Katrina England – Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Katrina England – Erotic Author Spotlight Series

You can learn all about Katrina England in this week’s erotic author spotlight, as well as enjoying two free excerpts from her books. Take a moment to visit her website too, and her Amazon page here.

Thanks for stepping into the spotlight, Katrina!

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Katrina England Biography

Katrina England erotic author spotlight series cara sutra

Growing up in the religiously conservative state of Mississippi, my sexual desires never aligned with those around me. I was taught the virtues of abstinence until marriage, yet I found myself wanting to explore my sexuality to a much fuller extent.  Rather than seeking to get married and live a life of monogamy, I sought to explore my numerous fantasies with a plethora of partners. My stories arise from a combination of personal experience and fantasy. Beyond just focusing on the physical acts themselves, I like to bring out the emotions that accompany any type of novel sexual experiences.

Much of my work focuses on the pleasures of debauchery and sexual exploration. I like to delve deeply into personalities of my characters, focusing on how they approach new sexual encounters from the emotional and psychological perspective. Incorporating both past lovers I have known and lovers I have fantasized about, I try to weave hot stories that stimulate the body and mind.

When I am not writing erotic stories, I spend a lot of my free time painting with oil and acrylic, playing tennis, and gardening.

Katrina England

Erotica by Katrina England

Excerpt from Writing Erotica

writing and publishing erotica katrina england

Becoming a successful author of anything is never an easy endeavour. Over the last few years, especially with the advent of Kindle self publishing, there has been a persistent rumor that almost anyone can make money writing short books. In the world of publishing erotica, the idea became prevalent that, provided you could write and publish at least thirty short stories/books of erotica, you could build a career that would allow you to quit your day job and live a life of luxury. The so­-called “dirty thirty” posited that after you publish thirty books you would be able to make your living as an author of erotic fiction.

The fact is, though, that authors who put out thirty books as quickly as possible without any consideration to the overall quality of the material, will not be very likely to make any significant amount of income. If sloppy work is published, it’s only a matter of time before negative reviews start pouring in and dragging sales down. Too many negative reviews can set off a chain of events that will lead to a book being ranked so low that barely anyone runs across it in a search. There is really no magic in the thirty dirty books idea; only commitment to publishing your best books will get you to the top as an author.

In the beginning, as you start the journey of becoming an erotica author, you must prepared for the ups and downs and have a solid strategy for getting through the times when nothing seems to be happening. There will more than likely be days when your book or short story is downloaded and/or purchased hundreds or even thousands of times. These days can leave you feeling elated and on top of the world as an erotic author. There are also days when you are lucky to reach one hundred downloads. This is the nature of the numerous variables that have an effect on the visibility of your book and how many people can see it. As we will see, some of these factors are beyond your control while others can be tweaked to your advantage.

What you must realize during these times when your book does not seem to be in high demand is that the problem is not with what you have written, but that what you have written is probably just not visible enough to potential buyers of Amazon. We will look later in the book at ways you can manipulate keywords in order to dodge the adult filters used by Amazon’s search algorithms while still taking advantage of keywords that connoisseurs of erotica are using every day.

Excerpt from Spring Break Brats

spring break brats erotica katrina england

After kissing my chest so thoroughly and passionately, Katelyn climbed over me and hovered herself directly over my face. While her friend and lover continued to move up and down over my loin, taking me deep inside, Katelyn let her hot, moist mound careen across my lips. Eager to satisfy her, I used my tongue to deliver as much pleasure to her as she had to me. Seeing both girls on top of me and hearing the sounds of them both moaning together in bliss was heaven to my senses.

Leslie and Katelyn had me pinned down and completely imposed upon me the enjoyable task of keeping them sexually satisfied. They were facing each other ­­one on top of my face and the other riding me like a cowgirl. Gazing into each other’s eyes, the two were extremely turned on as evidenced by the intensity with which they worked their genitals on my cock and mouth. I was the beneficiary of the closeness and passion they shared for one another.

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