Tips for casual local hookups

Tips for casual local hookups

Your how-to guide for finding nearby no-strings sex

Tips for casual local hookupsSome of us enjoy long-term committed relationships, whilst others prefer the more casual approach to dating, opting instead to have one or more partners which we enjoy having a bit of fun with. The great thing is that society is becoming more accepting of alternative sexual practices, so there is no shame in deciding to enjoy the casual and fun aspect of dating if you don’t feel ready to commit to anything serious.

Local hookups

One of the great things to occur over the past few years is the emerging popularity of dating websites. Whilst most online dating required meeting with someone who lives further away, websites such as who specialise in local casual dating have emerged to make our life easier and more convenient. Those websites put us in touch with people from our local area, putting fun at our own doorstep. This is great and it feels easy, but there are a few things to know when dating casually in our local area.

Keep your business discreet

This might sound a bit much, but people like to gossip about other people’s lives, especially when it comes down to people’s bedroom stories. Whilst you don’t have to care about what people think, your partner might be more affected by it. It is therefore a good practice to meet up away from unwanted eyes, and it is certainly best to avoid bragging about your sexual exploits to other local people.

Make sure your partner is indeed single

It is always better to make sure the person you are sleeping with is not doing it in the back of an existing relationship anyway; but the consequences of doing so locally can be very negative. It’s a small world and you are bound to run into people you don’t always expect. Basically, the last thing you want to do is randomly run into your previous conquests walking hand in hand with their partner. It is awkward and it could lead to very unpleasant conversations.

Be respectful

This is an obvious one but if you don’t respect your dates (bad attitude, bad hygiene, lack of respect…), then your reputation will precede you and no one will want to sleep with you. You should be respectufull whoever you sleep with and wherever you go anyway, but your antics will really catch up on you if you keep it local. Just be a good person, do the right thing and your reputation might actually play in your favour!

Get a good reputation

The word goes around quickly when you keep things local, but as mentioned previously; do things right and your positive actions might give you a good reputation, making you more desirable to local singles in your area. You can almost apply the rules of Karma: do the right thing and good things will come to you; but act like a moron and you will face the worse backlash you’ve ever seen before. The last thing anyone wants is to get burned where they live, so keep your own territory clean, act respectfully and you will be able to enjoy as many local encounters as you can get!

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