Puppy Play For Mistress – Chastity Tease And Orgasm Denial

Puppy Play For Mistress

Puppy Play For Mistress is a short FemDom story written for me by one of my submissives. He’s so very much into chastity tease and orgasm denial, as well as being made to act like a puppy… wagging tail, begging, barking for dinner – you get the idea. I hope you enjoy this story as much I repeatedly do. Happy Fetish Friday.  -Cara

Uber Kinky Chastity Cage Device - puppy play for MistressHe stood on the threshold of need and release, love and hate, shivering as she crouched down in front of him. She snaked a finger between his open legs and across the tip of the metal chastity cage, collecting some of the sticky desire that had gathered against the bars. He instinctively flinched from her touch, his arms in their leather sleeve waving behind him like a sail snapping in the wind. His cock grew from the proximity of her hand as his confined flesh swelled painfully through the bars. She wiped her wet finger across her lips and leant in to kiss him. The combination of the posture collar and the dildo gag held his jaw immobile. As she took the entire length of the gag into her mouth down her throat, his look was all longing. When she pulled back, she was unable to stifle a laugh.

Her ridicule dropped his ego off a cliff, and is eyes pleaded with loss. She swooped down to save him, and dropping into a crouch once more, she snatched the key from the chain around her neck to free his cock from her prison.

He’d not been able to climax since allowing himself to be circumcised for her over a month before. His hyper sensitized tip danced to her breath. Sensing his mood shift once more, as his timid and fragile ego found safety and comfort in her hand, she delicately cupped his heavy balls. The metal cock ring around the base of his sac – inscribed with her words of ownership, and which she had locked around them on the day of his collaring – had been in place for several months now, but he still felt the weight of that ownership. She clipped a chain to one of the four small D-rings on the collar and fed it through a ring embedded in the floor between his legs.

As she stood up, she held tightly to the other end of the chain; she didn’t like to give him too much slack in anything, and on the rare occasions she did indulge him, it felt like the sweetest freedom. She pulled up on her end of the chain, which in turn pulled down sharply on his balls, he crunched to his knees in front of her, the grunt causing drool to fly around his gag, and precum to fly from his bouncing erection.

“On all fours, puppy! As best you can!”

puppy play for Mistress dildo GagShe laughed as his face fell to the floor in front of her, his arms high behind and above him, and with his arse in the air. She placed her foot at his mouth, and he tried to kiss her boot but merely succeeded in wiping a saliva-coated rubber phallus across the top of it.

“Wag happy for me, puppy.”

He shook his hips, causing the rubber tail butt plug to wave behind him.

“Good puppy!”

She crouched down, placed her fingertips between the top of her stockinged legs and felt a surge of pleasure kiss them with slick joy.

“Look up at me, puppy!”

He strained to pull himself back up to his knees, but without his arms, and with his knees unable to move due to the tight strain she retained on his balls, he was unable to bring himself upright. He had no choice but resort to merely twisting his neck in order to look up at her. She dabbed his nose with her juices.

“A wet nose is an indication of a healthy puppy. Are you happy, puppy?”

He wagged once more. She placed a foot underneath him and without thinking, he found himself slowly rubbing his straining, tender cock head over the top of her boot.

“Is puppy humping Mistress’ leg? My! We have come a long way since you gave me your list of limits, haven’t we.”

He stopped suddenly. She laughed, and then pulled him up by the shoulders until he was able to kneel upright, unassisted. His face was forlorn, but she gently placed her fingers at his chin.

“Puppy, I like you like this. I need you like this. And you need it too. You can’t help yourself.”

His eyes dropped, feeling his cock slowly sagging. A second later he felt something behind him, inside him, vibrating. His cock surged instantly. His eyes snapped up sharply to see her finger move away from a control device clipped to her hip.

“I control your pleasure puppy. I decide when you’re soft. I decide when you’re hard. I decide when you cum, how you cum… IF you cum. Do you remember when you used to play with that little clitty whenever you wanted? ”

Tears welled up in his eyes.

credit Tumblr puppy play male chastity submissive slave puppy play for Mistress“Hump my leg, like a good puppy. And if you can cum, I’ll let you lick it up, after you beg properly.” She placed her booted foot right in front of him, then pulled sharply, twice, on his ball leash. The tears continued to flow.

She continued, more softly.

“I love your tears, puppy.”

She wiped her thumb across his cheek and brought it to her mouth.

“Your tears nourish me, puppy. ALL of your tears.”

Her wet thumb moved to his cock head, rubbing his frenum. He groaned as a surge of need pulsed to his tip.

“… I especially need THESE tears, puppy.”

Her hand left him, but the two of them remained connected by that ever thinning string of honey between her hand and his cock tip. When her fingers reached her mouth the connection finally broke, and he audibly whimpered from the loss.

“Look how hard you are puppy. Look how much you need me.”

In the posture collar, he was unable to see anything, but he could feel himself bouncing.

“You might have been able to have a little cummy whenever you wanted but did you ever know so much pleasure, so much ache, so much desire? I control all your pleasure now. You don’t control mine… but I do need you to be a part of mine. And I know you need to be a part of mine too. It’s what sustains you.”

She sat down on a chair that was just next to them, and opened her legs in front of him. She yanked the chain and he grunted.

“Your happy clitty is pointing to what it wants. But I don’t want your clitty. Maybe it will be able to give me the stimulation I need after I’ve ringed it… after you’ve begged me to ring it. Ha ha! With six weeks to properly heal your cutting, and at least that much again for a PA piercing, you might be three or four months before you can have a little… cummy. Hmm.. I nearly said ‘climax’. But we now know that cumming and climaxing are not the same thing. You seem to be enjoying the milking session more and more… maybe you’ll never have another climax. But we now know that cumming and climax are not the same thing. You seem to be enjoying the milking session more and more… maybe you’ll never have another climax. But all of this is irrelevant right now. Right now I need that puppy nose of yours. Show me how much your nose needs me.”

He shuffled forward on his knees but her leash to his balls, which she gripped firmly in her left hand, brought him up short. The disappointment was evident in his eyes. They were evident in hers too, though hers was disappointment of a different nature.

“I need you to TRY puppy. You stopped before your balls felt any pain. Are you willing to endure pain, on my behalf? I need to know that.”

As best he could, he nodded.

“Do you need me to help you a bit with this one?”

Once more he nodded with the whole of his upper body.

She smiled, and reached for the device at her belt. The vibrations increased. The he felt a swelling. And then a sharp shock deep inside, and far more painful than the strain on his scrotum, made him briefly forget his tortured balls, and caused him to propel the dildo gag forward, and towards her sex.

– “Denied”


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  1. That’s awesome,really full of sex;full enjoyment of emotion with stylish way as priority basis.in sex,woman orgasm is really matter of fact and feeling of great sensuousness.so this story really a great example of deep inner feeling of woman fond of love with passion.I love it

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