The happiness of foot hugs

foot hugs ftw

D and I have found that there are various little happenings that occur between us through the course of a day which, to an outsider looking in, show that we are in a relationship and share a loving bond. There are many outward signs of both an emotional and physical connection. It’s not always about the grand gestures, the PDAs. Sometimes it’s the way two people smile knowingly at each other, sharing a private joke in a look. The touch of a hand on the other’s back, waist or shoulder as they pass each other in a room. The way conversations have a tendency to get shorter, somehow feeling more intimate than coming across rude, as would be the case with strangers.

the happiness of foot hugs“Tea?”




“Ugh, bed.”

“K. Up in a bit.”

“Cool. Loveyou.”

It was only the other day I recognised another one of these long term rel connecting actions, an absent minded display of comfort and love. It might seem silly to others, or even worthy of mention, it’s such a small way to connect. But it does fill me with happy, soppy as it may be.

Foot hugs.

I don’t mean I seek out D in the middle of the day and insist that we hug with only feet touching. Neither of us have a foot fetish either (although he does admire my heels collection). I mean in the dark of the bedroom, lamp finally switched off, TV off, books and laptops down (or whatever we might have been doing), whether we’ve just about recovered from the most amazing sex or we were too knackered from the day to even make conversation, never mind love. It’s at that point, just before we finally drift off to sleep, that we don’t curl up facing each other and breathe into each other’s faces and wonder how we’re going to be comfy with that spare arm down the middle. No. We lay on our tummies or even facing away from each other, and seek out the foot of love.

One or both feet entwined in each other’s.

Now, there’s probably a lot of psychological debate to be had on why we’re comfortable sleeping facing away, or on tummies. My thoughts are that we’re simply comfortable, together. With him it feels all at once like I’m still in the honeymoon period but that we also know each other too well and that we’re too deeply and securely in love to worry about whether we should sleep in incredibly uncomfortable positions for fear of upsetting the other person and having them think you don’t love them anymore if you refuse to have their breath in your face all night, or spoon their sweat-slicked back. We sleep however we’re most comfortable. We have our cuddling, post-sex or post-knackering day time, then one of us will quite often announce,

“Right, gonna turn over now.”

To which the conversation goes,

“K. Night night. Love you.”

“Love you.”

Turn over, either facing out or on tummies, then… foot hugs.

This routine makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It might not be the dramatic raunchiness of him pounding his cock into me, or the taboo sexiness of me choking on ‘Daddy’s’ cock like a good little girl. It’s not the depravity of him sliding food items into my pussy then teasing them out with his tongue, circling round my clit between teasing probes. It’s not the strapped up excitement of taking his arse with a brand new silicone peg and enjoying him arch his back and push backwards on to the length with a throaty moan of need.

Although all of that is very good fun, as you can imagine.

No, this snuggle-turn-flop-foot hug routine is something else. Loving, secure, comfortable, cosy… us. We’re where we’re meant to be, in bed, together, warm, safe, content. Just that one area of our bodies connecting in a wordless testament to our love for one another and our need to be physically connected as well as mentally and emotionally.

We enter sleep the way we’re both most comfortable with, not with one or both of us in any discomfort, we enter our night of sleep still touching each other in that small way. It’s the last, wordless way to show we care about each other, right up to that last second of the waking day.

I have no idea if anyone else ‘foot hugs’ to sleep, or whether other couples in long term relationships have their own little pre-sleep routine. Perhaps for you it’s holding hands, or maybe you do like to spoon to sleep. Perhaps you just think we’re quite strange. in any case, I’ll be interested in your comments below.



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