Avoiding accusations of content theft from bloggers

What content theft is, and isn’t

Hint: Re-publishing my entire articles on your website isn’t a compliment, it’s content theft.

As there seems to be some mystery surrounding how to publish something from someone’s (my) blog without them (me) being annoyed about it and shouting ‘content theft!’, I thought I’d write about how anyone can put my content on their site and be assured I will have a smiley face, not that frowny-faced ‘take it down immediately or imma DMCA your ass’ look quite a few companies have left me with lately.

Sound good? Cool, here we go.

Firstly, you might not have noticed – as its way down there at the bottom of every page on my site, and let’s face it there’s a ton of interesting things on every page to distract you before you get there. Take a moment right now to scroll to the bottom of the page. Way, way down. Ooh yeah, just there baby. That’s right. You see that writing right at the bottom, in the footer? There’s a copyright notice. This makes it clear that I legally own all the content on this site. That means you can’t reproduce it as and when you wish – whether you try to pass it off as your own, or you openly state that I am the  original source of that copy or images.

(Psst, bloggers: I highly recommend that you write your own copyright notice in a similar fashion for your own blog or website)

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Well with all this talk of bottoms, there was bound to be a but.

There is a way you can use content from this site and avoid legal problems, accusations of content theft or pissing me off. It says it right there in that same copyright notice all the way down the bottom of this page.

How to publish my writing on your website or blog without getting into trouble

  • You may use an excerpt of not more than 200 words from a post, article or review.
  • Make sure you put a link on your post, to where people can find the entire piece here at my site.

What you definitely shouldn’t do

Doing the following is a breach of my copyright and I won’t be very happy with you. (/understatement)

  • Copy/pasting an entire post, article, review or other piece from my site, either with or without backlink/accreditation
  • Using any of the images from my site without permission, either with or without accreditation

Got it?

So, 200 words or less excerpt and backlink = good, whole post/image use without permission = bad.

But, whyyy?

There’s a few reasons for the above.

1. Content theft contravenes Google’s duplicate content rules. The Internet –search engines like Google in particular- don’t like to see the same content on more than one site. It understandably looks like spam. Like you’ve just copied from another site in order to fill your site with content (because let’s face it, that’s what you’ve done). Google and others can then not only refuse to show my site in search results, labelling my site bad and spam, but also DO THE SAME TO YOURS. So by copy pasting entire posts, you’re in effect shooting yourself in the foot. I can’t emphasise enough the sheer stupidity of it.

2. Content theft is rude. Stealing an entire post or piece of mine is never complimentary. What’s complimentary is letting people know where they can read the entire piece where I originally wrote it, ie. here at Cara Sutra. What’s insulting is you putting up the entire piece at your own blog or site, because yeah it’s great content but why should people visit my site to read my work when you can use it for free and get traffic to yours? See the insult there yet? I don’t care that you put my name to it, or that you put a link ‘as well’ or that it’s “just cos we think you’re so awesome so wanted to share it with our followers.” It doesn’t wash. Put a less than 200 word excerpt and a link to the whole original piece here at Cara Sutra, like I request.

3. Content theft will give you a terrible reputation in the industry. Most sites and blogs which copy paste my entire posts whether with link/credit or not are doing so because they want attention, they’re new to the adult industry and they want a prolific voice online, an authority in the field to notice them and share their site. By not adhering to my simple request to not breach my copyright and duplicate content rules, and posting up entire pieces, you’ll definitely get attention. The bad kind. Now, I know that much of the time, it’s done innocently and without knowledge of the points I’ve made above. But on top of the copyright/content usage rules in my footer, along with this post I’m writing right now, I don’t know what else I can do. What I’m asking is simple and makes sense for both of us. If you use entire posts then it’s going to piss me off. Don’t do it. Get off to a good start.

As well as just using an excerpt and a backlink to the entire piece here at CaraSutra, it’s also polite to get in touch to let me know you’re quoting my piece and linking to me. In fact it’s not only polite, but will immediately make me think, “oh, how nice, and they’ve taken notice of my preferences about content use and my copyright. I will go and check out my quote and link on this site and see if I want to share it with my audiences”.
Compare this to, “oh for fucks sake, another site has stolen my entire post and on top of that expect me to be flattered”, and I’m sure you would rather be in the former camp.

Excerpt/backlink etiquette

Far be it for me to speak for all sex bloggers here -I would never do that, as every other single sex blogger will confirm (!)- but I know many other sex bloggers that I’ve talked to feel similarly to me on the points I’ve discussed here. Although I don’t mind not being notified as long as you use a less than 200 word excerpt and a backlink to original whole piece here at CaraSutra, some bloggers do require/request/prefer that you ask permission before putting up any quote from them on your site or blog, even when it’s a short excerpt and a backlink. It’s probably best if you always just send a quick email, tweet, or contact the blogger through their site contact form before publishing anything. It may mean a short delay for your arranged blog piece while you await their response, but isn’t that better than pissing off a blogger? And not just pissing off a blogger/writer, but someone who is likely seen as an authority in the industry you’re trying to break into/be a part of, and who could influence other bloggers/their audiences about you –whether positively or negatively?

Hopefully this article has given you some pointers about what content theft from me is, why breaching my copyright isn’t just insulting but it’s damaging to YOU, and how you can use my content on your site without getting into trouble.

If you have any questions about content theft or any other blogging queries, you can reach me via email.




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  1. This is a great intro!
    I’ve been terrified of stealing anyone’s work so I’ve just been putting links when I say “I like this, you should check it out.” But as a beginner it’s really helpful to know this blogging etiquette.

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