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The Brunette Reviews

This week’s blogger in the spotlight is The Brunette Reviews, known to others in the sex toy reviews community and in the Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel as Kittycat102. Find out more about this sex blogger in her feature below.


The Brunette Reviews

The Brunette And The Sex Toy 2

A little bit about me: I’m a brunette female who resides in a semi-detached house in a little town near the coast of England. I’m in my early 20s and I live with my two amazing grandparents and a very boisterous one year old cocker spaniel. As a child I was extremely shy and quiet, so much so that I could barely talk or look anyone in the eyes. But as time went on, and I got into my mid teens, I became more outgoing and sure of myself. I feel as if that since last year when I started using sex toys for the first time, I’ve become more body confident and learned a lot about myself. Some people say they’re just sex toys but to me they’ve helped me a lot and I feel less insecure about myself nowadays because of that.

What’s strange is that when I was a teenager, I used to think of a sex toys as ‘creepy’ and for lonely people who couldn’t get sex with a person. Yes, I was pretty ignorant and had a lot of teenage angst at the time, as so many of us did. I guess it didn’t help that the first time I had sex, it was one of the worst experiences of my life, so I did become very close minded. But now, I’ve grown up a lot, become so much more open minded, I’ve found out my likes and dislikes and certain preferences to toys and sex in general and I now have an ever growing collection of toys.


The Brunette And The Sex ToyWhat’s your blog name/online handle and how did you come up with the idea?

Well, it’s not really an interesting story but I came up with The Brunette Reviews because I’m dark haired and I review sex toys. Told ya it wasn’t creative. But I did have an old blog in the past that I never kept up with, and it was called ‘The Juice is always worth the Squeeze’. Yeah, I had The Girl Next Door scenes in my head that day and I thought it was a good name at the time.

Which country do you live in?


Approximately how long have you been blogging?

About a week or so. It’s not long, I know. But I have experience in testing and reviewing products anyway and I decided I wanted to have my own blog, one that I’ll stick to this time.

Why did you start a sex blog or reviewing toys?

I kind of realised it’s something I really enjoyed doing for Lovehoney in the beginning when I was just writing reviews for their site on various toys and products. It’s become a real life hobby and from all the many boring brown boxes under my bed, I knew that I should take it to the next level in the form of a blog.

What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

Well, being expressive as I want to be is the best thing. I can say anything I want really and writing things for a site is different than on my own blog. I feel more restricted in a sense and like I can’t go all the way with my personality in my reviews so having my own blog lets me do that. I’m all about freedom in any way.

Do you use social media? If so, where can we find you?

You can find me on Twitter!

Will you still be blogging in 5 years?

Hmm.. I think if nothing really serious comes up that makes me prioritise other things, then yes I most likely will be.

If not already a professional blog: would you say you’re looking to earn a living from blogging eventually, or will it remain a hobby? 

I think I’m just going to be open-minded when it comes to earning a living from blogging. It would be great if that ever happened, but I also don’t mind it being a hobby. I enjoy sex toys/adult products and informing people of my experiences with them, money isn’t something I care about when it comes to something like this.

Tell us about three other bloggers you admire, and why:

This is a really tough one to answer as there are so many bloggers out there who are completely amazing and very talented, but I guess if I only had to choose three..

My first choice would be The Big Gay Review. I think as a gay male, it must have been hard to rise in the sex blogging world as a lot of the bloggers are female, or at least that’s what I’ve noticed, and being male and also gay sounds challenging if a lot of females are reading your content. He’s extremely talented and informative and he’s helped me become more confident about anal sex/anal play so hats off to Thebiggayreview!

My second choice would be Naughty Corner. She’s a lovely woman and her reviews are nice and informative, plus she’s very helpful with anything I had questions about towards blogging and she’s made me feel very confident in my writing, something I feel quite insecure about. I also think we’re quite similar in the sense that we’ve come quite far from feeling like something is missing, to feeling fulfilled and I applaud her for being brave and talking about herself and her opinions on her blog.

My third choice would be Cara Sutra. I know, it seems ironic to say that since I’ve submitted this for her blog but she has helped me so much. She always has so many interesting and helpful posts that make me feel more knowledgeable about sex and just life in general. I think she’s also one of the smartest women I haven’t met in person, not only that, she has a wonderful personality and she’s always there to lend her stellar advice.

If you review sex toys, what are the top three toys you wish you could get your hands on next?

There’s so many toys I want to get my hands on next but since I can only choose three..

First choice would be a Bad Dragon dildo. I love the weird and wonderful, and this is where Bad Dragon makes me swoon. I would love my own fantasy themed custom dildo, they’re amazing and so many people rave about their products.

Second choice would be something from Tantus as I’ve never tried anything from that brand yet. Preferably either the Tantus Vamp or the Tantus Luke 02.

Third choice would be the Vixen Outlaw VixSkin. I love the VixSkin range and I have two already but the Outlaw is a toy I seriously want my hands on, being the slight size queen that I am.

Who is your favourite adult shopping company, and why?

Lovehoney, without a doubt. They offer so much to their customers. Advice on choosing the right toy in any category, 365 day returns even when you’ve used the toy/product and even if you plainly just don’t like it, around the clock customer care which is in the form of live chat, as well as email, so you’re actually talking to a real person and not a robot. There’s also a thriving forum on any topic you can think of, with members that are more than willing to give you advice on anything you want to talk about. I can’t fault Lovehoney, they’re very reliable.

Thanks for the opportunity Cara, I really appreciate you helping out bloggers out there 🙂

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