Ostinato sex toys offer crowd-sourced orgasms with ‘virtual intimacy’ online community app


Self pleasure is fun, we all know that but sometimes it does have a feeling of loneliness attached to it as the only companion is either your fantasies or porn. How great it would be if somehow self pleasure could be mutual between two real people, without knowing or even seeing each other? Knowing that it’s not just you alone, but you do have a real life partner with you virtually, who stimulates you, seduces you, gives you the pleasure beyond imaginations and you can do the same for him/her.

How would it feel if you could make your remote partner feel the passion, feel the things you imagine doing to him/her, getting virtually pleasured by your partner, whom, by the way, you don’t even know?All this may sound like another sexual fantasy but not anymore with “OstinatO”, the futuristic sex toy which is designed to bring all your kinky ideas into reality and make self-pleasure an experience like never before.Designed for both male and female users, it is a unique and creative idea which offers you an alluring way to experience thrilling and unforgettable sexual pleasure.

What makes Ostinato different from other self-pleasure sex toys is the combination of perfect design and an innovative interaction experience, which focuses on “virtual intimacy”. The working of Ostinato sex toys is very simple. Both the male and female toys consist of a brilliant design which makes it easy to handle and use. Just lift it from its holder and give it a little shake, then this ultimate pleasure fulfilling machine will start doing its job. There are multiple levels of vibrations provided by Ostinato sex toy. You can set the vibration according to your preferred style and level of pleasure. There are no raised buttons or uncomfortable seams or edges, so that you enjoy a smooth, sophisticated and supremely comfortable experience. You can control all functionalities of Ostinato sex toy with the help of the mobile app that you can download. This app offers many features. This technologically advanced application is capable of sensing the level of pleasure you’re experiencing. The detected excitement is indicated in the app in the form of moving patterns in the background.


Here comes the really big deal. As the official site claims:

“People pleasure themselves when in need. Why not connect them and let them help each other?”

When users switch from “solo mode” to “online mode”, they will discover a whole erotic community in the exclusive app. This app will sense your self-pleasuring patterns and then will recommend you a good partner from the community with whom you can interact while having this amazing pleasure. Both of the sex partners can control each other’s device from their own cell phones. Ostinato sex toy offers many patterns in the app which can be tried while enjoying this erotic pleasure chat. Audio messages can also be sent and both the partners can see each other’s excitement rate by analyzing the movement of wavy motion in the background of the app.

What makes it more realistic is the inbuilt gaming features and concept of mutual rating. The device detects motion, sound and pressure while users control their partner’s device using a mobile phone. The development team of OstinatO is experimenting functions like measuring the partner’s level of excitement during the encounter by detecting the noise level in his/her room. After the partners reach climax, the partners rate each other’s performance and higher rating means a greater scope in the community.




The Ostinato sex toy provides much more when it comes to new and enhanced experiences of sexual pleasure by self-pleasuring. What Ostinato intends to do is to match the discreet creative minds and help them to explore their unknown desires. At the Ostinato management system, the privacy of the customers and users always remains top priority. The steps for using the app for extraordinary pleasure are very simple. The user just has to create a profile and there is no cell number or social media information required. Ostinato requires no personal information from the user. The first time a user will connect and pair the hardware with the app, the Ostinato management system will automatically create an account based on the random-generated serial number which is stored in the hardware device. So this procedure makes it a secure connection to use in order to fulfill your self-pleasuring desires. There is no need for any worry, because with Ostinato sex toy’s enhanced features you can use your voice to share any unspoken fetish.

image04Regarding the design: it is a very streamlined toy which is covered with a skin friendly silicone coating which makes it friendly and easier to use. In both the toys, there are two powerful motors which offer variable modes of vibration in order to reward you with extreme sexual pleasure. The motion sensors attached at the various parts of the toy can sense your excitement level and present it on your mobile app. Also, the pulse rate can also be seen on the app with the help of these motion sensors. Its impressive design makes it capable of charging with any cable. Its wireless charging makes it easy to use. It is completely waterproof and you can take it anywhere you want such as your shower or your bath tub. The male Ostinato sex toy has an inner core which is disposable. This makes things easier as you don’t have to clean it every time before using it as you will have previously had to do with conventional sex toys. Also, this gives you a totally hygienic sexual experience.  The male sex toy can also measure the penetration extent and adjust its pleasuring patterns according to it.


In short, Ostinato is an impressive sex toy which can take you to higher levels of self-pleasure. It is very easy to use and mobile in nature. It has a very delicate and light feeling. Its shape is such that it fits your body as if your body were designed for the Ostinato sex toy. OstinatO can become a complete friend with whom you can share your sexual pleasure. The smooth and impressive design coupled with the amazingly intense vibration patterns will caress you and tend to your sexual stimulation zones in such a way that you won’t be able to resist coming back to experience it time and time again.


OstinatO will be launched as a crowdfunding project on IndieGoGo. Check out the official website www.loveostinato.com to enjoy big discounts as an early backer. You can also follow @OstinatO on twitter to keep yourself updated about the further development of the project.



This is a sponsored post written by the Ostinato sex toys team

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