Movember: Sexual Health Education With Prostate Pleasure Workshops

Movember: Healthy Bums Are Fun Bums!

Guest feature by Jon Pressick, Sex in Words

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Everybody talks about what goes up their butt, right? Like, this is a totally natural conversation to have over drinks, at the dinner table, on the bus?

Okay, maybe not. Maybe some people don’t talk about what kinda actions happens in their back end. Maybe not everybody discusses pleasure, discomfort, health and the many other things that affect their derriere.

But they should. Especially those folks with prostates.

Movember is again on us and you’re going to start seeing the scraggly, the bushy, the unkempt and the styled. I’m not talking about the resurgence in bush, I’m referring to the mo’s that will soon crawl across faces to mark this now annual tradition of awareness on prostate (and other) health concerns.

As you might have guessed, I’m a big fan of talking about anal adventures and heinie health. The first time someone’s finger came in contact with my prostate was an electric experience. And then my first prostate orgasm? We’re talking nuclear!

So, after seeing the success of the first couple of Movember campaigns, I wanted to jump in and help bring awareness to prostate pleasure—as well as prostate health issues. But… I was mostly concerned with preaching all joyous things prostate.

Prostate Pleasure Workshops

With the help of Toronto’s venerable Come As You Are, I brought this dream to life by running Prostate Pleasure workshops two years in a row. Each class was a learning experience for both myself and those who attended. And let me tell you, they were a diverse bunch in both classes.

When I planned the workshops, I was anticipating mostly male-identified attendees. In a way they are the focal audience of such a gathering, but not the exclusive audience. Talking about prostate health is also a concern for transfolk who have a prostate. And of course, partners of people who have prostates can play an important role in both a person’s prostate pleasure and health.

So it was great to see that both classes featured a significant number of partners, particularly female-identified people, a couple of women on their own and a couple of trans people. And, by far, the most vocal group were the female partners of men. They asked the most questions and offered the most stories related to exploration (and sometimes failure).

I didn’t anticipate that… not at all. I figured it would be the fellas who would be most inquisitive. I mean, these were their bodies that were being discussed. But for the most part, they were quiet and some even looked uncomfortable.

Now, while I did expect them to talk more, I did actually anticipate the discomfort. Sure, they’d taken a great step to acknowledging, at least, a desire to learn about prostate fun… but those fears and stigma still reign supreme. Guys are afraid to talk about something in their butts being enjoyable for fear of being deemed gay. Regardless of how many times they are told, some guys still equate butt touch with homosexuality.

prostate pleasure workshops bum male movemberOf course, this is absurd—and I spent a good deal of time discussing this irrational fear. Fortunately, this did ease many of them. They were also helped by friendly and vocal gay men who attended who alleviated these fears. I was quite glad they had my back and helped to explain that being gay is about who you are attracted to, not that you enjoy body parts in certain places.

Overall, both workshops went very well. People noted afterwards they had learned a lot. I’m not sure how it is anywhere else but I can guess: sex education does not prepare people for a sexual life, with prostates being ignored as both a source of pleasure but also something that should be considered for your long-term health. We are learning more and more about prostate cancer, but it is still a significant killer. I cannot stress enough that everyone with a prostate, particularly if you are over 40, should get their prostates checked regularly.

Back on the topic of prostate pleasure, I was delighted to blow their minds a few times with techniques and the results of those skills that can come about. Prostate orgasms are unbelievable experiences that I hope everyone who has one does, indeed, strive for. We discussed how to use anal sex toys, fingers and how to combine these with other sexual pleasures. When I told them how people can have prostate-centred orgasms without ever touching the penis. They were super curious about that—and rightly so!

And this was the ultimate goal—to pique their interest and get them excited about exploring both new sexuality and health considerations. Sure, growing a moustache, something that hasn’t been in fashion for decades except in an ironic way, can be fun and silly – but remember, there is a serious message behind those furry faces. Prostates are there, prostates need to be considered—but you can also have a lot of fun with them!

– Jon Pressick


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About the writer: Jon Pressick is a sex-related media mogul. He is also a writer, the editor of the Best Sex Writing series from Cleis Press, co-host and producer of Sex City Radio, event organizer, workshop facilitator, (very occasional) burlesque performer and general sexual gadabout. Jon Pressick also won the prestigious 2010 TNT Favourite Adult Journalist Award and has been named as one of Broken Pencil’s “50 People and Places We Love.”

You can find Jon’s advice and sexual ponderings at his website, He can also be found on social media: Twitter & Facebook.

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