Sex Games to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sex Games to Spice Up Your Sex Life

by Mel MacFarlane of Voluptasse

There’s nothing like the early days of a relationship, when you can’t keep your hands off each other. The flip of the stomach when you see that text and the sheer lust you feel when you spend any time alone together. Although the feelings are replaced by something much deeper later on it can be hard to rekindle that early excitement – particularly for couples on a budget.

One of the reasons that I am a huge advocate of sex games, is that games such as Fifty Days of Play take away the predictability of foreplay and add something a little different into the mix. For those who are still a little shy in the bedroom, sex games offer a really good solution in terms of spicing things up without having to be too forthcoming.

sex games to spice up your sex life by mel macfarlane

Other than standard board games, which are great fun, you can find and create other sex games with kinky dice, task cards and plenty of other saucy activities that you can do together.

Great sex games you can play at home

Sexy Ping Pong

This game is very similar to the American game Beer Pong, except it comes with a sexy twist. When playing this game, I recommend using mugs instead of paper or plastic cups as these have a much sturdier base and won’t tip over when the ball lands.

How to Play this Sex Game

Write out fifteen sexy tasks and place a task inside each cup. Set up the table like you would a snooker table, with the cups forming a triangular shape. Take turns with your partner to throw the ping pong ball into each mug and complete the task. If you’re struggling for ideas, think of your hottest fantasy and recreate it through sexy tasks.

Sexy Scavenger Hunt

This game takes a little bit of work, but the results are worth it. This is a great game for those who are a little shy as you can ask for the things you want in the bedroom, without having to say it aloud.

How to play this Sex Game

Throughout the day, text your partner with flirtatious text messages and let them know that a special treat awaits at home. Remember to cancel any visitors, and remind your partner to come home alone… the last thing you need is an uninvited guest (true story)!

Create a series of clues which lead to sexy items like your favourite sex toys, lubricants and foreplay aids. In some of the clues, add a task for your partner to complete, such as removing their clothes or pleasuring themselves. As time passes, your partner follows the clues until they reach you.

It’s up to you how you are found, you can be undressed or you can be ready to take charge. One things for sure, your partner will be horny as hell when they finally get there.

Stop, Start, Stop, Start

This game gets you touching each other in a different way and helps to experiment with different speeds and sensations during foreplay. For this game you will need a timer.

How to play this Sex Game

This sex game is about lasting as long as you possibly can before orgasm. Position yourself in front of your partner and apply a generous amount of lubricant to your fingers. The aim of this game is use your hands to masturbate your partner for thirty seconds very slowly and for the thirty seconds very quickly. Keep alternating between speeds, using the timer to guide you.

Feel free to tempt your lover using kisses and talking dirty. Keep the game going using the timer, until one of you explodes with pleasure.

The winner gets a sexy treat.

Sexy Guessing Game

By removing the sense of sight with a blindfold, the other senses such as smell, touch, taste and sound are heightened. This game plays on the senses and encourages players to experiment with different sensations.

How to play this Sex Game

Set the room up by having everything close to hand, but without letting your partner see the props. Blindfold your partner and ask them to lie on the bed. Using props such as a feather tickler, leather belt, massage candles, ice cream and anything (safe!) which catches your imagination, ask your lover to guess what it is as you play. If you partner guesses correctly, give them a little treat.

Anything But….

The aim of this game is to NOT have sex and believe me, it’s a lot harder than it sounds.

How to play this Sex Game

Using any means possible, tease, torment and thrill your lover without initiating sex. Your role is to tempt each other as much as possible to see who caves in first and begins to initiate sex. Be as wild, creative and exploratory as you like, just don’t lose!

The winner gets a special treat!


– Mel MacFarlane

About the writer: Mel MacFarlane is an experienced adult industry copywriter, product reviewer and business consultant. You can find her at her own leading sexuality magazine, Voluptasse.

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