Erotic Author Spotlight Series: R Leigh

R Leigh – Squirting Expert & Author

If you’re at all curious about, turned on by, or eager to improve your technique when squirting, then you’re going to love the author featured this week. It’s R Leigh in the erotic author spotlight and she has written several books dedicated to the hot topic of female ejaculation, aka squirting. Are you ready to enroll in Squirt School? Perhaps you’d like to read real life squirting stories? R Leigh has written the books for you.


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R Leigh

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R. Leigh is the author of Squirting: It’s Easier Than You Think – A Holistic Guide to Female Pleasure, Squirt Stories: Tales of Real Life Squirters, Squirt School: The Book and the Instructor/Creator of Squirt School. Also the author of COWARD: Becoming Courageous – The Struggle to Leave an Abusive Relationship and Learn to Like Yourself Again. She has been interviewed on multiple radio shows, including on rapper Eminem’s Sirius XM channel Shade 45 (All Out Show), as well as on Raw Sex Radio, Erotic Talk Radio, Girl’s Eye View, and PPRN.

R. Leigh writes books which share her most intimate experiences in order to help other people learn to accept they are worthy of love, pleasure, and happiness. Her focus is on encouraging others to live a holistic lifestyle, taking into account that mental health, physical health, and other factors affect all aspects of our lives. Through her writing she hopes to help people all over the world.





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Squirt School: The Book

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From the Author of Squirting: It’s Easier Than You Think, Squirt Stories and the Creator of Squirt School. In Squirt School: The Book you’ll learn more about squirting, and maybe more importantly you’ll learn techniques and be encouraged to participate in exercises which can help you learn to squirt. Features more than 10 positions which help with g-spot stimulation. Also learn clitoral stimulation techniques, including a revolutionary clitoral stimulation technique that unfortunately most people know nothing about. Learn about masturbation techniques, including some warm-ups, and a masturbation technique which may just be the trick to getting you to squirt! Squirt School: The Book includes several homework assignments to get you started on the right path to squirting pleasure!

Squirting, It’s Easier Than You Think

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Do you already understand what female ejaculation is, yet wonder how you can achieve it? Have your past attempts at squirting been unsuccessful? Then this book is for you! Squirting: It’s Easier Than You Think is a quick book of useful tips and information to help any woman learn how to experience female ejaculation. It doesn’t waste time with explaining what female ejaculation is, but instead focuses on providing the best, most useful tips to encourage your body to unleash its flood. The author R. Leigh began experiencing female ejaculation later in adulthood, before she even knew what it was, or her body could do it. Her sexual past included rape, molestation, a physically abusive relationship, and few sexual experiences which were enjoyable nor included a focus on her pleasure. Her first experience with female ejaculation lead to a several year journey into understanding her own sexuality, where she embraced pleasure and developed an immense amount of knowledge about the squirting orgasm and how it’s accomplished. As she learned more, and became much more comfortable with her body, as well as accepted the fact she deserved pleasure, she learned more about the role a holistic view plays into sexuality. Her goal is to share knowledge of female ejaculation with others, particularly woman, to help them understand the strong connection a healthy mind, body and spirit has to pleasurable female sexuality. A healthy sex life is not only crucial to strengthening the connection with your partner, but it’s also beneficial to a woman’s physical and mental health.

Squirt Stories

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Are you a woman who squirts? Or do you wish you did? Does the topic fascinate you? Do you wish you knew more about squirting? From the Author of Squirting: It’s Easier Than You Think, and the Creator of Squirt School comes Squirt Stories: Tales of Real Life Squirters! Author R. Leigh interviewed all types of women from all parts of the world for this short compilation. In the book she shares the history of squirting, a discussion of female sexuality, facts about the popularity of squirting and then the unedited accounts from these women. While these stories are not meant to be erotic, but instead to encourage women to embrace their sexuality, there is definitely some eroticism. Strip off the old layers of what female sexuality has become, and learn more about the intense, pleasurable release a squirting orgasm provides.


– Raine Leigh

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