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Nicole Delacroix

It’s Nicole Delacroix in our author spotlight this week – and she has a fascinatingly different style of writing for you to explore and enjoy. Delve into the deepest kinkiest sexual confessions ever admitted through social media (and privately) and challenge your own sexuality perceptions. Find out more about the lovely Nicole and her latest book in her spotlight feature below.


Nicole Delacroix

nicole delacroix erotic author spotlight feature

Nicole Delacroix was raised with a deep love for words and literature. This appetite for reading was the foundation fuelling her creative passion for writing. With a strong will and precocious nature, she is the atypical Texan Southern belle, preferring the fantastical, science and reason. Growing up in the buckle of the Bible Belt, writing was her saving grace.

A fan of all genres, she will most often be found buried in fantasy, science fiction or nonfiction, favoring George RR Martin, Douglas Adams and Michio Kaku, while Joan Rivers, Mae West, Madonna and Audrey Hepburn are personal role-models, each possessing a strength she admires. Diversity extends to her writing as well, as she writes about anything that strikes her interest, with a keen eye for character and the absurd.

A blogger, author, and IT professional for a major ISP, she is consistently sought out to provide guest blogs and the oft-maligned tech manual, and receives many requests to review new works from fellow authors. She believes life is about possibilities, which challenges her to write outside her comfort zone, trying new projects and meeting new people.

Fiercely loyal to friends, family and pets, she is a proud member of the Atlanta Writer’s Club, avid Tweeter, and closet Anglophile with addictions to British Tea, Doctor Who and Soccer. Above all, she maintains sarcasm is a legitimate art form and strives to challenge conventional thinking.

Publishing History


Glimpse of Darkness

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Book Blurb

sexual confessional nicole delacroix erotic author spotlight book

Discovering secrets is titillating.

Everyone wants to peek under the covers, be a fly on the bedroom wall, or read someone’s diary. The juicier the secret, the more people want to know it, and sex is the most taboo of all subjects.

It’s human nature to be curious about what everyone else is doing. What do people like about sex? What are their fantasies? How far are they willing to go to please the one they love? These questions and more are explored, where everyday people offer up their most intimate secrets about sex.

One part social experiment – one part personal journey mixed with a little shock value, a whole lot of confession, laugh-out-loud comedy, deceptively thought-provoking questions and answers, all in the name of self-awareness. A foray into the inappropriate Sexual Confessional is a brash, unfiltered look at sex in the new millennium as seen by social media. A cautionary tale that warns “be careful what you ask the internet for, you may just get it…”

Free excerpts

Would You Rather Make Your Internet Browsing History For The Past 12 Months Accessible to Anyone Or Live Without The Internet – In Its Entirety – For A Full Year?

I could almost hear the screams from the Internet trolls on this one. I, myself, had serious problems with this question. Did I really want people to see the bizarre and twisted things I look up on a daily basis or did I want to live without Internet. I decided a little experiment was in order to help make my decision clear. Living without Internet seemed the easier of the two and in the South, especially where I happen to live, we have tremendous thunderstorms. I just needed a storm large enough to kill the power and I could gauge my reaction. I figured I’d start at four hours and measure my tolerance from there, but I was pretty sure I could live without the Internet. As luck would have it, I didn’t have long to wait, a huge storm rolled in, so all I needed to do was note what time the power went off and note my reactions. I know, not very scientific, but I live alone, what can I do?

I’m happy to relate that the experiment was a huge success. Power died at 1:47pm EST. I decided to read a book to pass the time, unfortunately the candle glow wasn’t enough so this pursuit was quickly dropped. Music, television and even writing were out of the question, so I searched for something else to pass the time. I gave in to my more primitive urges. I admit, at this point it turned into a little more monkeys at the zoo flinging poo than gorillas in the mist. And yes, there was a copious amount of alcohol involved, but no actual poo.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity without civilization, the power flickered and things started humming back to life. I thought, ‘how will I ever go back to civilization’ after being in the wild so long. I eagerly anticipated the clock loading the time. It felt like hours, surely more than the allotted four I had given. And then the time lit up, 1:58pm EST… Eleven minutes?? Hmm… Browsing history it is. I’m sorry Mom… people are going to think I’m a psychopath, deal with it; I really can’t help the weird things I look up online.

It’s safe to say I’m not the only one addicted to technology, as a whopping 72% of the 565 respondents preferred to share browsing history over giving up the Internet.

<Please note chapter has been truncated as sample chapter>


Final Thought

It’s easy to see from the simple experiment we have grown into a society too addicted to technology. I fear the day the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. Not due to Zombies, but because I fear there will be a large number of Zombie-selfies posted to Twitter and Instagram. And if they are Zombies, do we still call them Internet Trolls?

What Is Your Favorite Sexual Position? Why?

Not sure I needed to address why this question is fun, but, if you feel I need to elaborate, let’s go with… imagine the look on your Mom’s face reading this chapter. Boom, you’re welcome! (Yes folks… that just happened!)

