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Dulce DeVine

We have another amazing erotica writer in this week’s special feature. It’s Dulce DeVine in the erotic author spotlight and you can find out more about this writer and her works below. There’s also a teaser snippet from her story in a Super Bowl Smut themed anthology…

Enjoy, and thank you Dulce DeVine for stepping into the spotlight this week!


Dulce DeVine

Dulce DeVine Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Dulce DeVine is a true renaissance woman, and she honors her passions by creating, performing, teaching, learning, and embracing life.  She is an erotica writer, burlesquerina, danseuse du ventre, tarot reader, Reiki Master, and priestess with Romani blood running through her veins.  Dulce has always been fascinated by the mystical, magical, sensual, erotic, and playful, and she skillfully blends these elements in unique, surprising, and delightful ways.  This sweet and sassy soul loves vintage lingerie, cupcakes, dark chocolate, red wine, and Anais Nin.  She is just a teensy bit naughty with a fishnet tights fetish, a “thing” for pink ribbons, and an adoration of vintage erotica :*

Erotic Esoteric Enchantress

Dulce DeVine is a former PhD candidate who was more than halfway through her dissertation before the frustration of locking horns with her committee had her spirit desperately wanting to express and create elsewhere.  She began writing sensual poetry and secretly dreamed of writing erotic short stories and novels.  It was F. Leonora Solomon who first encouraged her to flesh out some of her poetry into longer works.  The erotica dream came true when Dulce made her publishing debut on February 6, 2016 with her story “Football and the Flower Duet” which is in the anthology Super Bowl Smut: a Collection of Erotic Football Stories edited by Lori Perkins.  (Riverdale Avenue Books)

Superbowl Smut Lori Perkins including Dulce DeVine

Excerpt from “Football and the Flower Duet” by Dulce DeVine

I knew she wanted to kiss me—I wanted her to also, so I closed my eyes and sank deeper against her body. She registered my desire and lowered her lips to mine. Softly at first, hesitating slightly, she kissed me gently before pulling back to see my reaction, perhaps seek confirmation. But I was already reaching for her, demanding more, and she answered by kissing me deeply, exploring my lips and tongue with hers. She tasted of ripened black cherries, dark and succulent, and I was breathless and dizzy with excitement.

Follow Dulce DeVine on Twitter to keep up with her adventures and on Instagram where she shares her erotic poetry. You can also check out her guest blogger post with the fabulous F. Leonora Solomon!

Dulce is so grateful for this incredible opportunity, and she wishes to thank Cara Sutra for generously featuring her here.  She also wants to extend gratitude to F. Leonora Solomon for her encouragement and support, Lori Perkins and Riverdale Avenue Books for publishing her debut, and the many friends on social media who have been championing angels and muses—you know who you are!

Stay tuned—there is more enchanting erotica from Dulce DeVine coming your way!

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