Banner Ad – Half Row  – semi prominent position (1024px x 600px) £45

Large Banner Ad – Full Row – most prominent position (2048px x 600px) £80

All payable by bank transfer.

Some adverts have already been sold since the initial email yesterday, so please be quick if you want to feature! Photos of these pull-up banners will also be shared on the BlogSpot team’s social media and in ETO Show write-ups.

x50 Blogger Goody Bags

Just like last year, we are putting together 50 goody bags which are strictly for bloggers, writers and product reviewers who visit the BlogSpot area. These are a fantastic way to get your brand and products known in a happy, positive environment.

eto show and awards 2015-800px-Cara Sutra report-29We will accept any of the following:

Products – new, samples, discontinued items, anything from small bits and bobs like lubes, condoms, cock rings to butt plugs, dildos, vibrators, lingerie, bondage pieces

Merchandise – your branded pens, badges, stickers, mirrors, key rings, candles, notepads, postcards, lighters… any merch!

Vouchers with discounts or other offers printed on

Business cards – Don’t forget to send as big a bundle of business cards as you can. We’ll drop one in each bag for you. Any excess will be places on the BlogSpot tables for visitors to take away, and any excess after the show will be forwarded to CaraSutra to place into Pleasure Panel packages.

Prizes-Cara_Sutra-600-9Grand Prize Draw donations

Can we beat the £1000 prize total from last year? I hope so… It’s all down to you lovely sponsors. Last year there was champagne, We Vibe and LELO sex toys, other designer vibrators, lingerie, erotic books, an entire range of cock rings, lubes, condoms, bondage kit, strap on harness, luxury dildos, DVDs and loads more.

This is an opportunity to get your flagship products or something flashy from your range on the main BlogSpot grand prize table, in hundreds of BlogSpot tweets by myself and the team, your social media account tagged, your website linked to on the excitement building post… Your products and brand seen on the BlogSpot grand prize bundle photographs.

How will BlogSpot at the ETO Show be promoted online?

I will be writing a pre-BlogSpot post at CaraSutra with links to all sponsors (see last year’s writeup)

I’ll be tweeting about all sponsors, tweets which will include your Twitter handle & #BlogSpot

I will write a follow-up piece about BlogSpot after the ETO Show (see last year’s BlogSpot writeup and ETO Show writeup) which will include all sponsor’s website names and links (permanent follow links)

There will be similar online promotion of BlogSpot at the ETO Show sponsors from the other members of the BlogSpot 2016 team, Mel MacFarlane (Twitter) and Cheryl Kaye (Twitter).

NEW: Read this post to find out the updated plans for BlogSpot 2016, who this year’s sponsors are (spaces still available) and what you could win!

I am sure you’ll agree that BlogSpot at the ETO Show is something to be part of. Together we can make BlogSpot 2016 even bigger, busier and more mutually beneficial than last time.

Please get in touch as soon as possible to book your BlogSpot pull-up banner ad spaces and for other details. I look forward to hearing how your business is going to be involved!



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