Overwhelmingly, it looks like there are two favorites: doggy style and cowgirl. Not sure what to make of that, but I’ll leave you with an off-color joke. Since I live in the South, and we love the South… What is a Southern couple’s favorite sexual position? Doggy style… that way they both can watch NASCAR!

Okay… not my best joke, but eh, what can you do?

  • While I believe every position can be pleasurable, I’m going with the flying lotus, preferably if he’s NOT in the kneeling position. Those of you that do yoga, you know what I’m saying, those that don’t look it up and thank me later. Why – maximum penetration, in addition to the tantric breathing brings a deeper sense of intimacy. When done right, you can feel like you’re breathing in each other’s soul.
  • Nicole Delacroix, F, USA, Atlanta GA, 29 until I tell you otherwise, Straight and Single, Aries

Wow, I just read that again and totally called myself a Hippy.

  • Inverted A+ common with Friday sauce smeared all over.
  • M, USA, 44, Straight in a Relationship

See, now I’m not sure if you’re being a smart ass or if you’re serious… it’s a coin toss. If you’re serious… what is Friday sauce?

  • ANY and ALL! Sex is great!!
  • F, USA, 31, Straight and in a Relationship, Aquarius

YES, YES it is… but, why are we yelling?

  • Doggie style, because I can reach down and… contribute. 😉
  • F, USA, 21, Straight in a Committed Relationship, Libra

So, my dirty, little mind went to places it should not have. Thanks for that one, I’m giving you ‘made me take a cold shower’ bonus points.

  • Cowgirl on a chair. I like eye contact and using a chair allows for better and deeper stimulation.
  • M, USA, 38, Straight and Married, Aquarius

Remind me not to sit down at your house… J

  • Depth of penetration and watching bouncing boobs amazing.
  • M, USA, 30, Straight and Engaged, Pisces

Bonus points for the bouncing boob comment. Yes, I giggled.

  • Doggy, so I can get spanked and hair pulled.
  • F, Canada, 20, Pansexual and Single, Cancer

See, I was disappointed you were the only one that brought up spanking. You get naughty bonus points.

  • Cobra, it’s intense with just the right kind of stimulation.
  • F, USA, 28, Bisexual and Dating, Capricorn

Another Yoga enthusiast! I’m just saying people, buy a copy of the Kama Sutra… you’re welcome.

  • Snuggle-fucking. Like spooning.
  • F, USA, 21, Flexible in an Exclusive Committed Relationship, Leo

Is it wrong that I love the name of this one… Hehehehe.

<Please note chapter has been truncated as sample chapter>

Where’s The Most Inappropriate (Physical) Place You’ve Masturbated?

Yes, we’ve all done it. The question is, where’d you do it that, if you had been caught, it would have been traumatic? Sporting event? Bathroom at work? Public pool? I’ve seen arrest records, so I know it happens. What I wouldn’t give for a story about doing it on the boss’ desk… Ah, dreams.

I tried to put these into categories, and there were some true WINNERS that I saved for last.

Work Related

Bosses office

Under the desk at work while everyone was in a meeting in the next room

Work truck

All in the Family

Family car on a road trip in the very backseat by myself under a sheet.

In tent next to parent

On the couch watching a movie with family. Had a blanket and it was dark

That’s What Friends Are For

Friend’s place during a sleep over with everyone around

Girlfriend’s car whilst she was driving

In my girlfriend’s bathroom with her dad and her in the room next to it. I took like 20 minutes and it got pretty awkward when I walked out.

I Didn’t Learn THAT in School

A mattress set up for drunks at a college grad party. It was at my house and people were in my bedroom and the mattress was in a spare bedroom and nobody was in there.

On a school trip in 7th grade, I went into the hotel room’s bathroom so my friend wouldn’t know I was doing it. I wouldn’t say that’s inappropriate, but I’m not super into masturbation or orgasms. I had sex in my partner’s mother pool once, though, and he ejaculated into the water. I think that is inappropriate

The Mile High Club and Other Assorted Moving Violations

A moving vehicle on the freeway

(Under a jacket) Employer’s car in motion, whilst sitting next to coworkers.

The car on the side of a road. Pulled over, did the deed, kept driving (only one in car).


How Many Hail Mary’s Do I Get For That?


Church Altar

Church confession booth

Church parking lot

All-Time Winners

These are the ones that, if true, are people to look up to and be respected – I for one, bow to your superiority… you are each my hero! I’ve ordered them from least to greatest, at least in my opinion, although the last two are somewhat of a tie for me, but the ‘being shot at’ put it over the top. You sir, are a true hero, I don’t care WHAT people say.

Shed full with spiders rats and no doors

Vegas peep show

Snuck a vibrator into a mental hospital when I had been told it was not allowed

White House bathroom

Oval Office

Outside Fallujah, in the back of my vehicle, while being shot at

<Please note chapter has been truncated as sample chapter>

Nicole Delacroix

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