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Kait Gamble

Kait Gamble invites you to read, escape and fall in love with her erotic romance novels. Stepping into the author spotlight at Cara Sutra this week, Kait shares with you details of her latest releases, as well as some tantalising free excerpts to enjoy. Put the kettle on, put your feet up and prepare to whet your appetite for more with these delicious sexy story snippets. You can also find out more about erotic author Kait Gamble at her website here.


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Kait Gamble

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Hi there, I’m Kait and it’s a pleasure to be here at Cara Sutra today. I’m a long time romance reader, having started at the inappropriately young age of eleven or twelve. After sneaking whatever I could read at the library and under my covers with a flashlight I knew I was hooked. Though I’ve been writing for a while, I’m brand spanking new at writing erotic romance. I’m enjoying every minute I spend doing it and am doing my best to learn and grow as I go. I love to travel though I’m quite sure that the fact comes through clearly in my books so far. I also have a tendency to speak in movie quotes, something I really hope doesn’t come across in my writing. I’m ever so slightly reclusive in nature but I love to hear from readers so feel free to drop me a line especially if you think you can stump me with a movie line!

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Erotic Writing:


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Being cuffed together is a bad thing…isn’t it?

Scarlett never imagined that she would be famous from her YouTube channel, but to be popular enough that a rival decides to cuff her to someone else as part of a publicity stunt? Ludicrous! Most unexpected of all is her attraction to the man she’s chained to—fellow YouTuber, Jackson.

Jackson has always thought Scarlett was an attractive woman, only he never thought she felt the same about him. So when he realizes she isn’t totally against being cuffed to him, Jackson decides to take advantage of the situation and see just how far he can push her limits.

It turns out that handcuffs are the best kind of torture.

Free Excerpt:

It took them minutes to get to the towering hotel. A dash through the lobby led them to the elevator. Sadly, there was already someone in it. And with each floor, inexplicably, more and more people seemed to be getting on. They knew they were going up, right?

Jackson situated them at the back of the box. He held Scarlett by the hips in front of him, pinning her tightly against his erection.

By the time they reached his floor, Scarlett’s knees were threatening to give out. But she wasn’t going to let that happen until she was ready. That meant being in his room, naked. Preferably pressed skin to skin with him.

Scarlett watched impatiently as he wrestled with his keycard. When he finally managed to swipe it and get the door open, he kicked it wide then tugged her through.

He tore off the top hat and mask then tossed them over his shoulder. “Anyone here?” he called out, checking to see if his roommates were lurking. Jackson waited a nanosecond. Hearing nothing in reply, he went to work on his shirt, tearing at it with clumsy fingers in his rush. “God, why do these need so many buttons?”

“I think you look great.” Scarlett smiled and pushed his hands aside. “Let me.”

She slowly shoved the jacket off his shoulders, sliding it down his arms and let it fall to hang from the handcuffs.

“No time.” He chuckled and picked her up, hitching her legs around his waist. Jackson quickly closed the gap between them and the bed and fell onto it with her. “As much as I love slow seduction, I don’t have the patience for that right now.”

Laughing, Scarlett watched as he twisted aside and eagerly shucked his shoes, trousers and boxers. Unable to do anything but watch, she took great pleasure in witnessing more of his skin being exposed.

Then it was her turn. While she tore her boots, jeans and panties off as fast—yet as gracefully—as she could, she could feel his gaze on her. Like Jackson, half-dressed was as far as she could get. She should have felt utterly ridiculous, but she didn’t. Scarlett’s only focus was on the mouth-watering man next to her.

Jackson rolled her under him, sliding a hand down over her bared hip and thigh before dipping between to tease her with his fingers. His weight pressed the breath from her lungs and she only got dizzier as he kissed her. He tasted delightfully like coffee and some sort of candy that she didn’t have the brainpower to figure out at the moment. She only cared about tasting him more.

He groaned when she tangled her tongue with his. Taking advantage of having him naked from the waist down, she closed her hand around his erection, squeezing and pumping him the way she had wanted to back in the auditorium.

“Shit, Scarlett,” he groaned.

Biting her lip teasingly, he retaliated. He pressed a finger, then two, into her. Jackson slowly crooked them and rocked his hand, coaxing the most incredible sensations and sending them ricocheting through her.

Panting for a breath, Scarlett pushed him back so she could wriggle downward. Jackson rested on his hip, his dark eyes pinned on hers as she smiled up at him wickedly. Understanding dawned on his face before pure lust took over. He carefully made sure her arm wasn’t trapped before falling onto his back and allowing her to have the run of his body.

Scarlett let her gaze rove over his delectable form. The open tuxedo shirt was parted enough for a tantalizing view of his muscled chest. He wasn’t bodybuilder bulky. Far from it. His body was lean—defined—with more muscle than she’d thought. She had imagined what he would look like earlier, but her imagination had nothing on the real thing. Her hands itched to touch him, and she did nothing to try to stop herself from exploring the intriguing muscles.

