How Do British Women Orgasm? – Cam4 International Female Orgasm Survey

Have you ever wondered how British women orgasm compared with women in other countries around the world? If you’re curious about how sexual satisfaction varies for women from country to country or you have a clitoral hard-on for stats, you might like to read on. CAM4 (the world’s largest adult web cam community) have published an International Orgasm Survey in Association with IFOP (Institut français d’opinion publique)

Head of CAM4 PR, Derek Devlin, said;  “We decided to explore the complex female orgasm as we were interested in sexual attitudes amongst women in the 21st century. We found the results to be insightful and informative.” Coining 2016 ‘The Year of Female Orgasm’, the Cam4 survey aims to give an international overview of female sexual satisfaction.

The survey includes responses from over 8,000 women aged 18+ of different sexual orientations, and was completed by women living in France, Italy, America, Canada, Germany, Britain, Spain and The Netherlands.

2016 Female Sexual Satisfaction Stats for Women

How Do British Women Orgasm? - Cam4 International Female Orgasm Survey

So how did British women fare when compared to other women around the world? The good news is that we’re pretty much on par! Compared to some nations, we could use a little more attention but compared to others, we’re on a winning streak.

Anorgasmia – Women Who Have Never Had an Orgasm

  • More than 1 in 12 British women surveyed had never experienced an orgasm in their life, with or without a partner.
  • At 8%  of those surveyed, it’s the same as the French but 3% more than those in Southern Europe (5% in Italy and Spain) and 5% more than Germanic countries (3% in Germany and the Netherlands).
  • The UK falls between the US who scored 6% and Canada at 10%.

The survey also broadly questioned how often women experience problems orgasming. Over 1/3 of British women said that they sometimes or often experienced issues orgasming, which was the 3rd lowest result of the 8 countries surveyed.

British Women and Problems with Climaxing

  • British women were found statistically to have the least difficulty in reaching orgasm.
  • 41% of British women who had been sexually active in the last 12 months revealed they sometimes or often experience difficulty in reaching orgasm.
  • France was the highest at 49%, followed by Italy and Canada (46%), USA (44%) and Germany (42%).
  • Spain was slightly less than the UK at 40%
  • The Netherlands were discovered to have the least problems climaxing, with only 28% of Dutch women stating that they have had problems climaxing in the last year.

Relationships were queried but no comparative data for singles was provided. Despite generally high satisfaction rates among women in relationships, 21% of British women surveyed didn’t orgasm the last time they had sex – the 4th highest failure rate. The good news is 91% of their partners did climax during that tryst.

British Women in Relationships

  • 87% of British women in relationships revealed they achieved orgasms “quite regularly”. This was less than women in the US (89%) but more than Canada (84%) and France (86%).
  • More than 1 in 5 British women (21%) did not climax when they last engaged in sexual intercourse when interviewed – This was the 4th highest failure rate.
  • Amongst American women, 19% did not climax the last time they had sexual contact.
  • 91% of the UK women surveyed claimed their partner did climax the last time they engaged in sex.
  • 66% of women revealed they “frequently” achieved orgasm with their current partner.

When it comes to an elusive orgasm, what’s to blame? A mixture of reasons were cited, including poor relationships, sexual dissatisfaction and body image issues. 59% of those who had difficulty in achieving orgasms had been in a relationship for less than a year, indicating that sex might get better for many women as the relationship goes on. Just 6% of those surveyed had never experienced an orgasm with their partner.

British Women and Lack of Orgasm

  • In the last 12 months, 72% of sexually active British women revealed they had difficulty in reaching orgasm at least once.
  • 41% of these women encountered difficulty on a regular (“often” or “sometimes”) basis.
  • 59% of these were in a relationship for less than a year.
  • 49% of these women classified themselves as obese and 49% stated they were unhappy with their body.
  • 52% were unhappy with their love life and 50% were unhappy with the sex life.
  • In the last 3 months, 46% of British women in a relationship claimed that had at least one orgasm a week with 8% revealing they climaxed daily – a stark contrast to Spanish women where 19% claim to climax daily.
  • 10% of British women in a relationship revealed they had not had an orgasm in over a year.
  • 6% stated that they have never experienced an orgasm with their partner.

How Do British Women Orgasm? - Cam4 International Female Orgasm Survey

It’s incredibly interesting looking at how orgasms – their frequency, how easily they’re achieved, etc – varies around the world. You can download the full CAM4 survey results here. With British women statistically finding it the easiest to reach orgasm, is it possible the traditional ‘stiff upper lip’ is now only seen when climbing the final few steps to a powerful orgasm?

The fact that women’s sexual satisfaction is taken notice of and seen as important is satisfying in itself. Whether achieved with a partner, with sex toys or by herself, every women deserves to enjoy the heights of her own sexual pleasure.

How do you reach yours?


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    • If you mean for the survey, they simply asked if women had had orgasms, and how often, and questions about their relationship status at the same time.

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