Introducing Rebecca Dakin, The Great British Sexpert

Introducing Rebecca Dakin, The Great British Sexpert

By Cara Sutra

If your car breaks down, you call a mechanic. If you start getting worrying aches and pains, you call the doctor. It makes sense then, to call a relevant expert when problems arise in our relationships and sex lives. Someone who can give good advice and offer solutions based on experience and/or officially recognised qualifications. You need a sex expert – like Rebecca Dakin, The Great British Sexpert.

The Great British Sexpert UK

How many of us actually utilise the valuable experience and specialised skills that a sex expert offers, though? Isn’t it much easier to just vent our issues with our partner to a friend over a coffee, or even worse, to suffer relationship and sexual problems in silence?

Speaking with the wrong people or not communicating any problems at all won’t help the situation. Keeping quiet about your issues can lead to resentment and in many cases ultimately lead to the deterioration of a sex life and relationship until it’s sadly not salvageable.

Despite my personal opinions about the ‘sexpert’ label, it’s true that these sex experts are in the best position to help and give valid advice which has been proven to work.

The Great British Sexpert

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The Great British Sexpert, Rebecca Dakin, is one of if not the most renowned sex expert in Britain today. Based in Nottingham UK, Rebecca prides herself on prioritising British values and has a penchant for our beloved Union Jack – as you can see from her website themes and branding. After a stint in a convent under the watchful eye of nuns, Rebecca ‘turned to the dark side’ as she describes it and in time found a satisfying role as a sex worker.

Today, Rebecca Dakin’s passion is helping people with their own sex lives and relationships. Whether it’s dating dilemmas, how to have great sex when you’re single or building intimacy in a relationship, Rebecca is on hand to share her expert advice.

I was lucky enough to meet Rebecca Dakin at the Sexhibition event in Manchester UK in August. With her signature teacup and saucer in hand, Rebecca asked me about bondage and our changing attitudes towards it – which is experiencing a growing widespread acceptance, in part due to the success of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Take a look at the video here, where Rebecca interviewed a whole host of visitors and adult industry folk at Sexhibition 2015:

Expert Sex Advice

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So how can you access and benefit from Rebecca Dakin’s Great British Sexpert advice? If you’ve got questions about dating, sex, relationships, sex work or anything pertaining to adult life, Rebecca is here for you.

The Great British Sexpert can help with coaching and sex/relationship advice for couples, dating advice, online dating, dating profile building and much more. Rebecca works in person and also over Skype – ideal for those for whom travelling is a problem or who aren’t in the UK. You can even take advantage of Rebecca Dakin’s limited time offer of a free 20 minute phone consultation so you can get a feel for how she works. You can’t say fairer than that!

To arrange your free 20 minute telephone consultation, find out more about Rebecca’s work or ask about getting some expert advice on your issues, please contact Rebecca by email:


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Rebecca Dakin, The Great British Sexpert, has written an autobiography about her experiences as a sex worker. You can discover some fascinating facts about Rebecca’s past and follow her adventures in The Girlfriend Experience book.

The Girlfriend Experience has had rave reviews, including this testimonial from presenter & actor Richard E. Grant:

“I recently worked with Rebecca on a series for BBC Worldwide and during that time I heard all about her fascinating life and book. I really enjoyed reading her book and admire her candor and honesty.”

You can buy your copy of The Girlfriend Experience here for £14.99 (includes UK P&P). The book is also available from Amazon UK as either paperback or Kindle edition.

Pleasure Panel Review Offer


Are you a member of my Pleasure Panel of guest reviewers? Get in touch with me if you’d like to review The Girlfriend Experience (and provide a shorter but ‘unique copy’ review on Amazon) and I’ll arrange for the e-book version to be sent to you free of charge.

As a bonus, every Pleasure Panel member who takes up this e-book review offer can buy an author signed paperback copy at a discounted price – receive full details when you email.

Rebecca Dakin has a new book being released early next year:  The Great British Sexpert’s Guide To Pleasing Your Men: 101 Sex Tips. Stay tuned for more information closer to release date, which is planned to be around Valentine’s Day 2016.


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