She traced the ridges of his abdomen and followed her fingers with her tongue. Scarlett couldn’t help the surge of pride and power as he tensed beneath her. His breath came out as a hiss. When she reached her goal, he stopped breathing altogether and waited, his entire form taut with anticipation.

He didn’t have to wait long. Scarlett caught his gaze and licked her lips with a slow stroke of her tongue. Jackson muttered something that sounded like an oath as his eyelids closed. She smiled and lowered her head. Closing a hand around his rigid cock, she slid the head of it over her lips before flicking her tongue to taste him. The salty pre-cum beaded there was quickly replaced with more, and she swiped the tip again, earning another groan.

Jackson brought their joined hands up to grip her hair. Scarlett took the encouragement and sucked the head of his cock into her mouth. He reared his hips up off the bed, pushing himself farther into her mouth. The size of him made it difficult to go too far. Not that he seemed to mind.

Scarlett licked light circles, sucking intermittently. She delighted in the sounds he made, the bowstring tension in his body. Jackson’s grip nearly tore the bedsheets while he tangled his other hand in her hair, holding her close, prompting her movements. He pushed her down over his straining shaft twice more before his hand tightened almost painfully. She could see, as he pulled her away, his chest rising and falling rapidly as he fought for breath—for control.

He flipped her under him and positioned her so that his cock lay snug against Scarlett’s moist slit. Jackson used his free hand to search through a duffel bag until he found what he needed. He tore open the little foil packet and had the condom on in record time.

Dragging himself back and forth over her clit, he smiled when she cried out. “Just wait until I get deep inside you.”

Breaking Rossi’s Rules

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Can a blackmailing billionaire thaw the heart of an ice princess?

Searching for an escape from her life, heiress Anika De Winter takes up her friend’s offer to get her into the exclusive Totally Five Star hotel in Monaco. It isn’t until she arrives that she finds her friend’s intentions, although likely good, thrust her right into the autocratic hands of billionaire venture capitalist Luca Rossi.

In need of a diversion, Luca had planned to spend the weekend with ‘a friend’ but finds she’s been replaced with icy Anika. He’s never been quite as intrigued by a woman before. So he proposes a deal. She spends time with him and he doesn’t say a word about how she got the room.

Trapped, Anika shouldn’t feel so attracted to devilishly handsome Luca. But the chemistry between them is explosive and it doesn’t take long for them to succumb to passion.

But will it burn out when their time in Monaco ends?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of spanking and food play.

Free Excerpt:

They streamed into the opera house, which was part of the casino, with countless others. Several voices called out Luca’s name. He nodded in greeting, but didn’t budge from her side when they beckoned him over. She noticed quite a few of them were women and even caught the glaring eye of a couple of ladies Anika shrugged them off. They could think what they liked about her. It wasn’t as if she had to spend any time with any of them. Nor did their opinions matter to her.

Luca led the way up to the box and helped her into her plush seat before taking his own. Several others parted the luxurious curtains covering the door to join them, much to Anika’s dismay. It seemed teasing him and testing his vaunted control would have to wait.

They settled in, chatting a little with the two couples who had joined them. Truth be told, Anika had little interest in small talk. She forced herself, however. It would never be said that Anika De Winter was a rude woman. Luca was as charming as ever, easily winning over both couples.

When the lights finally dimmed, they directed their attentions to the stage.

It was a vague surprise when dancers in tutus appeared. Anika had been so distracted that she hadn’t even asked what they were going to see. She would have enjoyed an opera, but she loved ballet.

Not long after the overture had echoed away, Luca threaded his fingers with hers, toying with them a moment before his hand comfortably held hers on his rock-hard thigh. His gaze never left the stage, and yet he had found her hand as easily as if it was his own.

Was it so surprising after the past few days?

Anika toed off her shoe, knowing no one would notice under the length of her dress, and slid it up his trouser leg as far as she could go. He tensed, but other than that, she could see no other reaction. Wriggling her toes against his hair roughened calf, she could barely make out his jaw clenching in the near darkness.

He retaliated by inching her hand up his thigh to meet his growing erection then stroking it with the back of her hand.

Muscles tight, Anika refused to look away from the stage, afraid she would draw attention to what he was doing. The feel of him, hot and hard, through the fabric of his trousers made her shiver with delight and anticipation.

“Are you cold, cara?” he asked mildly. As if he didn’t know what had caused her reaction. Luca took off his jacket and covered her shoulders with it, much to the delight of the other women in the box. He tugged her closer, securing an arm around her waist.

