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ll Beauty & Ecstasy Blog by Cody Kmoch

This week’s sex blogger in the spotlight is the spectacularly sexy Cody Kmoch, with her blog ll Beauty & Ecstasy. If you love lesbian sexy stories then you’ll love discovering Cody Kmoch’s erotica.

Pop the kettle on, read about Cody Kmoch below and then click through the links to find Cody’s sex blog and social links.

Thanks for stepping into the spotlight this week! Over to you, Cody.

– Cara

ll Beauty & Ecstasy Blog by Cody Kmoch

Cody Kmoch's ll - Beauty & Ecstasy Blog Sex Blogger Spotlight Series Cara Sutra

I blog at the ll Beauty & Ecstasy Blog.

I write original stories that move me. They are usually erotic, sometimes very much so, because I find eroticism moving. While I have only been publishing my work for a couple of years, these stories actually represent a lifetime of escapist fantasy that has only recently been allowed to spill out.

In my writing I try to represent a genuine strength of feeling, and this can sometimes mean I apparently get carried away with the surrealism or the metaphor. Sorry, not sorry. My writing is not for everyone, but for those who feel their feelings in a certain way; those whose own personal world can accommodate mine. That said, I do try to guide rather then overwhelm, and so allow my imaginings to be take their own unique form in the reader’s mind.

If I now sound pompous, I do apologise for that! I’m a bit of a nerd, really; a socially anxious quiet type with a secret sideline in erotica. But at the end of the day, I like writing stories, and some people like reading them, and I’m not going to be ashamed of that.

What’s your blog name/online handle and how did you come up with the idea?

So ‘ll’ originally stood for lesbian lust. My big secret when I was a teenager. I used to sketch pictures and write little stories, and label them with my secret tag, then delete or dispose of them hours or days later when I lost my nerve. I’ve never been in doubt over my sexuality; but I think its strength might be a little unusual.

Which country do you live in?


Approximately how long have you been sex blogging?

Only a couple of years; but some of my stories are much older than that.

Why did you start a sex blog?

Let’s just say chronic frustration, sexual and otherwise, was getting to me. I had to have a release.

What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

I just love getting nice comments from my readers. Some folks write the loveliest things. They’ve made me cry, and whoop for joy.

Do you use social media? If so, where can we find you?

I’m on Twitter as @codykmoch. I’m nowhere near as active as I ought to be. But while I love to have readers, I’m not a natural marketer.

Do your friends know you’re a sex blogger?

Er, well, there is one that does. A romantic near-miss, let’s say, who I had a big crush on. But otherwise, no. I’m mortified by the idea anyone might find out.

Will you still be blogging in 5 years time?

Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve slowed down as some of my real-life frustrations have worked themselves out, but I still love putting pen to paper. I think I’ll be writing, for sure, but where: who knows?

Would you say you’re looking to earn a living from blogging eventually, or will it remain a hobby?

Haha! I would love to write for a living, that would be fantastic. But I need about a thousand times the exposure… I’m just happy that some people read and like my work. That’s enough for me.

– Cody Kmoch, from the ll Beauty & Ecstasy Blog


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