How To Shop For Sex Toys & Write A Sex Toy Review

How To Shop For Sex Toys

…And How To Write A Sex Toy Review

To say it’s been a manic Monday would be an understatement. First day back in the office after all the excitement leading up to and including Valentine’s Day, which was awesome for many reasons including cuddles, kisses (and more *blush*) from my gorgeous man and being spoilt with some romantic gifts. I’m absolutely squee to report that I’ve been mentioned in two articles today, exploring how to shop for sex toys, and how to write a sex toy review.

I’m a little in awe of the large viral news sites (I saw news, they’re more entertainment based really) such as Buzzfeed and Mashable. So many people see the content they put up each and every day and their teams consistently come up with topical, current, funny and clickable titles and pieces.

How To Shop For Sex Toys

Today, Buzzfeed published a piece entitled Here’s How To Shop For Sex Toys Without Being Embarrassed which was put together by Emma Cooke. This article has advice and tips on how to shop for sex toys from three experts in the world of sex toy shopping: Rose Compton from Harmony, the multi ETO award winning Renée Denyer from Sh Women’s Erotic Emporium and Eve Fifer from Ann Summers.

Cara Sutra on Buzzfeed 2

Ann Summers Moregasm Move Pleasure Panel February 2016-10Rose from Harmony Store alerted me on Twitter to the fact I’d been mentioned in the Buzzfeed piece, named as one of the sex toy review blogs championed by Ann Summers in a quote from Eve Fifer.

On the subject of researching sex toys before shopping for them, Eve commented:

“Great sex toy blogs who we champion include Cara Sutra, Sex & London City, and Hey Epiphora. We’ve seen a real shift in sex toys being featured in the press too, which is great for shedding the taboo around sex toys!”

Thanks Ann Summers, and you’ll be seeing some reviews of your new Moregasm Move range of sex toys here at CaraSutra very soon. Thank you for sending them.

There’s a wealth of great advice in this Buzzfeed article for those who are a bit nervous about purchasing vibrators on the high street, loads of reassurances and in all, a good general guide on how to shop for sex toys.

How To Write A Sex Toy Review

Once you’ve bought your sex toys, whether in a high street sex shop like Harmony Store, Sh Store or Ann Summers or through one of the online sex toy shops (see my sidebar for some great options), you might want to share your experiences with others. I don’t mean in a TMI way (unless you want to and have that kinda audience!) but in a ‘hey guys, so I bought this vibrator – I’m gonna let you know if it’s actually worth the hype/price’ kinda way.

toy-tester-life-2So we’re talking an Amazon reviews feel, but for sex toys. I don’t know about you, but I tend to read and be influenced by the reviews on Amazon products. Why shouldn’t you get a ‘feel’ for more intimate products – whether they’re worth the price tag, if they’re noisy or weak, quiet or powerful – before you spend that hard earned cash?

If you want to write a sex toy review, whether on the product page of the website you bought it from, or on your very own sex blog – or as part of my Pleasure Panel of guest reviewers – you might like some helpful tips on how to go about it. What to include, what other readers will want to know, what not to do – that sort of thing. You’re in luck. Harmony Store have put together a brilliant advice guide on how to write a sex toy review.

There’s advice from some of the top sex toy reviewers worldwide – and they’ve kindly included some words from me, too.

Thanks Harmony!

You can also find my top tips for writing a good sex toy review here.

Join the Pleasure Panel

If you’d like to review some sex toys online (it can be as anonymously as you’d like) you’re very welcome to join the Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel. It doesn’t matter if you have your own blog or if you don’t have a blog at all.


It’s easy to join in:

  1. Mix Pics Pleasure Panel January 2016-5Register at the Cara Sutra Forum (please choose your forum name carefully, changing it means a new account 😉 )
  2. If you like, join in with the chat on any of the topics (we’d love to get to know you a bit better!)
  3. Keep an eye on my Twitter & the #PleasurePanel hashtag in particular – there will be announcements about new products going up at the forum to be volunteered for. You may also find my weekly newsletter very helpful
  4. Be at the Pleasure Panel part of the forum in time for the product lists going live
  5. Comment on the thread with which product you’d like to review most from the list
  6. If you’re chosen as the lucky volunteer, you’ll be asked to email me your name/address in complete confidence so I can send your product to you
  7. Write a 300+ word review once you’ve used the product and can put together some in-depth thoughts about it
  8. Enjoy being a part of the Pleasure Panel! There are exciting rewards to earn as you travel up the Pleasure Panel Leaderboard

Get your products reviewed by the Pleasure Panel

More review products urgently needed!

Are you a sex toys shop or adult industry company who would like your products and/or sex toys reviewed at Cara Sutra by the Pleasure Panel? You can find out more information here or just email me and I’ll let you know all the details…
(hint: it only costs you the product costs and postage to me, it’s genuinely a bargain).

Thanks again to Harmony Store and Ann Summers for the mentions!






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