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Damien Dsoul

This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is Damien Dsoul who has books published on Amazon and through House of Erotica. His writings are diverse with engaging characters with interracial couplings and lots of hard, heavy sex. Sound good? Definitely! That’s why I’m so pleased to feature the lovely Damien in this week’s spotlight, and you can find out more about him, his books and even enjoy a free excerpt in the feature below.


Damien Dsoul

Damien Dsoul

Damien Dsoul was born in Nigeria.  He has written numerous erotic novels and short stories such as Mary’s Addiction, The Merry Wives of Master Shango, and The Suburban Wives Club.  He’s presently working on relocating to a new part of the world.

You can find Damien’s website here and follow on Twitter here.

Books by Damien Dsoul

My novels are a blend of erotica and sometimes romance all in contemporary.  They’re mostly about interracial couplings involving married white women and single black men.   A few contain elements of BDSM and LGBT associations.  There is raunchy sex, and the story and characters are three-dimensional enough to whet any reader’s appetite.  Especially for mature readers, male or female.

The Life Of Jimmy Badass by Damien Dsoul

The Life of Jimmy Badasss Damien Dsoul

Blurb:  His name is Kev Williams, a bachelor in his early thirties. By day, he’s an Acquisitions Lawyer for Lincoln, Gamble & Lovette. By night, he lives his life as his alter-ego: Jimmy Badasss: a seductive Black Master/sex-fiend to married women. Kev’s life is free from being tied down, but all that changes when an old friend of his from Chicago comes looking for him in New York, bringing trouble his way. Suddenly his idyllic life is no longer what he thought it was and now has to prioritize what the future holds for his lonely self.

Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services

Publication Date:  February 14, 2013

Buy The Life of Jimmy Badass on Amazon

Mary’s Addiction by Damien Dsoul

Damien Dsoul - Marys Addiction

Publisher:  House of Erotica

Date of Publication:  18th May 2014

Buy Mary’s Addiction on Amazon

Synopsis:  It’s the story of Mary and Donald Clauston who experience a shake-up in their marriage as well in their live when returning home one night they discover three black burglars inside who end up taking advantage of Mary.  Mary afterwards experiences a strange Stockholm-type Syndrome wherein she becomes attracted to the ring-leader of the burgulars whilst leaving her husband baffled with what to do about her.  This then reveals apparent cracks in their marriage and the question becomes whether they would find a common ground of patching things up, or would Mary end up leaving him.

The Merry Wives Of Master Shango by Damien Dsoul

Damien Dsoul - The Merry Wives of Master Shango

Publisher:  House of Erotica

Date of Publication:  22nd April 2015

Buy The Merry Wives Of Master Shango on Amazon

Synopsis:  It contains two separate novellas based on the title character Olu Shango, a Nigerian diplomat in the city of Abuja who uses his power of office to cajole as well seduce foreign expatriate couples entering the country.

The Suburban Wives Club by Damien Dsoul

Damien Dsoul - The Suburban Wives Club

Publisher:  House of Erotica

Date of Publication:  16th December 2015

Buy The Suburban Wives Club on Amazon

Synopsis:  It is the story of five women residing close to each other in the same suburban neighborhood, each having their individual sexual hang-ups who, one hot summer, decide to come clean with each other about sexual desires and start up a friendship to satisfy their sexual cravings with or without their husbands’ involvement.

Free Excerpt

From The Suburban Wives Club, by Damien Dsoul

Horace spoke hurriedly into the phone, hasting to be rid of the caller so he could return upstairs before they climaxed.  He listened to what the caller had to say then said goodbye before returning the phone to its cradle.  He stopped to blow his nose before treading back up the stairs.

He’d left the door open when he walked out.  Horace could still hear Gail’s cries climbing and falling amid frenzy gasps, almost in sync with her lover.  Horace walked in past the door and there was his wife lying under the black man who was eagerly fucking her.  The man’s name was Ali, and he was a regular of hers.  At the moment he had one of Gail’s legs hooked over his shoulder while he ground his bulk on top of her.  His butt rose and then slammed down hard on her.  Gail exhaled grunting fits each time he drove deep into her.

Horace returned to his chair that he had positioned beside the bed where he had front-row action and he unzipped his pants to resume jerking his hard-on.

Ali had been with them since the previous evening.  Always whenever he came by, Gail made sure he spent the night and that was exactly what he had done, fucking her all through the evening and well into midnight.  Coming awake this morning, Gail had reached over to wake him.  She wanted some cock dosage from him before he upped and left.  Nothing felt greater than morning sex; Ali required little persuasion to oblige her needs.

Gail lost her breath in a frantic whoosh each time Ali pounded her pussy deep.  His cock was thick and never failed to drive her feverish with ecstatic madness whenever he plummet her with it.  He took her leg down from his shoulder and became upright against her.  Gail was busy massaging her pussy folds while his cock continued fucking her.  Ali groaned from the workout; he ran his hand across his brow and it came away with sweat.  Gail squeezed her face and groaned through her teeth as she felt him taking her toward the precipice of climax.

Ali slowed down and pulled out of her and then positioned Gail to be on her knees.  Gail grabbed the bed’s headboard and thrust her butt toward him when he resumed fucking her hard.  She gasped and moaned uncontrollably from the hurting delight he fed into her pussy with each thrust.

“Fuck me, Ali!” She kept thrusting back at him while screaming her head off.  “Fuck me like I’m your best fucking whore!”

Ali grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled with all his might and smacked her butt with his other hand, grunting hard as he kept fucking her.  Their rhythm shook the bed like it would collapse any moment; their grunts and moans seemed to blend into a synchronized erotic loop.  Horace came to his feet and his pants slipped down his thighs while his hand dexterously kept stroking his shaft.

– Damien Dsoul

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