It wasn’t until the others returned their gazes to the stage that it dawned on Anika the ulterior motive of him giving her his coat—it hid is hand. The one he currently slid up her side to cup her breast. He molded her gently, squeezing and weighing. He lightly pinched her pebbled nipple through the fabric before grazing it with the nail of his thumb. The sensation rocketed straight to her core. Anika fought to keep still, to stop the moan that built in her throat from escaping and scandalizing everyone around them.

Returning her hand to his groin, she found him at full mast, straining against the zipper of his fly. Anika so wanted to give into the urge to unzip and reach inside, but she knew the rasp of the zipper would be heard. It was bad enough that they could be caught any second behaving like a couple of hormone-crazed idiots.

It didn’t stop her from curling her hand around him and stroking him firmly. She heard him exhale, felt his hand grip her breast tightly for an instant. Anika continued. She traced the veins along his length to the broad head, circling it lightly before gliding back down. She delighted in the shivers her light strokes elicited from him. She grew bolder, closing a hand around him and pumping his cock firmly.

He gripped her hand to stop her. Luca leaned over and muttered, “I should have bought you a short strapless dress. At least then I could touch you.” His thumb traced her aching nipple. “Or better yet, we should have stayed in the suite.”

Hindsight, they said, was twenty-twenty.

Fuel to the Fire

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Can past hurts be forgotten to make a future together?

Jaqueline Pennington once had the world at her feet, but she threw it all away for a man from the wrong side of the tracks—handsome, smart and the love of her life, Logan Forrester—only to find that she’d dropped everything for him to abandon her.

Logan wanted one thing out of life—to be with Jackie and give her the life she deserved. When that plan went to hell, he walked away and applied himself to becoming a prosperous security software engineer. A job that, years later, brings him back to Jackie.

They haven’t seen or heard from each other since that fateful night, but the chemistry that still crackles between them is too good for either one to pass up. So Jackie and Logan reach an agreement and burn off the sexual tension, getting closure during their time in St. Lucia.

But what happens to their plans when the truth about their separation comes out? Can they get over the past to build a future?


Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of voyeurism.

Free Excerpt:

“I can take care of myself.” She pushed on his chest and took a big step backward. “And right now, I’m going to go and try to get a good night’s sleep.” Not likely, but tossing and turning until dawn was preferable to staring at him any longer.

“I’ll walk you.”

Jackie stopped, turned then stared up at him. “What kind of game are you playing?”

“I’m not.” He tried to put his hands on her shoulders, but she kept out of reach, so he let them drop to his sides. “I’m sorry, all right? Seeing you again is bringing back a lot of stuff. I just want a chance to spend some time with you. Get to know you again.”

Hadn’t they just been discussing rules for a casual sexcapade? “That’s not part of the deal.”

“Fine. My dick needs to be inside you again. How’s that for honest?”

Heat blasted her cheeks at his blunt words. A quick glance around proved that no one had overheard him, thanks to the music.

He edged closer, growling, “I want to bend you over and fuck you until you’re a screaming, trembling, sticky mess.”

And damned if she didn’t want him to.

Slack-jawed, Jackie stared at him for a moment as his words and the images they conjured washed over her. They alone were enough to put a tremble in her knees and slick her panties.

Mind made up, she took his hand and led the way out of the bar.

She turned toward the same path she’d taken on the way over, but Logan tugged her back.

“Over here.”

He led her down another trail toward what looked like the mountain. “I’ve got a faster way.”

Jackie hurried to keep up with his long strides, aware of him retrieving his phone and typing something with his free hand. Luckily for him, his hand was big enough to do it easily. She’d never be able to do that and hold onto the device at the same time.

He quickly finished whatever he was doing and pushed her into an elevator.

Jackie hadn’t even known it existed. Then again, she hadn’t had much opportunity to explore since she’d arrived.

They entered and he pressed the button to close the door before anyone else could follow. He jammed his thumb against the number for the top floor before spinning around and gathering her up in his arms once again. Pushing her back against the wooden wall, Logan grinned before he went to work on the fastening of her jeans.

Jackie gripped his shoulders, seeking his mouth with hers, only dimly aware of anything other than Logan. He shoved her jeans down her legs, trapping her feet. With a parting nip at her bottom lip, he slid down to his knees. Logan closed his hands around her hips and dipped his tongue between her thighs.

Holding back a squeal, Jackie spread her legs as much as she could and remain upright.

Logan took full advantage of the better access. Kissing her folds, he parted them with his fingers and immediately slipped his tongue into her, humming appreciatively as he did so.

He licked and sucked, murmuring as if he’d never tasted anything so good and wanted as much as he could get. He added his fingers, quickly multiplying the heady sensations clouding her mind, winding her body tighter.

It was madness. Pure lust coursed through her veins, blocking out everything but the pleasure only Logan seemed to be able to draw out of her.

Jackie let her head fall back as her orgasm slammed into her. Reeling, she clung to him for several breathless moments as she tried to regain her balance—her control. What was it about him that always had her throwing caution to the wind.

– Kait Gamble

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