Merry Kinkmas! A Sexy Christmas Story

Merry Kinkmas! A Sexy Christmas Story

Enjoy this Merry Kinkmas seasonal erotica by Belle Bisous

The officer swirled around in his chair and fixed Kerry with a skeptical glare.

‘So, you’re telling me that the house was already open?’

‘Yes,’ replied Kerry. Restrained by the handcuffs behind her back, her wrists ached and her palms felt sweaty. Without being asked, she recounted the story of how they were travelling to a Christmas break together and had gotten lost in the blizzard.

Merry Kinkmas! A Sexy Christmas Story

With nowhere to go, she and Lee had knocked on the door of a nearby cottage and found a note stuck to the window. The note told them that there was a key under the mat, so they decided to open the door and find shelter.

As they walked around the house, they realised that it was in fact a guest house – and had been set up for Christmas visitors. With no guests in sight, they found a landline phone with a message on the answer machine from the expected guests. They were unable to travel safely in the blizzard and were calling to cancel their booking.

‘We didn’t really have much choice,’ explained Kerry, her eyes pleading with the officer. ‘We had nowhere else to go!’

‘That side of the story has been corroborated by the owners of the property,’ barked the officer. His handsome features with blue eyes, which seemed to gaze directly into Kerry’s soul caused her face to flush an even deeper shade of red.

‘However, there is a small matter of criminal damage, public indecency and lewd behavior.’ He leaned across the table and narrowed his eyes. ‘How do you explain that?’

Kerry looked down and bit her lip in embarrassment. She picked up a plastic cup and took a large gulp of the lukewarm water before looking up.

‘Lee and I had booked a … special hotel, one of those BDSM ones which has all the equipment and different things that you can try. It’s something that we have been wanting to experiment with for a while and it was a Christmas treat… only… we couldn’t get there… obviously…’

Her voice trailed away. Was he smirking? She burned with humiliation and looked away.

‘Tell me more,’ demanded the officer, picking up a pen. He gestured for her to continue and she took a deep breath.

‘As we looked around the cottage, we thought it was too lovely to waste. After all, it was Christmas Eve and the other family couldn’t come. We decided to create our own Christmas themed BDSM dungeon out of the decorations in the house.’

‘And?’ he responded, looking up from the notepad. ‘May I remind you that you are being interviewed under caution. Failure to provide an exact account of the circumstances may lead to further prosecution, and I think you’re in enough trouble as it is. Don’t you?’

Kerry nodded dumbly.

‘Er… from our experimentation at home, it appeared that I was naturally submissive and he preferred to be the more Dominant partner. Lee told me to strip completely naked, and used the tinsel from the Christmas tree to bind my hands together.

He found a poker, which was next to the fire and used this as a leg spreader. He used more tinsel from the tree to secure it around my ankles and keep my legs apart. He then ordered me to wait by the fire and walked outside.

‘Outside?’ questioned the officer. His pen poised above the notepad. ‘What was he doing outside?’

‘He came back with a scarf which was taken from a snowman in the garden and some large sprigs of holly. Lee wrapped the scarf around my head and took some miniature pegs from the Christmas card holder around the fire. He fastened two pegs to my nipples and told me to bend over and hold my ankles.‘

The officer shifted in his seat and moved closer into the table. Does he have an erection? wondered Kerry, stifling a giggle. The officer silenced her with a glare and gestured for her to continue.

‘Lee made me wait for a long time. So long in fact, that I thought he might have left me alone again. So when I heard the whistle of the holly through the air, it was a relief I suppose. He started gently, warming up with softer slaps, but the prickles from the holly scratched against my skin and combined the sensation with a deep sting.’

‘How many times were you hit?’ questioned the officer.  He no longer looked up from his notepad but Kerry noticed that his voice was thick with longing.

‘I was hit 30 times,’ replied Kerry, precisely. ‘I know because Lee demanded that I count every stroke aloud and if I missed one, I had to start again. I haven’t missed one yet.’ She grinned proudly. ‘I’m very disciplined.’

‘Next?’ asked the officer pointedly.

‘He asked me to stand up and face him… which was difficult because I was wearing the scarf. I turned the wrong way and he asked me to turn around again. When I did, he slapped me soundly around the face. That way, I knew exactly which direction I needed to be.

I was told to kneel at his feet and something was placed around my neck. It felt like a Christmas garland. He used this to tether me to a nearby pillar and informed me that there were scissors nearby in case of an emergency.’

‘And were you uncomfortable?’

‘I was very uncomfortable, but in the best possible way. My body felt like it was on fire, my muscles were aching and my nipples throbbed, but it felt incredible.’

‘Continue,’ breathed the officer. Kerry heard the sound of a zipper being opened as the officer freed himself from the confines of his trousers. He let out a small groan of pleasure as his hand met his shaft and began to move slowly.

‘Lee told me that I was collared because I was a filthy whore and needed to be disciplined. He ordered me to take his cock in his mouth and pleasure him. I did as he asked and sucked it greedily, the only interruption being the resounding slaps as he repeatedly struck my face.’

Merry Kinkmas! A Sexy Christmas StoryThe officer’s eyes were completely closed as he listened intently to the story and stroked his throbbing shaft. Kerry felt her pussy dampen and she longed to touch herself. With her hands cuffed behind her back this was impossible of course, and she squirmed uncomfortably.

‘I licked and sucked his cock until it began to thicken and the salty taste of pre-cum filled my mouth. He pulled away and leaned towards my face, one hand gripping his cock and another holding me firmly in position. As he came, the hot liquid gushed on to my face, degrading me even further.’

At those words, the officer groaned. He was close, Kerry could tell by his quickening pace. His eyes were still closed but his voice demanded more.

‘Next!’ he barked.

‘Well next, Lee turned me over onto my front. The makeshift spreader was still widening my legs and leaving me exposed for him to see. He told me that he was picking up a turkey baster and used it to pour some kind of lubricant over my pussy. I heard the unwrapping of a condom wrapper and he began to rub my clitoris with his finger. I gasped in delight and tried to move against him but he demanded that I stay still.

His fingers expertly brought me close to orgasm, until he stopped abruptly. Something was pushed against my vagina and entered my body. It felt like a candle, not a thin candle but a thick Christmas candle. It was covered in a condom and I was blindfolded, so I’m not too sure…

He began to fuck me with the candle, slow and shallow to start but then the thrusts became more urgent. I was on the verge of a powerful climax and couldn’t stop myself from crying out in pleasure. Just before I came I heard the head the thud of the candle as it hit the floor and he entered me with his cock. He started to fuck me, hard… and I began to scream. My senses were in overload you see officer, and I have never come as hard in my life.’

Kerry paused. ‘That’s what the neighbours heard. It wasn’t someone being injured, it was just a very intense orgasm.’

The officer got up from the desk and strolled around to where Kerry was sitting. She shifted uncomfortably, the handcuffs chafing her soft skin. As he stood in front of her he leaned forward and slapped her face, hard.

‘Put it in your mouth, you filthy whore,’ he ordered.

Kerry giggled.

‘Oh Lee, you always know the right things to say’ she responded before taking his throbbing cock between her lips and giving it a deep suck.

Finding that police officer’s uniform in the guest house was the best Christmas present I’ve ever had, she thought, before succumbing to another night of mind blowing pleasure.


– Belle Bisous

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